Sin Analysis

I accidentally took off Sin's mask and got knocked out for 2 months. But now I have her Analysis!


Full Stop – Skill 1

■ Activates when the last round of ammunition hits. Affects self.
Duplicate 15.03% HP of ally with the highest HP, lasts for 5 sec.
Attract: Taunt all enemies for 5 sec.

Pretty good self sustain, with the ability to copy AND heal the same amount gained from highest HP unit. The user does not need to worry about having a high HP teammate (such as another defender) to take full advantage of this skill, as she can duplicate her own HP values if she has the highest HP value.

This skill does NOT factor HP buffs during battles. It only considers the highest BASE max HP values of Nikke’s when deciding who to duplicate HP from.

she is unable to stack her duplication of HP, as the duration just refreshes if last bullet is achieved before her buff expired, which is good as she does NOT heal herself if duration refreshes before buff expires. which means she is a bad unit to pair with Privaty as she basically just negates her healing.

buff expires before being able to empty out second clip under continuous fire
Privaty does not allow Sin to heal herself as Mag is too small to be able to fire more than 5s.

Hurry Up – Skill 2

■ Activates after the Full Burst ends. Affects self.
Burst gauge loading speed ▲ 16.17% for 5 sec.
■ Activates when using Burst Skill. Affects self.
Effect changes according to the number of activation time(s). Previous effects trigger repeatedly
Once: Recovers 15.3% of ATK damage as HP, lasts for 5 sec.
Twice: HP Potency ▲ 51% for 5 sec.
Thrice: DEF ▲ 43.2% for 5 sec.

Pretty good self sustain buffs when her burst is used, which is every full burst mode. Previous effects are always triggered, so after 3 of her bursts are achieved during the match, all affects are always present for 5s after more subsequent bursts.

HP potency does NOT increase her healing gained/duplicate HP gained from skill 1, nor is MAX hp affected by this either. But it does affect every other source of HP healing such as ATK Damage as HP and normal healing.

Her burst gauge fill rate buff does absolutely nothing as AR’s do not generate much Burst gauge at all, and it seems to only affect herself only. (More testing to confirm this, but this is most likely just a useless self buff)

Words can Kill – Burst

■ Activates when enemy unit(s) (excluding Nikkes) are more than 4. Affects all enemies.
Damage Taken ▲ 12.23% for 5 sec.
■ Affects enemies within attack range.
Deals 176.32% of ATK as damage.

Underwhelming burst with a questionable condition. She’ll mostly be used for bosses, but her the passive of her burst requires 4+ mobs on the screen, essentially just rendering this burst useless. Using her in Campaign is also a death sentence as whole screen taunts (especially as often as her) die fast due to how much damage raptures can do at higher CS deficits. Although this can be negated through having biscuit in the team, scenarios where those two paired in campaign would be very rare, and a normal 1-1-3 team would more often than not, be much better. (One burst 1, one burst 2, three bust 3).

Burst AoE is also small.


Sin is a pretty good self sustain tank when it comes to bosses, and even more apparent when paired with biscuit, as she can self heal herself above >50% to be able to trigger Biscuit’s immunity passive twice if needed and if survivability is a huge issue. learn more here.

But that’s all she can do for the team for PvE, other Offensive orientated burst 2’s are very preferred if survivability is not an issue.

She seems to do alright in arena via stall biscuit team.


Similar to Makima, she does good in stall teams when paired with biscuit due to constant full screen taunts, and invincibility times from biscuit, although slightly weaker than Makima, Sin is still definitely a solid choice for third team SP arena, and not a limited time unit.

Possible team Comp

Flex slots are preferred to have good burst gen as Sin has slow innate burst generation. Such examples of good burst units are SG units, and Rocket launcher units.

More meta pvp units are not mentioned as I assume they want to be used in other meta team comps such as Scarlet Nuke (Scarlet, Jackal, Xanne/poli, Pepper/Neon, Flex) or Privaty stun teams (Noise, Privaty, Centi, Rapunzel, flex)


Sin can technically be used in Campaign without getting destroyed by Mobs, as her taunt is triggered via last bullet, and not x amount of bullets fired. The user can simply manually control her every once in awhile (7s is the amount of time it takes to deplete her mag under continuous fire). So she has some degree of versatility regarding this. However even when knowing this tech, this would be hard for the average user to take advantage of, as the User would need to micromanage between units, and see what specific wave would be beneficial to taunt.

Using another b2 would be less hassle and would provide more meaningful buffs or energy generation for the team.

Special Inerception

Only notable team for her would be using her against train with Biscuit in special interception, as she would be able to have at 5-10s of invulnerability against train, which is 1-2 turret barrages.

Liter sub = Volume
Scarlet sub = Alice/ Drake/ Preferred DPS
Modernia sub = Laplace/ Preferred DPS


  • Decent tanking abilities
  • Decent PvP unit when paired in the right team
  • Life changing armpits


  • No other team utility
  • very weak in normal campaign stages without biscuit
  • Breathe probably stinky

Should You Choose Her?

Absolutely, if you’re an armpit lover. Otherwise no, pick guilty instead. Sin would be only be used in very few select boss encounters, and Sin does not excel at those stages where she’d be used in either.

Getting her for PvP is also viable, but Guilty is also rather solid in PvP while also being good in other content as well.



Skill Priority

Sin542Skill 1 and 2 are her main survivability tools, with skill one being more important as it provides constant healing.
Burst does not need consideration as the damage dealt is miniscule, and damage taken debuff will never proc in stages she’d often be used in.

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