Biscuit Analysis

Biscuit's chihuahua bit my guide writing fingers, now it has fully recovered.



Happy Puppy – Skill 1

■ Activates at the end of Full Burst. Affects all Attacker allies.
Critical Rate of normal attack ▲ 5.77% for 10 sec.
Constantly recovers 1.53% of caster’s Maximum HP every 1 sec for 10 sec.

Biscuit heals attackers at the end of a Full burst, works whether if the player uses her burst or not

Tug of War – Skill 2

■ Activates when a Defender ally’s Hp falls below 50%. Affects the target Defender ally.
Invincible for 5 sec. Activates 2 time(s) per battle.
Recovers 23.26% of caster’s Max Hp. Activates 2 time(s) per battle.

Could’ve been a great skill in many scenarios, however this skill does NOT protect against one shots, or shots that kill above 50% HP. the skill also does NOT Proc if the defender who has already proc’d it once gets hit when already below 50%. The defender needs to be above 50% HP (which can be done by either sufficient healing from this skill, or a healer), then survive a blow that reduces HP to below 50% HP to proc twice on one unit. Both of these limitations really affect the versatility of this otherwise would’ve been phenomenal skill.

Walk Training – Burst

Cooldown: 40s

■ Affects 2 ally unit(s) whose cover has been destroyed.
Rebuild cover with 93.6% HP.
■ Affects all Supporter allies.
ATK ▲ 43.08% for 10 sec.
Restores 55.44% of attack damage as HP for 10 sec.

Fixes broken cover (which Liter can’t do), and gives good healing towards supporter allies, the multiplier for the life steal is big enough that the damage supporter units do is actually able to heal them well.


Biscuit’s kit looks really good in paper, but the limitations and conditions for her Skill 2 brings her down quite a bit. Biscuit can be used in stages where raptures don’t exactly one shot Nikke’s, or boss stages where sustainability with the mix of offense is needed, but a normal 1-1-3 (one burst 1, one burst two, 3 burst 3) team will often do the job better. when fighting stages where your CP deficit is high enough where raptures start one-shoting your Nikke’s, she becomes quite useless to use, even though her kit is seemingly tailored for those types of scenarios.


Biscuit is an actual nuisance in Arena. She is rather strong against basically all teams that do not involve nuke teams (Scarlet Jackal, Harran, and etc) as if either Biscuit or the defenders in the team die, her passive can’t be proc’d or the team formation is ruined to the point where immunity does not matter.

Biscuit can be paired with taunt defenders such as Sin, Makima, Ludmilla and Noah.
DPS’s paired with Biscuit also need to be rather raised to actually deal damage due to Biscuit teams being weaker offensively. Attacking nuke teams (Without Noah) Is not recommended with Biscuit team. Usually Biscuit teams would win against other stall teams or enemy 3rd def team (or their weakest SP arena comp).

Possible Team Comps

Pepper Substitute – Rapunzel

Note: Noah with Adjutant cube is able to “dodge” because of her taunt mechanic and her taking cover when targeted due to slightly faster firing speed.

Flex slots are preferred to have good burst gen as Makima has slow innate burst generation. Such examples of good burst units are SG units, and Rocket launcher units.

More meta pvp units are not mentioned as I assume they want to be used in other meta team comps such as Scarlet Nuke (Scarlet, Jackal, Xanne/poli, Pepper/Neon, Flex) or Privaty stun teams (Noise, Privaty, Centi, Rapunzel, flex)


Biscuit is an oddball when it comes to campaign, as explained earlier in analysis section above, her kit seems tailored to be able to clear stages with large deficits due to huge immunity windows, which can be crucial when paired with defender taunt units. But due to limitations stated, she can’t be used for those types of scenarios. But if units can survive multiple hits against raptures comfortably, the user can just use the normal 1-1-3 team formation which provides more damage and versatility when handling mobs.

However Biscuit can be used against select bosses where cover is needed, such as chapter 16 boss (Cocytus) or Chapter 18 boss (Storm Bringer) where cover management is rather important in those stages if survivability is an issue.

Special Interception

Biscuit is mostly used for Alteisen (Train), this video below explains everything rather well.


  • Unique ability to repair broken cover
  • Long Immunity window for defenders tied to her passive
  • Decent sustain all-around
  • Good PvP unit
  • Dog tail and ears


  • 40s CD which forces another b2 unit into the team
  • her passive has strict limitations which prevent her from being useful in high CP deficit stages
  • Chihuahua loud af



Skill Priority

Biscuit444Skill 1, 2 and Burst can comfortably be raised to level 4 as they all do provide decent improvement towards survivability and damage, but not justifiable enough to upgrade much further.

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