Scarlet Lore and Bond Stories

Backstory: A Wanderer Swordswoman from the Pilgrim group called the Pioneer’s. She walks the land alone, destroying any Raptures in the way to slowly reclaim the surface. Her experiences allowed her to be knowledgeable in self-sustenance.

Episode 1

The story starts when Scarlet has her sword sticking to the Commander’s neck and threatens Rapi and Privaty to not make any move unless they want the Commander dead. While this is happening, Commander recalls the past few days of how Scarlet suddenly visits the outpost frequently in order to have a drink with Commander. However, the Ark notices this regular occurrence and takes the opportunity to get something valuable from a Pilgrim, whether it is a lost technology or information. The moment they tried to take her, Scarlet holds the Commander in hostage and threatens the Nikkes to clear the path for her to escape if they don’t want the Commander getting beheaded.

Episode 2

The Commander was in contact with the Counters and set a rendezvous point while being cautious about the Central Government eyeing on Scarlet. Scarlet repeatedly apologizes for her misbehavior but Commander immediately forgives her. While trying to make their time productive, Scarlet asks the Commander to help her get the cows. However, there are raptures surrounding the cows. Scarlet assures the Commander that it is never a problem even though they use long-range weapons. Scarlet also explains how and why she can eliminate raptures from close-quarter combat. As for the cows, Scarlet asks the Commander to gather its manure and put them in a wagon.

Chapter 3

While they’re on their journey, Scarlet teaches the Commander on how to make the frog stay on the Commander’s hands. As they were done spreading the cow manure on the ground, Scarlet grabs the Commander’s hand to go to a nearby creak. The Commander washes himself then relaxes by the creek bed. Scarlet tells the Commander to not fall asleep as the Commander will only be able to see the exact same scene on a screen once he went back underground. As they’re about to go back, Scarlet throws an apple to the Commander and tells the Commander to eat well after such physical activity. While the Commander eats his apple, Scarlet works on the manure that the Commander laid on the ground. The Commander asks Scarlet what will happen to it and Scarlet replies that it will become a compost which can be used for farming. The commander suddenly became confused as Pilgrims were known to not stay in one place for too long. However, Scarlet clears this misunderstanding. Scarlet still wanders the world but it’s her habit to build vegetable gardens. The commander asks again while Scarlet keeps on swinging the hoe. Scarlet says that the gardens symbolizes the places that she and her comrades has reclaimed on the surface.

Episode 4

The next day, Scarlet asks when the Counters will arrive in the rendezvous point. The Commander says it will be tomorrow morning, which Scarlet realizes that they have some time to spare. Scarlet notes that the garden is already done as well as having enough rations for the next few days. Which means the only thing left to do is to drink alcohol. However, they need to brew the alcohol themselves. Scarlet decides to go with Honey Wine. Scarlet teaches the Commander how to make it as well as the ingredients that they need in order to brew it. As the Commander is about to get honey from a beehive, the bees suddenly tries to attack the Commander leaving Scarlet no choice but to kill the bees. While they were making the alcohol, Scarlet mentions that the nature is all about “survival of the fittest” which makes the Commander questions her stand regarding humans and raptures. Scarlet just ponders about it.

Episode 5

As they were trying to have a taste of their newly-brewed Honey Wine, Scarlet asks the Commander about the taste. The Commander says it tastes like honey (obviously) and Scarlet laughs as she recalls the other alcohols that she drank worse wines before. Scarlet once again apologizes for everything that happened and Commander thanks Scarlet that because of what happened, the Commander experienced something fun. 3 hours later, Scarlet looks tipsy from drinking. Commander asks Scarlet if she intends to go back to the Ark but Scarlet replies “Nay” with no hesitation. Scarlet adores the surface so much that no words can convince her to live in the Ark. Several hours has passed and Scarlet and the Commander are both drunk. The Commander passed out but wakes up at some point. The Commander hears Scarlet whistling and Scarlet notices that the Commander is awake. Scarlet insists the Commander to go back to sleep. The Commander just sits next to Scarlet and lays his head on Scarlet’s shoulder. Scarlet asks the Commander about his experiences on the surface and tells the Commander to not forget these experiences even when the Commander returns in the Ark.

The Commander wakes up and sees the Counters. Rapi reports that they need to conduct examinations to the Commander. However, the Commander asks about Scarlet’s whereabouts but the Counters says they didn’t see any Pilgrims while they are on their way to the rendezvous. However, there were raptures with slashes on their corpse, indicating that Scarlet is protecting the Commander while he sleeps. After Rapi is done conducting examination to the Commander, The squad finally decided to head back to the Ark.

First Appearance

Scarlet first appears in chapter 14 where Commander meets with the Pioneer and asks them to take care of Marian in order to avoid the eyes of the Ark towards Marian.


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