Red Hood Nikke and RED ASH Event Preview

Red Hood Nikke and RED ASH Event Preview

Nikke 1st Anniversary Celebrations are coming next week, and and as tradition, there will be a new event and Nikke!

Red Ash Event Trailer

A Dream of Returning to the Homeland.

Goddess Squad – 1st Anniversary 「RED ASH」 story event is about to begin.

Nikke Profile

Has a proclivity for listening to old music.

“Got anything on? Wanna listen to some music if you’re free?”


Dynamic Profile

  • Manufacturer: PILGRIM
  • Affiliation: Goddess
  • Weapon: SR: Wolfsbane

She never felt deserved to be a member of Goddess Squad but holds her comrades dear. Freewheeling, magnanimous and thick-skinned, but remains approachable. is the best Nikke: Goddess of Victory information site, featuring guides, wiki, database, news, tier lists, builds, and more.

Articles: 62

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