Nikke 1st Anniversary Celebration 2

Nikke 1st Anniversary Celebrations – Livestream Summary

Everything you need to know about the upcoming 1st Anniversary event for Goddess of Victory: Nikke!

It’s almost been a year since the release of Goddess of Victory: Nikke! Released on November 4, 2022, the 1st Anniversary celebrations will start after the November 2 update. The special 1st Anniversary Livestream has concluded and we got all the information jammed packed for you below! Check out the livestream here if you want to see the VOD for yourself.

CD Keys

First thing’s first – free stuff! Two codes have been released during the livestream so grab them quick before they expire on November 30! Redeem via Lobby – Notice – CD-Key Redemption Portal.

  • 1STANNIVSHOW: 300 Gems
  • 1STANNIVERSARYWITHU: 10 Standard Tickets

More detailed instructions on how you can redeem and list of Nikke codes can be found here in our guide.

Annual Event & Update Optimization

1st Anniversary Version Updates:

  • Weekend Bonanza Event
  • Skill Reset Event
  • Outpost Update
  • New Nikke Test Function
  • New Stages added to Lost Sector 1~10 & Tower 1~50

After the 11/2 Version Update!

New Rapture Introduction – Ultra

A new Tyrant level boss – Ultra has appeared! It will debut through the main storyline Chapter 26 and the 1st Anniversary story event 「RED ASH」.

New Chapter 25~26 Trailer

Main Storyline Chapter 25~26 will be updated after the 11/2 Version Update! They will also be reducing the difficulty of campaigns!

Pick Up Recruitment Notice – Ash

The Red Wolf of the Goddess Squad – 「Red Hood」 is coming soon! Pick Up Period: After the 11/2 Version Update.

– Attacker
– Burst I – III
– Sniper Rifle
– Iron Element

Her Burst Skill can be used in all Burst stages.
Depending on the Burst stage, she serves multiple functions such as
increasing all allies’attack, recovering self HP,and
delivering high-damage attack skills.

When her Charge Speed exceeds 100%,the excess value is
converted into Charge Damage.

Red Hood Burst Preview

Looks like Red hood can burst at least 2 times at most in one full burst rotation. Pierce also seems present alongside with “auto-fire” mechanics.

New Nikke – Snow White: Innocent Days

Snow White: Innocent Days is your free SSR Nikke (see below)! A pure and innocent Pilgrim – 「Snow White: Innocent Days」 is coming soon via the 1st Anniversary event! Released after the 11/2 Version Update.

– Attacker
– Burst III
– Assault Rifle
– Iron Element

Based on the number of hits from normal attacks,she sustains group attacks
effective against multiple enemies and interceptable missiles.

While Seven Dwarves IV inflicts relatively low overall attack damage,it unleashes
a multitude of attacks.When these attacks are strategically utilized,it becomes
easier to deal with enemy and missiles.

Snow White Burst Preview

Survival-Like Minigame!

I’m personally very exited for this one. Looks like an amazing game mode!

Dorothy Costume Introduction

A happy future is nothing but a fleeting illusion that won’t come true. Dorothy’s 1st Anniv Special Costume 「Nostalgia」 is coming soon via 1st Anniv Costume Gacha! Released after the 11/2 Version Update.

1st Anniversary Livestream Special Milestone Reward

  • Rewards Claim Period: After 11/4
  • Rewards: Advanced Recruit Vouchers *10

The vouchers will be sent to your in-game mail on 11/4.

Archives System Update

It snowed at the Outpost in preparation for Christmas! Amidst laughter, a miracle happened to a girl who loses her memory every day. Miracle Snow returns to Archives, fully voiced with PV animations late Nov!

Harran Costume Introduction

The taste of the witch tainted in purple. Harran’s 1st Anniversary Special Costume 「Banquet Witch」 is coming soon via the 1ST ANNIVERSARY PASS!

1st Anniversary Rewards Summary

Check out some of the benefits that all Commanders will receive for our 1st Anniversary!

1st Anniversary Version Update: RED ASH

The Rekindled Glory Amidst the Ruins. The 1st Anniversary version update 「Red Ash」 is coming soon! is the best Nikke: Goddess of Victory information site, featuring guides, wiki, database, news, tier lists, builds, and more.

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  1. Hey, isn’t Red Riding Hood too cool? Will we see a new line in the tier list where it will be the only her?

  2. The one thing I’m looking forward to the most is the ROGUELIKE minigame. I mean, sure, getting an OP Sniper Rifle unit is one hella pog W (something I seem to have predicted, judging by my comment on the “Nikke JP Livestream!” comment thread), but the minigame takes my interest most.

    The one question I have now is: “How can we counter the OP units in the PvP Arena?”

  3. I wonder, does we’ll ever get a critical damage global rework? For now crit buff is much worse than the damage buff

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