Nikke JP Livestream!

Anniversary Live stream

Nikke JP livestream is around a day away! Stay tuned and see what the next reveals are another alice skin please. Comment what you guys are most excited for / Hope to see!

Expect to be active around this time too as I have plans on revamping some old guides~


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  1. It seems that most Sniper Rifle units tend to get the short end of the stick with their poor skills, bursts, game balancing, or all of the above. I’d like to see the SR units get some form of compensation for getting shafted like that, and the one thing I’m hoping to see in this livestream.

  2. Hoping to see some love for under valued nikkes; also wishing for some skins for nikkes who don’t already have any skins. I’m very eager to see if they’ll fix a lot of the localization issues as well.

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