Red Hood Massive Buffs! November 10 Patch Notes

Red Hood Buffs Announced!


What the. I just finished Red Hood’s Review! Angry! Anyways, with these buffs, Red Hood becomes a decent DPS into pretty much a Meta Nikke. Red Hood review would need to be revamped once the update is live. But assume she’s pretty much a must pull now.

For reference, this would put her Single Target damage above Scarlet (With skill investments) and would be near Alice without the need of sweaty gaming or very specific overload lines, which is an amazing QoL for people who do not like Alice gameplay.

Bless the community for the complaints!

Oh right, Outpost Defense is now 24 hour capacity instead of 12 hours! I can finally sleep in peace knowing my outpost won’t turn yellow.

Update on November 10



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  1. LETS GOOOO they actually listened, W devs. The gem scraping was worth it to get her. Get ready for a surge of “RED HOOD NOW OP” vids in the next few days

  2. So i literally yesterday finished getting alice to 10/4/10. You all think it’s worth it to use a skill reset on her to get up Red Hood quickly? I have a very well built roster including Scarlet/Harran/Liter/Dorothy and so on. I also have 3 of 4 pieces of Red Hood’s gear at OL level 0.

    Basically, will she immediately blow past a fully invested Alice?

    • Hello! It’s best to Switch to red hood for now as Red hood is much easier to build in regards to Overload equipment!

      Alice still needs Specific overload rolls to do good even if you go for 10/4/10, But Alice should slightly edge out Red hood a tiny bit in the end game still

    • I’d sooner reset Harran than Alice, if you must use a skill reset for additional points. With the right OL lines Alice is the strongest boss DPS in the game (excluding how well RH performs post-buffs), but that is contingent on her getting 100% charge speed which is why maxing her skill 1 and 3 is necessary. Harran is decent but is no longer a top 10 DPS in the game right now.

  3. Hm so should I try to get more copies of Red Hood? Only have 1 but was planning to save tickets and gems for later events.

    • I also wanna add on. RIP to the saps who spent all that time and effort on the top shooter mini game. 🤣🤣
      EZ clap from now on

    • You haven’t really used RH if you say she’s already S+. She only shines on certain bosses that have multiple parts since she pierces them all and has a huge pierce radius. On any other content, my S.Anis severely out-dps RH. The old B3 values hurts her damage so much that unless the stars align, Dorothy will have more damage than her

      • I was referencing the rating on this website, she was rated S+ overall prior to the buff. I haven’t used her, I just know that if you gave another S+ character like 2B or A2 an 85% buff to their burst, you would basically need to create a new tier for them.

    • it won’t be really necessary if it was any random unit, but this is RH we’re talking about. and if you know what it means to be RH, it’s more than reasonable to make her top 1. hence, the complaint from the community.

    • I’d say 3* is enough, but if you’re like me, I’m continuing to pull on the banner until it’s gone due to the increased rate for Pilgrim. Never got Modernia to 3*. So, any additional Red Hood are welcome too!

  4. If she she be nes a super meta i will spend 100us for support this game becoz the new story and new event make me love red hood so much she is truly goddess of victory than everyone.

  5. I was already pretty content with Redhood and trying to see where she works instead of dooming. I thought she was underwhelming but still good and a clutch replacement for Maxwell on some bosses. Everyone seemed to want to replace Scarlet with her but I thought they worked best together.

    With the update going live now and the minimal testing I did against the current raid boss, Redhood blows Alice out of the water. My overload gear/skills aren’t perfect, but my Alice is significantly stronger stat wise then my RH. Didn’t matter if she was the first burst 3 or second to Alice, she still out damaged her in both situations. Ultra is not even a boss who’s parts matter all that much or soak up all that much damage. that was from 99% core and the surrounding area hits.

    At this point I think it’s fair to say that if Alice hasn’t been dethroned by RH for best boss Nikke, they certainly would sit on that throne together way above everyone else. Good job Nikke community. This is also an amazing precedent for the future. The devs will listen to us about game balancing if we’re loud enough.

  6. I tested RH after the buff. I have a well dressed Alice and normally dressed RH skils 10/10/10. Shot from Alice in handheld. I can say one thing. RH place in the new Tier (SSS). Despite my best efforts, RH took Alice out in many scenarios. And when I put them on the same team, RH was a far cry from Alice. She also outmuscled modernia 10/9/9 in level on mobs. I think that’s enough to understand her power level.

  7. Where’s the skill uninstaller button? I have the item on my inventory but the button is not on the character’s skill anymore

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