Red Hood Bond Story Summary

Red hood Bond Story Summary

Red Hood bond story summary:
Backstory: Red Hood is one of the members of the Goddess squad. In chapter 25, the Commander meets Red Hood on the surface (for better experience, read Red Hood’s bond story first before starting chapter 26). In the OverZone event, Red Hood is considered M.I.A (consider this a missing detail in her episode 3).

Episode 1:
The Commander is currently on the surface and is not able to get more sleep. Suddenly, Red Hood calls the Commander to check on him. Suddenly, Red Hood decides to make a campfire despite its risks (since raptures can detect heat signals) but reassures the Commander that he will be protected by her. After the campfire was made, Red Hood reminisces about her past when she used to travel and camp many times. The Commander praises Red Hood, as well as the Goddess squad, for making an impact during the first rapture invasion in the Ark, and bets on the fact that their names were recognized by the people in the Ark. Red Hood implies that if the people in the Ark know their story, it should’ve been adapted. Anis, after suddenly waking up from their conversation, interjects to counter Red Hood’s argument. According to Anis, they were rather recognized as a symbolic entity more than anything. After a moment, Red Hood asks the Commander as to how he knows about her being part of the Goddess squad. The Commander tells Red Hood that she’s being mentioned by the other Goddesses quite often. The statement makes Red Hood glance the Commander with suspicion. However, Anis mentions they also met Scarlet, Rapunzel, and Snow White. Hearing their names, Red Hood freaked out and wakes Neon up from the sudden noise. Red Hood, now being excited, wants to share the story of how amazing the Goddess squad was.

Episode 2:
Red Hood shares about the first “Nikke” that was actually a prototype. From that prototype, Grimms models were produced. This also explains why their names were based on fairy tales. When the commander asks why, Neon guesses that fairy tales usually have happy endings, as if to imply that they will be the ones that will give humanity a happy ending. Grimms models were also made by different technologies and needs to find suitable candidates to make one. Despite the problems faced, scientists were able to make a team and its members were considered, more or less, the original Nikkes. The team became what we all know as the Goddess squad.
After Red Hood told them about their origin, Neon asks about the criteria for candidacy, to which Red Hood answers they just have to meet the physical requirements, implying that there’s no commonality among them. Because of this, they usually argue about many things at first. And, even though they were led by their commander and Lilith, Red Hood believes that they were not in good terms. When Lilith brought Scarlet (which is not a Grimms model) into the team, they eventually started to get along with each other. Red Hood thinks that it was all because of the refugees they saved back then, calling them “mankind’s last hope”. Red Hood believes that that encounter made them finally understand their responsibility, and made huge contributions for humanity.

Episode 3:
Back then, during the first rapture invasion, the humans were in utter despair. They were defenseless, and cannot fight back against them. However, the Goddess squad’s involvement changes everything. They were showered in praises, and always being welcomed by the people and celebrated whenever they return from battle. Still, in Anis’ interjection, their squad alone cannot extinguish all of the raptures. In Red Hood’s defense, however, their victories reinstilled hope amongst the United Forces of Humanity, and started to invest again in making weapons. Neon says that they changed the world, and the statement makes Red Hood joyful. However, the atmosphere changes when Anis emphasizes their role. For the Goddesses, failure was not an option. They sacrificed their lives in order to fight against the raptures. Even then, they managed to do what seems to be impossible. When they took part on a defensive operation in the Ark, Red Hood only participated in the initial stage and tries and change the subject by asking about the state in the Ark. But, Neon and Anis were hesistant to answer.

Episode 4:
Neon first answers about how crowded the Ark nowadays. Then again, the people were living peacefully, and buildings are everywhere. The transportations are mostly trains. And, the internet is blazing fast. Neon also talks about their artificial food called “Splendamin” which can be processed into many different flavors. When Red Hood asks about the state of music, Neon answers that some of the singers are Nikkes. In short, Neon sees the Ark in a positive remark. For Anis, however, it was the opposite.
Anis says that the humans in the Ark doesn’t think about the future and waste their time in frivolous activites. Some were drunk, others were committing crimes and doesn’t get punished for it, and implies that their humility has lost long time ago.
Red Hood understands the positives and the negatives they said about the Ark and asks the two if the Ark is worth risking their lives for. While hesitant at first, and Neon wanting Anis to answer in her stead, Anis confirms that it is worth it despite its merits and demerits. Anis reassures Red Hood that their accomplishments were not in vain and protected something valuable, and now they must do the same. Red Hood smiles and tells Anis that she’s glad to hear it.

Episode 5:
As they ended up watching the campire’s flame, Red Hood suddenly wants to be alone for some time. Anis, being worried, asks the Commander to talk to her. The Commander asks about what’s bothering her, Red Hood seems to not know what to reply. Instead, the Commander tells Red Hood what the other Goddesses are currently doing. He tells about Snow White being a survivalist and willing to eat anything, how she’s being reliable most of the time and gets saved by her whenever she’s around. At first, Red Hood is quite shocked about what the Commander is telling her but suddenly enlightens her mood. Rapunzel is tender and kind, yet her jokes tend to cross the line. Red Hood asks about the nature of the jokes, and the Commander replies that it’s mostly “dirty jokes”, to which Red Hood laughs since she knows Rapunzel will “come to the dark side” as well. The Commander also tells how Scarlet now being addicted to booze and loves to sit under the moon with a nice, stiff drink. The Commander also tells that Scarlet currently does farmwork. Red Hood is surprised knowing that, back then, she was a war freak and sounds like a hipster. Red Hood asks if they were happy, and Commander happily replies that they were having good lives. Eventually, Red Hood sighs and tells the Commander that she misses them a lot. When Commander offers to contact them, Red Hood rejects the offer as it could waver her resolve. For her, she’s only borrowing Rapi’s body. Rapi, as well as the Commander, must live on.


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