Power Early Analysis

Power hammer bonk bonk!

Will Power be able to compete against Jackal in a biting contest? Find out here (You won’t)


Blood Fiend

■ Activates when attacking with Full Charge. Affects self.
Blood Fiend: ATK ▲ 6.4%, stacks up to 5 time(s) and lasts for 3 sec.

Simple enough. Full charge = More stacks = more damage; however it is impossible to have max stacks without either Charge speed buffs from other units or Reload speed buffs.

Left = No reload speed buffs | Right = With Resilience Cube level 3

Blood Explosion

■ Activates when at Max Stacks of Blood Fiend after landing 18 normal attack(s). Affects self.
Explosion Radius ▲ 38.61% for 10 sec.
Reload 100%. Activates 1 time(s) per battle.

A skill that doesn’t serve much purpose at all except for MAYBE slightly better Mob clearing capability. 100% reload is NOT a 100% reload speed increase but rather a one time Magazine refill per battle. Hitting multiple targets doesn’t speed up the “stack” gain of 18 Normal attacks.

Blood Hammer

■ Affects 1 enemy unit(s) with the highest ATK.
Deals 1584% of ATK as damage.
■ Affects the same target(s) when Blood Fiend is fully stacked.
Deals 1584% of ATK as additional damage.

Hehehehhe big bonk hammer donk ded. In smarter terms, Blood Hammer does hit pretty hard, but don’t count on it to deal massive damage like how SW and Maxwell do with their burst. that and her burst does not have AoE capabilities as it is only single target.

Don’t expect Power to hit the target you want her to hit either, as Power targets the highest ATK which can be extremely inconvenient for campaign battles if the user wants to nuke wave bosses/ elite mobs.

When Power uses her burst on full S1 stacks, she gains an additional hit that supposedly is equal to the first hit. In testing however, it does not seem like this is the case as her second hit seems to hit harder than her first. This is because of the Full burst damage multiplier being applied to the second hit. (All damage is multiplied by 1.5x during full burst)

Most B3 bursts are not included in this multiplier except for Snow White, Maxwell, Power, Brid, Soline and other additional ST Bursts that have conditions to proc an additional hit.

The second hit of Burst (procs when full stacks) Benefits from Full burst multiplier. 116991 x 1.5 = 175486


I have not watched Chainsaw man so I have no biases, however she is funny hammer lady, therefore now I do. Power is a burst 3 RL with a full clip reload (which means less burst gen than Centi/Jackal/Anis).

Using her for faster burst generation may be possible (Spamming rocket launcher shots for burst energy) but her DPS might take a dip if you manage her stacks incorrectly. Her personal DPS is not too amazing either even when accounting for her skill 1; with just a 30% attack boost at level 10.

Her burst damage potential is overshadowed by the likes of Maxwell and Snow White when dealing with single target individuals, especially with parts. Her burst is also non-controllable which makes it even worse.


Power’s mob clearing ability is decent because of her Skill 2, increasing her potential to hit more enemies. Combined with her attack boost, she can most likely one shot most fodder waves/clusters. Her burst might be useful against the wave bosses, however it is very unlikely for her burst to hit wave bosses with her burst as trash waves usually spawn in with the boss. It is only practical to use her burst when all the other fodder units are dead and the user is able to use another rotation of full burst, but at this point, the fight is usually won anyway.


Power seems decent in Arena, just because she is a RL unit, but there are better alternatives. Her burst gen isn’t amazing as she has a full clip reload. Tri-clip shotguns do a better job at generating burst gen when comparing to full clip reload Rocket launchers. (For more information, click here) She has the ability to snipe a unit (Scarlet, or other high priority units) if you invest enough into her, which can heavily disrupt enemy formation.

Level 1 Burst, Full stacks not acquired for additional damage (Overload charge speed rolls required or a slower burst gen team)

Special Interception

Uh.. probably Chatterbox :shrugs: , She might be able to outdamage Laplace due to the fact of her burst hits kinda hard, coupled with ATK boost, but more testings are required. Most likely won’t work well if used anywhere else.

Union Raid

Most likely BIS unit for RL teams vs Obelisk. Power should also do well against bosses with multiple parts such as Doctor.


  • Burst 3 Rocket Launcher which means good burst generation. This enables burst 2 slot flexibility without encountering burst generation issues.
  • Highest damaging RL in game so far (per shot) due to attack buffs
  • Potentially can do great in Arena
  • Hehehe big hammer bonk hard


  • She may do good against bosses with parts, but other than that, Power seems like she’s a jack of all trades. She does not do bad or excel in any content.
  • Big hammer bonk no aim well when many enemies.

Should You Pull

She’s not a great unit, but she’s definitely usable. Meta wise, I would not pull her, but if you do, she can see some occasional use time, especially against bosses with parts. However, she is a collab unit and most likely will never see a re-run of her ever again. If you are a light spender or whale, I’d definitely pull her just for collection purposes.

Temporary Rating

She competes with Laplace in some areas. However tier list is outdated, Will be nerfing Laplace’s score accordingly to similar levels to Power. Tier list update soon I promise ,don’t hurt me

Skill Priority

Power726Skill 1 is good to upgrade, more attack equals more damage.
Her burst is deals good damage, which can easily be used against Bosses, however it does not scale too well, so higher levels of investments are not quite worth it.

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