Noir Early Thoughts

hehe, other bunny girl, but bigger


A shy girl with Huge tata’s, judging Noir’s kit at first glance, she might be judged as mid. However she might be an actually decent B3 attacker without the need of pairing Blanc with her (Although heavily recommended). She has a somewhat permanent attack up (when above 70% HP) towards the whole team that scales on her ATK, which means she can actually make use of OL gear assuming Alice is fully raised already.

Basic Info

  • Skill 1: Lucky Charm
  • Skill 2: Rabbit Twins B
  • Burst: Finale
  • Manufacturer: Tetra
  • Squad: 777
  • Weapon: SG
  • Class: Attacker
  • Element: Wind
  • Burst: 3


Note: Assume all skill levels are 10

Skill 1: Lucky Charm

■ Activates when above 70% HP. Affects all allies.
Caster’s ATK ▲ 14.08% constantly

A pretty great team buff that is easy to maintain throughout the whole fight, especially when paired with Blanc. Do note that it’s based off HER OWN (Noir’s) ATK, which means OL’s on her, especially helmet and gloves would benefit the team and the amount of ATK buff they would get from this skill.

Skill 2: Rabbit Twins W

■ Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects all allies.
Max Ammunition Capacity ▲ 5 round(s) for 10 sec.
Reload 39.88% magazine(s).

A solid skill that increases DMG uptime on Full burst (more notably on MG units such as Modernia). Full burst is where most of the teams’ damage dealt will be in as well. A seemingly mid skill on first glance, but is rather substantially impactful to total damage dealt to targets, especially when running SG teams (a bit more on that later).

Burst: Finale

■ Affects all enemies.
Deals 351.64% of ATK as damage.
■ Affects all allies with a Shotgun.
Hit Rate ▲ 13.93% for 10 sec.
Damage to interruption part ▲ 23.23% for 10 sec.
■ Activates when Full Burst ends with an ally from the same squad on the battlefield. Affects all allies.
Hit Rate ▲ 11.61% for 30 sec.
Damage to interruption part ▲ 19.36% for 30 sec.

Her burst seems to be specialized against tanky QTE’s, with the more notable ones being SI Gravedigger, Union Raid season 3 Nihilister (She might have a possible re-run, more bosses might run very tanky QTE’s in the future as well). It also comes with a decently damaging AoE wipe, which when paired with Liter and Blanc’s damage buffs, would be able to take out most non-tanky mobs/Projectiles.

Possible Use Cases


Noir with her AoE screen wipe can do rather decently in campaign, and with Blanc in the team, she’s able to buff Hit rate of all members for a rather long period of time after her burst, she also comes with a self Hit rate buff (Rather for all shotguns users) which means she won’t be missing too much pellets in mid-range combat. Her team wide Hit rate buff can be useful on AR units such as Scarlet, Brid, Snow White and Julia as they usually miss shots in long range, and core hits are hard to hit in mid-range. Noir can help slightly with that.

She does ok in Campaign, but when paired with Blanc, the pair can enable high burst damage against boss waves due to Hit rate buffs, ATK buffs + Damage taken debuff applied via Blanc burst which is ideal for Maxwell + Alice teams or Snow White One shot teams. Other teams also would work as well such as the classic Scarlet and Modernia team, but former teams mentioned would benefit the most.

Do note that when running Noir and Blanc in the same team, depending on your Burst 3’s, burst generation will be rather low as Blanc is a AR, instead of a RL. Pairing these two may not be worth it in some stages due to burst generation taking too long.

Her personal DPS is higher than Drake’s due to how fast she reloads as well

Drake = Left, Noir= Right. Literally half her reload speed.

Note: She would NOT pair well with dorothy due to how Noir’s kit works. She refills ammo and increases max ammo capacity. This means Liter is the most optimal choice when using Noir and Blanc in campaign unless the user is able to safely go through normal waves and finish the boss wave in just 1 full burst rotation.


Noir being a tri-cip shotgun unit is able to bring a lot of burst generation into the table. She can fit snuggly into full shotgun teams (Pepper, Viper/Poli/Guilty, Noir, Drake, Sugar) and has a high likelyhood of hammering a unit before full burst can be achieved, as all weapons will have the same aggro against a unit/position. (All same weapon types will target a specific unit due to how the rules/mechanics of arena work.) This team has rather high burst gen too, so bursting first will usually not be an issue.

Special Interception

Besides what I listed in Blanc’s Early thoughts in this specific section (as you’ll be pairing her with Blanc often if Noir is to be used in this mode). There is an interesting team that does not involve Blanc against a boss in Special Interception. You guessed it. Gravedigger

Grave Digger = Liter/Pepper, Dolla (If Liter is not Burst 1) / Viper/ Guilty , Noir, Sugar, Drake – The best shotgun comp you can pull off against Grave digger due to Noir’s kit. Although using Blanc for B2 is still more recommended if the user has her, her buffs are simply too good to pass up if Noir is in the team.

She buffs Interruption part damage by a rather huge margin, ATK, Magazine Capacity buff, Magazine Reload, and Accuracy of shotgunners which would make SG pellets hit the red circles more often. Her buffs also grants incredible uptime and seems to be made to annihilate Gravedigger using SG team when the user is still in the Pre-Overload equipment phase or is new to Special Interception.

Ending Thoughts

Noir seems to be able to hold her own as a standalone unit without Blanc. However, both of them surely work way better when both are in the same team. Noir is a pretty good Buffer, and can dish out good damage.

Overall, Noir’s kit does not quite disappoint and won’t really gimp the team when pairing the bunny girls together.


  1. devs trying to make me waste my crystals and coins for 2 units? nah, brother i rather wait for a unit at a par of scarlet to show up, nice try devs.

  2. I still think that in terms of shotgun teams; Sugar and Drake are better and superior. Noir can be slotted as an extra burst 3 shotgun unit, but generally in terms of buffs i still feel like Sugar and Drake offer better buffs.

    As for general content (non-shotgun teams) like a 1-1-3 she can work, but once you get better units like pilgrims for burst 3 or have strong enough buffs from other units skills (including burst 3) Noir ends up being useless and not needed as she just ends up being a filler slot.

    Noir is great, only if you don’t have any other decent burst 3 options or buffs. She is easily replaceable once you get better units like scarlet and modernia or drake and sugar. Heck even privaty (who can be obtained free from doing several missions/tasks) can be slightly better (though that’s if we are talking about what they do, the comparison between privaty and noir is way too big as they both have different roles)

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