Noir Analysis


Skill 1: Lucky Charm

■ Activates when above 70% HP. Affects all allies.
Caster’s ATK ▲ 14.08% constantly

A pretty great team buff that is easy to maintain throughout the whole fight, especially when paired with Blanc. Do note that it’s based off HER OWN (Noir’s) ATK, which means OL’s on her, especially helmet and gloves would benefit the team and the amount of ATK buff they would get from this skill.

Note: Overload ATK rolls does not increase her ATK buffs gives though, just her base stats non-buffed stats, Since OL-rolls are considered invisible buffs.

Skill 2: Rabbit Twins W

■ Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects all allies.
Max Ammunition Capacity ▲ 5 round(s) for 10 sec.
Reload 39.88% magazine(s).

A solid skill that increases DMG uptime on Full burst (more notably on MG units such as Modernia and Shotgun units). Full burst is where most of the teams’ damage dealt will be in as well. A seemingly mid skill on first glance, but is rather substantially impactful to total damage dealt to targets.

The magazine reload takes account for Post-OL and post-max ammo (liter, drake, sugar) buffs and not the base. Therefore if scarlet after max ammo and Overload max ammo capacity is 60, a 33% mag reload from Noir will refund 20 ammo.

Note: Noir would preferably want to be in position five, as “Activate when entering Full burst” is position based. If there’s more units that provide max ammo buffs (Sugar), and if Noir’s position is earlier/ closer to position one than theirs, they will get less refunded ammo, as Noir refunded said ammo before they applied their own max ammo buffs. Positions are based from left to right.

Burst: Finale

■ Affects all enemies.
Deals 351.64% of ATK as damage.
■ Affects all allies with a Shotgun.
Hit Rate ▲ 13.93% for 10 sec.
Damage to interruption part ▲ 23.23% for 10 sec.
■ Activates when Full Burst ends with an ally from the same squad on the battlefield. Affects all allies.
Hit Rate ▲ 11.61% for 30 sec.
Damage to interruption part ▲ 19.36% for 30 sec.

Her burst is heavily specialized against units with tanky interruption parts (Grave digger SII, Land eater tribe tower + hard campaign, Union raid 3 Nihilister if she gets a re-run). Not only it makes the circle easier to break, it increases the TOTAL damage you deal as well if the interruption parts overlap with said rapture.

If the circle does not overlap, obviously 0 damage is occurred as the user is technically hitting nothing.

Noir is burst level 6 in this fight. The number value seems to match rather accurately, with the exception of floating numbers.


Noir with her AoE screen wipe can do rather decently in campaign, and with Blanc in the team, she’s able to buff Hit rate of all members for a rather long period of time after her burst, she also comes with a self Hit rate buff (Rather for all shotguns users) which means she won’t be missing too much pellets in mid-range combat. Her team wide Hit rate buff can be useful on AR units such as Scarlet, Brid, Snow White and Julia as they usually miss shots in long range, and core hits are hard to hit in mid-range. Noir can help slightly with that.

She does pretty good in Campaign, but when paired with Blanc, the pair can enable high burst damage against boss waves due to Hit rate buffs, ATK buffs + Damage taken debuff applied via Blanc burst which is ideal for Maxwell + Alice teams. Other teams also would work as well such as the classic Scarlet and Modernia team, but former teams mentioned would benefit the most.

For Noir solo teams (without Blanc), she can pretty much just substitute Drake in any team. However shotgunners in campaign wave stages isn’t great because of the range variance the raptures can be in which can result in many pellets missing. Realistically you’ll only put Noir in the team if you can afford to put Blanc in as well. Therefore not recommended to run her solo if possible.

When running Noir and Blanc in the same team, depending on your Burst 3’s, burst generation will be rather low as Blanc is a AR, instead of a RL. Pairing these two may not be worth it in some stages due to burst generation taking too long.

Her personal DPS is slightly higher than Drake’s due to how fast she reloads if you’re using Noir outside of a shotgun team

Drake = Left, Noir= Right. Literally half her reload speed.

Note: She would NOT pair well with Dorothy due to how Noir’s kit works. She refills ammo and increases max ammo capacity. This means Liter is the most optimal choice when using Noir and Blanc in campaign unless the user is able to safely go through normal waves and finish the boss wave in just 1 full burst rotation.

For team comps, refer to Blanc’s early analysis here


Noir being a tri-clip shotgun unit is able to bring a lot of burst generation into the table. She can fit snuggly into full shotgun teams (Pepper, Viper/Poli/Guilty, Noir, Drake, Sugar) and has a high likelyhood of hammering a unit before full burst can be achieved, as all weapons will have the same aggro against a unit/position. (All same weapon types will target a specific unit due to how the rules/mechanics of arena work.) This team has rather high burst gen too, so bursting first will usually not be an issue.

Noir can work in a team 2 or team 3 composition. Noir shotgun teams do NOT want to fight against invulnerability teams (Makima/Sin/Defender with taunt + Biscuit) teams and Scarlet/Jackal teams.

Special Interception

For Blanc + Noir thoughts in SII, please check Blanc’s early analysis.

Otherwise, there is one team comp that can work extremely well without Blanc. You guessed it. Grave digger. As mentioned in the burst section, her burst also increases total damage taken by the boss when hitting interception circles. Her burst increases all shotgunners Interruption parts by a pretty good margin.

Liter/Volume = CDR
Guilty/Viper/Rupee/Novel = DPS/Buffer OR Dolla if liter/Volume is unavailable
Noir= DPS
Drake/Maiden = DPS
Sugar = DPS

The huge plus in the team is the incredible uptime the shotgunners are able to shoot for. A lot of max ammo buffs from each character with mag refill from Noir. This team trivializes Pre-Overload equipment Grave digger and gives newbies a fighting chance without needing specific Pilgrims.


  • Decent DPS
  • Good supporting buffs for a b3 slot
  • Can be used as a stand alone unit in comparison to Blanc
  • Very strong in certain bosses where interruption circles are tanky
  • Great addition to shotgun team
  • Blanc enabler
  • Shy Mommy Milkers
  • Mommy?


  • Shotgunners don’t do too well in campaign
  • Would probably crush you via unknown means

Should You Pull

Yes absolutely, however you need BOTH the bunny girls for them to be able to shine. Noir can be used standalone and can pretty much replace Drake in almost all scenarios. Despite being a decent standalone unit, her main use case is to enable Blanc’s kit to be 20s instead, which is extremely powerful.

Multiple copies of her can be pulled if you are a spender since her Skill 1 buffs allies that is directly scaled to her ATK.

Temporary Rating

ratings slightly differ as Blanc is effectively the better kit of the two, but Noir can be used standalone and is pretty much required to use Noir when using Blanc anyways.

Recommended Harmony Cubes

Wingman = Increased mag size
Bastion = Ammo refunded

Skill Priority

Noir754Skill 1 increases team attack basically permanently, good skill to invest towards to.
Skill 2 increases max ammo capacity to 4 at level 5, so it is recommended to at least reach there. the next break point is level 9 and max ammo level 5, which is too much books.
Burst is rather situational with the boss raptures we have currently, therefore no reason to overly upgrade it as of right now.

Overload Gear Priority

Attribute (Sub-Stat)PriorityRecommendedNotes
Increase Element Damage Dealt★★★★☆2-4xSituationally useful
Increase Hit Rate★★★★☆1-4xWith enough hit rate rolls, Noir might as well become a sniper rifle
Increase Max Ammunition Capacity★★★☆☆2-4xMax ammo is never bad, however she reloads extremely fast and has mag refund too. It’s pretty much diminishing returns, better to focus on other stats after having 2x rolls.
Increase ATK★★★★★4xShotguns scale really well with ATK. Does not improve her skill 1 buffs.
Increase Charge Damage☆☆☆☆☆0x
Increase Charge Speed☆☆☆☆☆0x
Increase Critical Rate★★☆☆☆0x
Increase Critical Damage★★☆☆☆0x
Increase DEF☆☆☆☆☆0x


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