Blanc Analysis

Stealing meta roles and my wallet

Note: This Analysis assumes you have pulled Noir, as Blanc’s usage is heavily gimped without her other half.


Skill 1: Lucky Guard

■ Activates after landing 120 normal attacks.

Creates a Shield, equivalent to 11.8% of the caster’s Max HP, which protects all allies from damage. Lasts for 5 sec.

An ok Survivability skill, since AR’s can fire 12 bullets per second (Assuming 60 FPS), the skill will be up every 10s + Reload time. Each Nikke will Not get an individual shield, they share one instance of shield that protects all allies for x% of HP. Which is rather unfortunate as shields at HP values like these usually get one-shotted by most raptures. A Reload cube can be used if available to slightly shorten the down time but definitely not worth prioritizing.

Skill 2: Rabbit Twins W

■ Activates after Full Burst ends. Affects all allies.

Constantly recovers 3.68% of caster’s Max HP every 1 sec for 5 sec

■ Activates when Full Burst ends with an ally from the same squad on the battlefield. Affects self.

Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 40.76 sec

Her HP regen is proc’d after full burst. This means more healing after her burst is done, as her burst also heals, very useful healing against bosses that require sustain, and even surpasses Rapunzel’s healing in scenarios while possibly being a 20s CD unit, which is INSANE. The second part of the skill is also interesting. When paired with other squad members from 777 (As of right now, only Noir) Her CD dramatically gets reduced (Side note, Full burst needs to occur to proc Cooldown). This heavily encourages pairing Noir and Blanc in the same team or the User will need to bring another b2 into the team.

A great plus to this skill is that only the healing gets upgraded, as the CDR is max’d out at level 1, which is amazing for skill book economy and makes her easier to implement in teams without her being needed to be highly raised.

Burst: Showtime

■ Affects all allies.

Constantly recovers 3.84% of caster’s Max HP every 1 sec for 8 sec.

■ Affects 1 ally with the lowest HP (except caster).

Gain indomitability for 10 sec.
Max HP 31.68% for 10 sec.

■ Affects all enemies.

Damage Taken ▲ 39.26% for 10 sec.

Her burst has a lot of things going for her. Healing, Invulnerability on lowest HP Nikke on team for 10 Seconds and damage taken debuff applied on all current enemies on screen. Running her with Noir will have all these buffs basically running permanently depending on burst generation, which is pretty insane for a b2 slot defender with the potential of 20s CD.

Note: Her damage taken debuff does NOT apply constantly and only enemies currently on screen. Which is a slight blow to her campaign usage.

Note 2: Max HP doubles down as increasing Max HP AND heals for that amount too, which enhances her already great healing potential.


Blanc does extremely well in boss fights, her sustainability she gives to the team is insane, while also being able to massively buff team damage which outclasses Novel due to her buff lasting 10s instead of 5 and does not need any preparation. Novel requires 21s + reload time assuming the boss is stationary and all shots are hit to be able to benefit from her damage taken debuff.

She can do well in campaign waves assuming you have very specific teams. Blanc’s burst generation or lack thereof, simply hurts the team as most stages (assuming high CP deficits) require bursts ASAP and blanc can’t do that nearly as fast as Centi can and the waves will simply overwhelm the player without an AoE wipe. Utilizing her Invulnerability in campaign is hard/ Will severely gimp team damage, however may be possible for units such as Ludmilla and Noah as they have constant full screen taunts, using this team comp is still rather very impractical, but can still see some use, pairing them in tribe tower.

Blanc’s kit does look loaded, however is severely limited by her weapon type and the need of Noir being in the team specifically for wave-type campaign stages. This limits the good teams she can be used in.

Here are some notable good/decent team comps for normal campaign stages.

Note: Most of these team comps assume the player already has Overloaded equipment from special interception.

Note 2: When running Blanc, Noir is an essential part to her kit, and will pretty much be required for her to be in most teams.

Alice Burst Gen

Liter, Volume = CDR, Buffer
Blanc = Debuffer, Healer, Support
Scarlet/Modernia = AoE wipe, DPS
Alice = Main burst generator , Boss killer
Noir = Buffer

This team falls in the hands of how fast you can tap your phone screen/ Mouse, as Alice will be your burst generator. Alice can do decent burst generation when played rather optimally and if raised enough can triple down as a DPS, Wave clearer (Depending on mouse aim) and Burst generation. This team is only advised if your Alice has 1-2 Max ammo rolls on Alice and at least 1 charge speed roll on her (2 preferably) since Maxwell isn’t in the team. See video below on how to shoot faster with Snipers + Rocket launchers.

Note: Alice does need to be above 80% at all times to which helps her with her maintain burst generation.

Maxwell One Burst Cycle

This team only works if you can afford tanking some shots from the raptures while clearing the waves despite having weaker AoE capabilities than the usual Scarlet/Modernia team. The specialty of this team is to clear the boss wave in one burst cycle, more notably on the infamous Gas/Fart rapture stages where it deals big AoE damage to the team and pierces cover. This rapture can single-handedly wipe out your team if the user does not have enough burst damage. This team can fix that if you’re able to push through the waves prior. the requirements for Alice is the same for team mentioned above. Maxwell also needs her skill 1 and burst to be rather well raised (8+) to significantly help burst damage.

The tech for this team is holding/not destroying the last rapture and manually controlling Maxwell so she doesn’t automatically fire. The user has to take cover until current full burst is done, then the User can proceed to filling up their burst gen again by using Alice to shoot environments. Shooting environmental obstacles does provide burst generation. Getting full burst again while holding Maxwell burst essentially gives the user 2 burst 3’s at the same time for the boss wave. See video below

Pre-Overload Equipment Possible Team Comps

Liter/Volume = CDR
Blanc = Buffer
Centi/Anis = Burst generation
Modernia/Scarlet = AoE wipe/ DPS
Noir = Buffer

Liter/Volume = CDR
Blanc = Buffer
Laplace/Power/Vesti = Burst generator (See Sniper spam video mentioned above) substantially slower than Centi, but still servicable
Scarlet/Modernia = DPS / Wave clear
Noir = Buffer/ Wave clear

Note: Scarlet and modernia can ALWAYS be replaced by your next strongest DPS character. Solid substitutes are Epinel, Harran, Snow white, Alice etc etc. Do experiment around.

Boss stages

Liter/Volume = CDR
Blanc = Buffer/pseudo healing
Noir=Buffer DPS/ Burst gen

Honestly, just put your hardest hitting DPS units. Pairing these two with most bosses will most likely be the optimal route for any/most bosses due to how much versatility they give. Dorothy may be used if the boss has many parts (chatterbox, train) and your units have pierce capabilities (Alice, Maxwell, Snow white), but do note that Noir and Dorothy has anti-synergy as Noir partially refills the magazine and gives more ammo to the team and will suffer longer cooldown times.

Otherwise just always use liter/volume.


Blanc in paper looks like she can excel in arena because of her Burst skill. Invulnerability on lowest HP, preferably on a taunt unit (and you’d be wanting to pair her with one anyways in arena). Pairing her with Noise and with another high burst generator on b2 (Centi, Viper, Anis, etc etc) would make a great stall team. Although, she’d most likely fall to AoE orientated teams such as Scarlet and Harran. Being an AR unit also hurts team burst generation, especially in b2 slot where most burst generators are prominent.

Blanc would make a good team 2 or 3 unit where they don’t have to go against a scarlet/jackal team.

Special Interception

Absolutely just replaces Novel and Rapunzel in every special interception. the only fight that Blanc + Noir can’t handle with ease is against Alteisein/Train, and even she can be used there. She has rather insane healing, great damage taken debuff, literally two meta Nikke boss killers (Rapunzel, Novel) in one.

Just use your usual highest DPS units against said intercepts with the pair and you’ll be golden.


  • Amazing kit
  • 20s Cooldown
  • Absolute boss/ST rapture killer
  • Does not need very high skill investments to do well
  • Might have your babies


  • Versatility is a bit limited in wave-based campaign stages.
  • Will run your pockets

Note: Despite some campaign nitpicks, she’s still rather very usable in campaign, Centi’s/Anis’s burst generation is just too insane to pass, especially when one of them is a free option.

Should You Pull

Absolutely, The bunny pair will carry you in Single target rapture stages/ Boss stages without a doubt, and is a very strong pair in current union raids as well, with very strong possibility to see usage in solo raids too. With the bonus of being pretty good in campaign and PvP.

Dupes are not needed as Blanc herself does not do much damage, her kit is what is wanted from her.

However you need to pull BOTH of the girls to see them truly shine.

Temporary Rating


Recommended Harmony Cube

Resilience Cube = Increased reload speed

Skill Priority

Blanc4710Skill 1 is a rather weak shield, not worth investing too much skill books in.
Skill 2 is where some of her healing comes from, great in boss fights.
Burst is where her kit becomes pretty insane. Damage taken debuff + more healing. Very worth to upgrade to higher levels.


    • Nope, i usually list overload gear priority in the analysis if i think they’re worth overloading. Just because blanc doesn’t have a section for it, doesn’t mean she’s bad.
      But she just wouldn’t benefit much at all from it.
      You’re always free to OL who you want to OL though for waifu purposes

  1. Thx for releasing this analysis before the banner is gone!

    I’m glad dupes are not needed for Blanc.
    Looks like if i ever get those, they’ll come from standard recruit.

  2. Curious, any reason why Dorothy would not be a good sub for liter? I know you lose out on the dmg buff, but you also gain the CDR plus the massive amounts of dmg dorothy does. Unless I am not understanding her toolkit properly

    • You’ll get downtime on your full burst because of Noir (you’ll be pairing her often with Noir, if not all the time( replenishing ammo on full burst and increasing ammo cap. Which means you’ll most likely need to wait 3-4+ seconds after fully gaining full burst to burst again. This is ofc assuming you gain Full energy for full burst around 2-3 seconds (around the normal rate)

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