Mary: Bay Goddess Analysis

Great thighs for Great Lap rests


Note: Assume all skills are level 10

Skill 1 : Seaside Sunshine

Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects all allies.
Effect changes according to the number of activation time(s). Previous effects trigger repeatedly:
Once: Recovers 1.05% of caster’s final Max HP every 1 sec for 5 sec.
Twice: Recovers 3.69% of caster’s final Max HP every 1 sec for 5 sec.
Three times: Recovers 6.86% of caster’s final Max HP every 1 sec for 5 sec.

As this is a passive and skill and not quite a burst skill, this enables Mary : Bay Goddess (Will be referred to just Mary in future mentions) to be a healer that does not quite need to burst to heal. This enables 2-1-2 teams to function rather smoothly. More notably either with Liter or Dorothy and on content where the need of healing is prominent (Union raid, Solo raid, Boss stages). A pretty notable issue with this burst is that full burst needs to be achieved 3 times before being able to receive her fulling healing capabilities. This con is most notable in PvP content.

Skill 2 : Waves Kiss The Feet

■ Activates when using Burst Skill. Affects all Water Code allies.
Effect changes according to the number of activation time(s). Previous effects trigger repeatedly:
Once: Damage as strong element ▲ 20.85% for 3 sec.
Twice: Damage as strong element ▲ 13.88% for 5 sec.
Three times: Damage as strong element ▲ 8.36% for 10 sec.

A great skill in paper, especially on a unit that specializes more on healing. However, there is an lack of strong water DPS units, with the only notable ones being Viper and Summer Neon. Dorothy is not included as Dorothy would most likely be the one bursting instead. Furthermore this skill also is an additive value, which means there would be diminishing returns if buffed units already have elemental damage bonus from overloaded equipment.

Burst : Tranquil Waters

Cooldown: 20s

■ Affects all Water Code allies.
ATK ▲ 23.23% for 3 sec.
■ Affects all allies.
Max HP ▲ 27.87% of the caster’s final Max HP for 10 sec.

Despite being able to heal off-burst, activating her burst will first: Increase Max HP while also healing the same amount of Max HP gained, and secondly “buff” her skill 1. As her skill 1 is based on final Max HP of caster. Due to the lack of water DPS’s, her attack buff isn’t very realistic to take advantage of without gimping overall team damage (as of right now). Not to mention it has a duration of just 3 seconds.

Campaign / Boss Stages

Healers don’t have much use in regards to campaign stages, more specifically wave/mob stages due to the fact that at high enough Combat Score deficit, enemy raptures will start one shooting units. Therefore running no healer teams is more optimal than running one with healing more often than not. However they are used in most bosses and Mary does a great job doing what she’s meant to do, healing. Mary is able to heal more than the most prominent b1 healers as of right now.

However she does lack the potential offensive utility pepper can bring, or resurrection like Rapunzel has. But if healing is the only issue, Mary is definitely a very a solid option. Burst generation is not an issue (under manual play) as a sniper rifle, as the user can spam sniper rifle shots. See video reference below.

Possible Team Comp

Bread and Butter Comp

Mary = Healer
Dolla = CDR
Flex DPS
Flex DPS
Flex DPS

Just use her with any B2 CDR (Dolla only as of writing) and 3 of your preferred DPS and you’re good to go. If the player does not have Dolla. We can use a 2-1-2 formation instead, with possible pairs being either Liter, Dorothy and Volume.


As a sniper, her burst generation in arena is low. she would’ve been a pretty good second healer for the b1 slot as she does have healing off burst which can enable very tanky stall teams, HOWEVER as mentioned previously. Mary has to burst 3 times before being able to heal properly, with the first burst (which most PvP end in) only healing 10%~ of her maximum healing potential assuming if used as secondary b1 healer. if using her as the main healer, the Max HP values she gives isn’t that high to justify slowing down burst generation by a great degree, and other healers in the same slot can provide better in regards of both worlds.

Special Interception

Mary can have notable uses on Blacksmith and in Modernia. She basically has the same possible team comps as “Pepper healing” in both cases. However as mentioned, Mary is a more defensive option and used if surviving is an issue, otherwise Pepper should be the better option of the two.


  • Healing ✨✨
  • 20s Cooldown
  • Potential Great water unit buffer in the future
  • Lap rests


  • As of right now, offers nothing except healing
  • Aims a sniper rifle eyes closed.

Should You Pull?

As a f2p, and if you’re missing a healers, she can fill that slot for now. Otherwise, you won’t be missing much if you skip her. Although do keep in mind she is still a limited time unit, so if you’re a collector of Nikke’s, be sure to get a copy of her.
She may be a pretty great healer, but she offers nothing else on the table for now, and in the competitive world where doing more damage is more important than survivability/comfort (Solo and Union raid), Pepper will most likely see more usage over her. The only interesting aspect of her is the potential of being a rather decent mono-water team buffer.

Temporary Rating


Skill Priority

Mary: Bay Goddess645Skill 1 is where most of her healing will come from, most likely won’t need to upgrade it past level 6 or 7+, due to her being able to heal a lot already.
Skill 2 although great in paper, No team can realistically take advantage of it as of right now unless specifically building a raised mono water team.
Burst will realistically be just used for Max HP healing and buff.


  1. Does ther skill 1 not snapshot her max HP when it triggers? I’m not very versed on how this all works, but I thought “entering” burst and the actual burst were separate steps. If I am right, and if skill 1 snapshots, then it wouldn’t benefit from the burst’s increased Max HP.

    I’d appreciate it if anyone could educate/verify for me the info XD

    • This is easily noticeable when seeing her mary’s healing numbers off burst, and using her on burst.

      Screenshots on her burst section indicate that healing does increase when using her burst.
      Mary is also a burst 1, while her passive skill (Healing) procs on full burst. Which is very much a further “step” from each other.

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