Marciana Early Thoughts

Educating the Newbies to survive against the Raptures!


Note: This was made before the release of Marciana, and a early Analysis will follow soon after proper testing.

God she’s hot. I mean, how does our new teacher Nikke stack on me against the rest of the Nikke healers! Find out here!

Basic Info

  • -Skill 1: Drone Supporter
  • -Skill 2: School Nurse
  • -Burst: A Teacher’s Grace
    Cooldown: 20s
  • -Rarity: SSR
  • -Burst: II
  • -Weapon: SG
  • -Class: Supporter
  • -Element: Iron
  • -Manufacturer: Elysion
  • Squad: Academia
  • SG name: Rational Eyes


Note: Assume all skills are level 10

Skill 1: Drone Supporter

Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects all allies
Recover 10.95% of attack damage as HP over 3 sec.
Activates when the last bullet hits the target.
Affects 2 ally unit(s) with the highest ATK.
HP Potency ▲ 26.98% for 3 sec.

A good healing passive with almost half skill uptime as shotguns fires at a rate of 1.5 shots per second, and her mag size is 9. However it seems like full uptime can be achieved by putting Privaty in the team as she reduces mag size by 50% and increases reload speed as well depending on investments.

a permanent 11%~ Life steal is great in regards to healing, Attackers will also benefit from the HP potency buff. Both of these passives would make most top-tier DPS’s almost un-killable unless there is one shot mechanics involved. Defenders might struggle to have their HP sustained alone from this skill passive.

Skill 2: School Nurse

Activates when using Burst Skill. Affects all allies.
Recovers 28.11% of caster’s final Max HP as HP.

A relatively simple but powerful skill, heals all units on burst every full burst cycle. Do note that it is based on Caster’s final HP as well. This means some investment is required for her to heal properly

Burst: A Teacher’s Grace

Affects all allies.
Storage: If the target obtained a healing effect that exceeds the character’s Max HP
excess portion will be stored, up to 27.87%of the caster’s Max HP, lasts for 10 sec.
DEF ▲ 20.9% of the caster’s DEF for 10 sec

A very interesting skill, essentially acts as a second HP bar depending on Marciana’s max HP. This should easily proc her skill 1 and 2 given that they output pretty insane healing when combined. Might prevent what should be one shots and etc on attacker units specifically on solo raid or bowtie low CP attempts.


Seemingly a viable unit for campaign despite being a mag shotgun (assuming from preview video). She can be easily paired with our latest strong campaign clearer that has been released, A2. instead of using blanc and Noir (Current BiS team for A2), Marcianna can be slotted instead and frees up a burst 3 slot which can be used for a single target DPS Nikke as A2 lacks that.

Over heal and the passive healing can benefit other teams as well under pretty minor CP deficits as Nikke’s are still able to tank hits. This makes it much easier for newbies to get a hang of Campaign clearing.




Liter subs = Volume, Dorothy
Scarlet + Mod Replacements = Harran, Preferred DPS’s/ Screen wipers
Alice team requires high investment levels (skill levels at 8+/x/8+) and preferably with overload gear.


Unfortunately, since Marciana is assumingly a mag shotgun, her burst generation is rather bad and her life steal can be easily countered by Nikkes who can provide “immune” status such as Noah, Biscuit, Makima, etc. Her over heal doesn’t seem like it would be too useful here either as most Nikke’s will be far from max HP, let alone going over it when full burst occurs. Her first skill 1 passive proc will be around 6 seconds in the fight, this is when full burst has already occurred and most fights will be over at this point. Might find a place in stall | Healing teams, but not expected to be very meta.

Special Interception | Union Raid | Solo Raid

Marciana definitely seems like a very comfy unit to run in any team. Her healing is pretty insane for a 20s CD unit and should fit in any proper team snuggly. she’s also pretty much the only B2 20 CD healer that can be ran alone without any requirements and still ensures team survivability as of right now. This opens more Burst 1 utility units as most Burst 1’s are usually healers, and Helm is now not always needed when the user doesn’t want to replace a burst 1 slot for a healer.

Marciana should see some good usage in all intercept modes, especially for people without the bunny team (Blanc + Noir). She should help fresh chapter 16 clearers a lot in terms of survivability when tackling the special interception bosses.

For Union raid, healers are not required as if you’re at high enough Synchro levels, but still definitely usable if needed. Great pair with A2 if fighting against bosses with parts but don’t want to use a bunny team slot for A2.

She should have a slot in any team where survivability is required in solo team, basically working as a solo Blanc, just without the damage taken down debuff and indom. Also opens up creativity in what burst 1’s can be used without worrying about having 2 burst 2 healers (as most of the viable healers in b2 are 40s).
A viable non-CDR/Healer burst I, 1 BII healer, and 3 B III team comps can be made in the team 5 slot easily now.

Ending Thoughts

Marciana Seems like a god send for Commanders who don’t have viable healers right now. Very comfortable Nikke to put in teams and synergizes well with the latest released Nikke. A pretty good addition to the cast that adds more flexibility towards team building due to her being the only natural and viable 20s CD healer in the b2 slot.

A more proper analysis will be released when she is available to pull.


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  1. Even with Privaty lvl10 skill 1 and a lvl7 resilience cube, Marciana’s skill 1 doesn’t have 100% uptime during Full Burst. Doesn’t seem like a big deal though since the meat of the character is in her skill 2.

    • They slot in different places in your team. Rapunzel is 60s burst I so she takes the flex slot. Marciana is 20s burst II that needs to take your active burst II slot. This might be a nonanswer, but “it depends on the team and what units you have”.

      • Oh you’re right. In that case, what about Blanc? Is she better than Blanc? Blanc is the only one B2 healer that I know and have. (Do tell me if there is another B2 healer)

  2. There are a few B2 “healers” aside from Blanc and now Marciana. Folkwang, Yuni, Milk, and Quency are some Burst 2 Heals. Some are lifesteal and some are Max HP buff on burst. I dont think Marciana is better than Blanc as Blanc gives buffs and heals. Marciana is a a good Nikke if you need a B2 Healer for SR or UR. She’s really good if you pair her up with Privaty to keep her overheal uptime up. If you dont need a B2 healer or you dont want a mommy then you can skip. :>

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