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This Pesky boss has noticeable appearances in tribe tower floor 140 and Campaign hard mode 8-27. His main gimmick is literally one shotting you. Along with other mobs that have the capability to one shot you at high enough CP Deficit.


When the top 2 guns of Bowtie start glowing, it’ll start firing a barrage of attacks on a single Nikke, can be dangerous if targeted Nikke sustains fire for too long without covering.

When the bottom guns of Bowtie start glowing, it either fires 2 lasers at a single Nikke (Which pretty much guarantees their death at below recommended CP without survival skills), or targets two separate Nikke’s with one laser, The latter is preferred.

Lastly, Bowtie has a QTE circle breaking event. The circles are not very tanky and can be easily destroyed. Failure to destroy the QTE circles will result in a Painful AoE stun. Covering is possible but will result in the attack wiping out most of the Users cover.

Tip: This move can still be “Canceled” even when the Barrage has been fired. As long as it doesn’t hit the Users Nikke’s yet, the circles can still be broken. Destroying the QTE circles even when the barrage has been fired, will simply despawn the projectiles.


Bowtie has a set pattern in the first 20s, which can branch into two different attack patterns, (Rarely, it differs from the two via unknown reasons). The first pattern is, the first death beam occurs at the 20s mark, and then a QTE circle break after 2 barrages (around the 40s mark). What Bowtie does after seems to be purely RNG and your gacha skill will be put to the test, this is the path you want to take when Fighting Bowtie.

The other pattern is as follows. Bowtie will do a QTE event in the 20s mark, and is followed by 2 sets of death beams, not using a specialized team that reduces damage/ grants i-frames will result in the team most likely already being wiped out at this point already. A restart is recommended.

The user wants to clear all stage mobs as they do have the potential to one shot your units, with maybe the exception of the elite mobs as they only throw slow moving bombs that can be dealt with ease, they still hurt if left unattended. Do note that the last land mobs of the stage do spawn and attack almost instantly, taking care of them ASAP or covering their 1st barrage is advised.

Team Comps

Makima Comp

Liter Substitutes = Volume
Scarlet + Modernia Substitutes = Preferred DPS/Screen wipers

This comp is able to survive Bowtie’s death beams due to Makima’s I-frame + taunt, with the added insurance of Rapunzel being able to revive Makima if she dies throughout the round.

Sakura + Noise Comp

Scarlet + Modernia substitutes = Alice/ Preferred Screen Wipers
burst 2 slot is flexible

Sakura and Noise is there to help the DPS’s to do damage as long as possible. Damage output is lacking due to the nature of the team, strong DPS’s are advised when using this team.

Poli Cope

Alice + Modernia Substitute = Scarlet/ Preferred Screen wiper

Poli is able to damage share with the lowest 3 HP units every 20s (Which lines up with first Bowtie’s Death beam). Folkwang is there to heal Alice and Modernia if they get too damaged. RNG reliant team, Alice needs to be well raised too.

Full DPS Pray

Liter Substitutes = Volume
Flex b2 slot depending on needs
Scarlet + Modernia Substitutes = Hardest Hitting DPS / Wave clear
Privaty = Any preferred buffer / Another DPS

Team is reliant on their Hopes and Prayers, Prepare to grind RNG. Not recommended but is an option if no others are available, and have enough DPS to burst bowtie down fast enough.


  1. The Makima Rap pray to RNGesus strat looks like it’s going to work for me. Just got too lazy to repeatedly bash my head against it but I fluked enough i-frames on the killer beam to bring it to 10 bars before timeout. I think if I used a screen wipe unit instead of laplace I’d have it done already, but my Scarlet was trash. Will kill it later on tonight.

    Thanks. Also, hilariously I only drew my Rapunzel like a day before you posted this guide.

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