Jackal – Should You Pull?

She bites hard in PVP

We are not the source for the information on this page. There may be changes made before live release.

Jackal is a Burst 1, Clip Reload Rocket Launcher, Energy Support, Offensive Support and Defensive Support. All skill information below is for skill level 10.

Burst Type1
WeaponRocket Launcher


Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity6
Reload Time0.67s
Full Charge Damage250%
Charge Time1.00s
Burst Generation355
Control ModeCharge

Deals 65.02% of ATK as damage.

Skill 1 – Happy Jackal

■ Activates when attacked 10 time(s). Affects 1 enemy unit(s) with the highest Max HP.
Damage Taken ▲ 9.09% for 10 sec.
ATK ▼ 9.09% for 10 sec.

Skill 2 – Jumpin’ Jackal Flash

■ Activates when entering battle. Affects self and 2 ally unit(s) with the highest ATK.
Shares damage taken for 120 sec.
DEF ▲ 8.27% for 120 sec.

Skill 3 – Crazy Jackal (CD: 20 seconds)

■ Affects all allies.
Burst Skill Damage to a single enemy ▲ 38.91% for 15 sec.
DEF ▲ 14.69% for 10 sec.

First Impressions

355 Base Energy (Clip Reload Rocket Launcher)

This is the most noticeable feature of Jackal’s kit.

Half the reason Centi is powerful is thanks to her being the best energy support in the game with 345 base energy. Jackal is even higher than Centi at 355 base energy. This is great news for players who are still Centi-less and struggling to find a strong energy support. Of course, Centi is also strong thanks to her shields. The difference of 10 base energy is not enough on its own to be able to say that “Jackal will be better than Centi”. It should also be noted that Anis also has 355 base energy and even as an SR, she can get you fairly far after the Campaign Stage CP nerfs.

Jackal’s high base energy could make her a viable pick for Arena, as her energy generation is just behind the clip shotguns with 100% hit rate. Her Skill 2 damage taken share with the highest ATK units for 120 seconds could be strong in fast Arena battles. There is synergy potential with Scarlet’s skill 2. Since Scarlet is likely one of your 2 highest ATK allies, you can place Scarlet in P1 to get targeted and make use of her high damage Skill 2, and have Jackal’s Skill 2 help Scarlet tank as much damage as possible. Combined with a resurrection ability like Rapunzel or Anne burst (assuming the 0 HP resurrection bug gets fixed), Scarlet in P1 may be a viable strategy.

Single Target Oriented

While Jackal also brings a damage share and attack down debuff, overall her kit is more offensive than Centi‘s. Rather than attack buffs however, she has a damage taken increase debuff and burst skill damage buff. These buffs are actually quite strong, though limited to a single target.

This defines Jackal’s niche as an Offensive Energy Support for ST boss battles. This is unfortunate however, as that niche is currently dominated by Drake. Since most single target bosses have a large hit box that Drake can easily land all her pellets against, Drake can generate 45 x 10 = 450 energy per shot. Though since Jackal is a RL, she can be manual spammed to generate quick energy in a pinch which makes her powerful, there is one last unfortunate note to consider:

Liter Exists

Liter is the BiS B1 for the vast majority of teams is nearly all situations for good reason. Liter is extremely slot-efficient, bringing strong attack buffs, CDR and cover heal. It will be difficult to replace Liter in the current meta teams.

Units that are less reliant on Liter such as Snow White or Maxwell may be a good pairing with Jackal. Since Jackal’s burst buffs burst damage and a large chunk of Snow White and Maxwell’s damage comes from their burst, there is potential they could make a strong combo.

Should You Pull?

These are merely my personal first impressions. There may be changes before live release.

  • 355 base energy clip RL
    • Decent pull if you lack strong energy support options
    • Potential to be strong in Arena
  • Potential to be good with Snow White or Maxwell.
  • ST Oriented; Unlikely to be good in Multi Target Situations
  • Liter is too oppressive in the current meta
  • You may want to save for a future unit (Viper, Cocoa)
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