Dorothy Early Analysis

Hot Pink haired Mommy that will definitely not back stab you or anything


Skill 1 – Holy Fire

■ Activates when firing the last bullet. Affects all allies.
Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 1.56 sec.
■ Activates when firing the last bullet during Manifestation. Affects all allies.
When attacking part of an enemy, damage dealt to that part ▲ 50.68%, lasts for 5 sec.

An amazing skill that reduces CD, and massively improves damage against bosses with parts. The user is able to comfortably rotate through full burst rotations if Skill 1 has high enough level. Pairing her with Privaty will make it even more comfortable, along with the bonus of almost permanent uptime on her part damage debuff. This skill’s part bonus damage works similar to D’s where it is considered a different multiplier than “Damage taken received”, so pairing her with Novel also works very well.

Skill 2 – Baptism

Cooldown: 20s

■ Affects all enemies.
Scorch to Dust: Deals 216% of ATK as distributed damage.

Good damage against bosses, horrible against mob waves as it is distributed damage. This means that damage is divided by how many mobs are currently on screen (more mobs=each mob takes less damage, which means this skill is not a good wave clear option).

The CD of this skill gets reduced to 2s instead of 20s whenever Dorothy’s burst is activated (whether her burst marks a target or not doesn’t matter).

Burst – Paradise Lost

■ Affects self.
Manifestation: Changes the cooldown of Skill 2 to 2 sec. Lasts for 10 sec.
Gain Pierce for 10 sec.
■ Affects a designated enemy.
Brand: Accumulates total damage dealt to enemies during the duration, and then deals that accumulated damage to all enemies as distributed damage once the duration ends. The maximum accumulated damage is 8900.83% of the caster’s ATK. Lasts for 10 sec.

Very quirky skill with a good amount of hidden mechanics. Let’s start with how this skill interacts with ATK buffs. As shown in Photo below, Any Buff or Debuff on enemy does NOT increase damage. This means that Full burst multipliers (1.5x), ATK buffs on full burst (Privaty) and any sort of damage buffs applied to your Nikke’s will not affect the final total amount of damage. This also includes Damage received debuffs (Novel, Isabel). In other words, it only strictly takes base attack and ignores any modifiers applied to Nikke’s in battle (which means OL atk% rolls, Elemental damage rolls also do NOT increase burst damage)

Note: A notice has been released that ATK sub-stats on OL not taking effect on “Brand” Dorothy’s Burst is a bug and will be fixed soon. – Update. As of Now, This Has been fixed. However, Elemental damage is still not considered/does not increase damage of burst.

No Biscuit buff vs with Biscuit buff. No difference.

However, there is one exception to that rule. CP deficit, it directly nerfs the maximum mark damage depending on how big the CP deficit is from your team vs recommended stage. First image is against a stage where my power is above recommended power level.

Using the formula in the CP deficit page, my Deficit would be 38.35%, which directly translates to a ~65.60% reduction to total stats/to Dorothy’s burst. So this number is not a fluke.

Dorothy can also MISS her burst if your aim goes slightly off, but it should not be an issue most of the time unless the Users’ finger Slips or plays with one hand often ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

One last interesting mechanic is that you can end her “Mark” early by destroying the selected target. After the Mark is destroyed, it “Snapshots” all the current raptures in the field and will do damage accordingly. This means that raptures that are killed AFTER the mark is Destroyed will be counted as “there” and will “miss” instead of the mark dealing increased damage proportionate to remaining raptures on field. this also works vice versa, if raptures spawn AFTER the mark is destroyed, they will not get hit and damage taken from the remaining raptures on field will not be reduced.

Burst also grants Dorothy the ability to pierce. This complements her Skill 1 very well when dealing against bosses with parts. Her burst does not hit all active parts, and only hits the main body of boss, which means her burst does not benefit from her skill 1 passive.

One last neat thing about her burst is the ability to completely bypass shield units, which means completing chapter 19 to 22 with no MG’s might be possible. The Modernia-less can finally rejoice.


Dorothy is an absolute powerhouse against bosses with parts, and still good on other bosses, not to mention she is a B1 20s unit who also provides CDR! An actual competitor/substitute for Liter on some content without immediately feeling gimped in overall damage, that also comes with in a neat waifu package. Gone are the days where a granny takes up your B1 slot in 99% of your team comps in all content.

Note: Dorothy does take a good amount of investment to shine even more against Bosses.


As of 27 April 2023, there is currently a bug going around, where placing Dorothy against Similar CS opponents and if Both teams comps are rather equally matched regarding team burst generation, crashes the replay/ match and gives the User an infinite loading screen

The match doesn’t crash if either side sweeps the other (very easy win for one side). Therefore I am unable to judge her properly as of right now as this bug personally affects me. Future updates will be posted after testing, for now, I would say don’t expect a very high score for her in Arena.

Note: The devs have found a solution for this bug and is expected to be fixed during an update soon. For now, restart he game and challenge different player/use different lineup as a workaround.

Update: as of now, this has been fixed. However, she does not seem to have use in Arena due to low burst generation.


Dorothy is a solid pick in Campaign as she deals good damage, provide CDR, and her burst can count as a wave clear.

However, her burst damage delay and lack of ATK up buff is detrimental in Very High CS deficit campaign stages. For such stages, Instant damage is preferred as stray mobs have the ability to easily kill units within the timeframe of Dorothy’s mark getting destroyed, and the damage tick from the burst. Liter’s massive attack boost simply helps AoE clear tremendously for units such as Scarlet, Modernia, Harran, Privaty and etc.

Dorothy also needs to keep firing her weapon to get the benefit of CDR for the team, but in some cases, this is simply impossible to do without getting punished. Therefore, Dorothy is not replacing Liter for most high stage CS deficits except for some scenarios where pierce is needed or against chapter bosses that have parts. (Chatterbox, Laitance, Modernia, Alteisen).

Using liter buff + Scarlet would’ve cleared this mobs. However a full passive stack Scarlet is unable to with Dorothy in the team. This leaves Dorothy trying to deal with left overs, but her burst is simply too delayed and would result in death. and the Max burst damage does not do nearly enough damage to clear a 10+ Mob wave.
Do take note this is also a MLB dorothy with 4 overloaded gear as well.

Despite all this, Dorothy is still very viable, and she will still serve you very well in campaign missions if you prefer using her anyways for normal campaign stages under respectable CS deficits. (less than 15%)

Special Interception

A very good unit in Special Interception as all bosses there have multiple parts. Her Skill 1 will greatly improve team DPS while also being a damage dealer herself. Dorothy can actually be used to substitute/replace Liter in this game mode, with the exception of Blacksmith if the user lacks survivability against its machine guns barrages.

Example Team Comp

Novel Substitute = Admi
Alice Substitute = Snow White

What goes well with Part damage? Pierce Units. This team comp aims to abuse Part damage as much as possible, while also having well rounded ATK buffs from Privaty and Maxwell.

When making team comps with Dorothy in mind, it is optimal to pair her with Privaty at least for much higher uptime from her Skill 1 passive, along with Pierce Units or High ST damage units.


  • Great personal damage for a B1 unit
  • Very high uptime on her Amazing Skill 1 part damage buff when paired with Privaty
  • Very High Team damage potential against bosses with parts
  • Cooldown reduction for comfortable burst rotations
  • 20s Cooldown
  • Shooting pose Pantsu
  • GOATed wallpaper/burst


  • Will probably backstab you
  • Mid-spec phones HATE Dorothy

Note: Although there were some campaign nitpicks above, Dorothy still does well in campaign, it’s just that Liter is way too OP in campaign (providing huge ATK buff), as opposed to Dorothy being weak. Dorothy also does decent against boss with no parts, since she provides CDR and deals good DPS on her own.

Should You Pull

Absolutely, Dorothy excels in boss killing which makes her perfect for UR, Intercept and certain campaign stages.

However, keep in mind that a new collab is coming soon and she has a lower pull rate of 1% being a Pilgrim unit. This means getting her using Mileage and saving tickets/pulls for collab units who are very likely to have 2% pull rate is more optimal.

Copies of her are always welcomed if you are a spender.

Temporary Rating

Overall8.9 (S-SS)
Update: Just lacked a bit more versatility to be placed in overall SS tier, However she is leaning extremely close to it.

Recommended Harmony Cubes

Resilience – Increased Reload Speed (Most recommended)
Assault- Increased hit rate

Skill Priority

Dorothy9.548Skill 1 improves CDR and massively increases team damage against parts. (By massively I mean very massive)
Skill 2 pretty solid damage, however not enough to justify high investment.
Burst % values start out pretty high and scales ok. Higher nuke is never bad.

Overload Priority

Attribute (Sub-Stat)PriorityRecommendedNotes
Increase Element Damage Dealt★★★☆☆2-4xSituationally very useful.
Increase Hit Rate★★★★☆3-4xEasier core hits, more valuable now since Max Ammo capacity is unwanted.
Increase Max Ammunition CapacityNO—–STOP
Increase ATK★★★★★4xMore ATK=good, since her burst damage can be increased from ATK sub-stats on OL (not working now but will be fixed soon), and she does good personal damage despite being a B1.
Increase Charge Damage☆☆☆☆☆0x——
Increase Charge Speed☆☆☆☆☆0x——
Increase Critical Rate★★☆☆☆1-2x——
Increase Critical Damage★★☆☆☆1-2x——
Increase DEF☆☆☆☆☆0x——



  1. Great guides, very updated. Spend at least 200 draws on her still not 3 stars yet but WORTH. Her original skin is very well designed.

  2. Can someone enlighten me? I am currently running Dorothy as main damage dealer with Pepper (B1) – Centi (B2) – Helm (B3) – Privaty (B3). Helm and Pepper have last bullet skills, so I thought it would go well with Dorothy and Privaty. But I recently got some other NIKKEs and I would like an opinion.

    The only other Pilgrim I have is Isabel (B3), so I think that’s off the table.

    SS-tier: Maxwell (B3), Dolla (B2) and Drake (B3).

    B1: N102 – Emma – Miranda
    B2: Biscuit
    B3: Sugar


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