Snow White

Detailed Guide For Snow White

Wondering if Snow White is good and if so, why? Then this in-depth guide is for you.

Here is everything you should know if you plan to use Snow White as your featured DPS in your teams.


  • One Shot team comp enabler
  • Best in slot for low Combat Power campaign clears
  • Decent AR damage outside Full burst mode
  • Burst does immense damage against bosses with multiple parts
  • Can be used in most content


  • Mid-Very high investment needed to have her shine (burst skill level 6+)
  • Needs Specific team comps to her to excel in content
  • No strong AoE capabilities
  • Unique Playstyle new players may not be comfortable adapting to
  • Pilgrim

Best Case Scenario Usages

Chatter Box/ Bosses with multiple parts

Snow white hitting 4 Separate hitboxes, resulting in massive damage

Campaign Clearing

Burst level 5 snow white able to clear hard 20k+ power deficiencies with the proper teams easily
15-30 Laitance part sweep. Source :

Skills and Purpose

Skill 1: Determination
■ Activates when normal attack hits 30 time(s). Affects the target(s).
Deals 82.8% of ATK as additional damage.
■ Activates when normal attack hits 30 time(s). Affects self.
ATK ▲ 8.28% for 5 sec.

Simply More damage when using her normal attacks. Low priority skill to upgrade

Skill 2: Seven Dwarves: V & VI
Cooldown: 15.00S
■ Affects enemies within the attack range.
[Target] Deals 144.73% of ATK as damage.
■ Activates when attacking during Full Burst Time.
[Self] Critical Rate ▲ 26.1% for 10 sec.

This skill activates when you have dealt an instance of damage during full burst. It may have good synergy with her burst however, as said, the skills passve does not activate unless a single instance of damage have been dealt after full burst activation. This renders this skills passive’s useless unless damage has been dealt at 0:15 marks (0:15, 0:30, 0:45), luckily the skill also comes with a rocket that lands 1s after skill procs, when it lands on a target, it deals damage. Therefore technically fulfilling the requirements of dealing an instance of damage to activate the critical buff. If you time this on clearing campaign bosses, it greatly reduces the amount of RNG needed to score a core crit hit which is most likely to down any boss mob if used for campaign purposes.

Burst Skill: Seven Dwarves: I
■ Affects self.
Changes the weapon in use:
Charge Time: 5 sec
Damage 499.5% of ATK
Full Charge Damage: 1000% damage
Max Ammunition Capacity: 1 round(s)
Additional Effect: Pierce

The insane part of her kit. Although at level 1 it does not do much damage at all, starting at 124% x 1000%, to 499.5% x 1000% at level 10, just around a 4x increase in damage (increases by around 40% per level). This has the ability to one shot elite mobs you need dead fast or even one shot campaign stage bosses with the right set up. Very high priority skill if you plan to main Snow white.


SW benefits greatly with units that give massive attack or damage bonuses. units such as Anne, Yulha, Maxwell, Liter, Miranda, Privaty, Poli And the sorts.


  • Anne= Massive 10 second attack boost, used when you want a Controlled Yulha-like attack buff on burst if the stages demand it. Also comes with built in good Burst energy generation and Resurrection if needed
  • Liter= She’s excellent everywhere, no exception here. Massive 5 sec attack boost with CDR (Do note that liter’s attack buff does expire before Snow white reaches 1000% charge, Around 800% charge is usually the max for the normal player. 750% for comfortable use without worry of buff expiring at the exact moment of burst fire).
  • Privaty= great stun unit with attack boost, usually always paired with snow white in normal campaign clears for breathing air against the mob waves/ Stalling boss wave
  • Maxwell= Good pair on bosses with multiple parts and where Privaty can’t stun, she’s basically a mini Snow-white that also has attack buffs for the team.
  • Yulha= Insane attack buff every 30 seconds, Best unit to pair with her if you are able to find ways to time her burst and Yulha’s attack buff in Boss mob wave.
  • Poli= A slightly less powerful Anne regarding attack buff, but she is not a limited unit and has a 40s cool down, good sidegrade to Anne.
  • Miranda= Good sidegrade to liter, her attack boost and crit boost bumps up SW burst damage by a considerable amount compared to liter, however, team utility is drastically reduced as she only buffs SW and has no inbuilt Cooldown reduction features. Use only if you have no liter or you can comfortable clear the mob stages but need a bit more damage to one shot Mob boss
  • Neon= If you need something dead in one hit, or you like big damage numbers, Neon is the one for you. She increases SW’s crit rate by a massive amount on full burst. Very impractical however, she is used in some one shot comps for special interception.

Campaign Gameplay

Snow white’s gameplay consists of killing the mob waves and stalling the very last mob so that the boss wave doesn’t spawn when unprepared. This is done for the purpose of getting needed cooldowns back and/or timing Yulha’s buff and Snow white’s crit passive so it is activated during Mob boss wave, enabling the ability to one shot bosses much more comfortably. Privaty is usually paired with her in campaign as she has a great burst that stuns enemies and is able stall waves better than any other unit can just because of her burst.

Stalling last unit to get Anne CD up, and get burst gen preparation. Cut down version of video above.

Pierce Mechanic

Snow white pierce mechanic is extremely vital in her ability to damage or kill special bosses such as chatter box, train, etc etc. By getting the right angles, you are able to have her burst damage the boss 3+ separate times (depending on boss) which can deal absolutely massive damage. Do take advantage of this mechanic if possible.

Niche Tactics

If you somehow lack damage, you are able to use this tech to get even more damage in if needed. Altho Impractical, if there comes a situation where you are able to do this, then this is an option.

There are two ways to get about this. Save your Snow white burst when you first full burst, simply by just not firing your shot or taking cover, then when you are able to kill all the mobs and spawn the boss wave, you technically have two Snow white bursts. The other good thing besides that is you are able to charge at 1000% without liter buff technically expiring, dealing an extra 10-20% more damage. Another way of going about this is the ability to have a screen wipe AND a fully buffed snow white shot in one full burst in the boss wave if needed. the greatest difficulty is being down a unit and hoping that the AI is able to regen enough burst after the first full burst is done. Creativity is required here.


Snow white requires somewhat creative thinking when tackling problems or walls, she is able to be used in most content if raised well enough. Also, feed her, she’s always hungry. If you need more visual representations or ideas on how to use Snow white or what her limit is, Check out this content creator.


  1. Other team comp for SI one punch snow white (current patch before Dorothy and only recommended with super good investment snow):
    GD team: Snow White, Liter, Novel, D, Maxwell. Not recommend if you cannot one shot it
    Use Snow burst but don’t fire it and wait for the 2nd burst to come. You should be able to destroy GD re-circles with the remaining 4 characters focus fire in full burst. Delay your burst so your full burst active a few second before GD pulls back to prepare the drill attack. During the time it was in place after the pulled back, shoot at between the circling gears in the head. It will hit the gears part and the body parts for total of 3 times while getting boosted by liter, novel and D . With decent investment it can be 7 points easily and with good investment snow it is a 1 shot

    Modernia team: Snow, Anne, Miranda, Milk, Maxwell
    Don’t use burst, let Modernia use her laser beam and go back. Right after she finished her laser beam, use all the burst and charge Snow. Use aim assist for her to focus on the core without your hand moving. Wait for when modernia comeback and shoot, it will hit her core, her body part and her wings for total of 3 times. With decent investment team (not the one punch team) you can also use this to break both her core and 1 of her wing in 1 full burst.

    Train, Chatterbox are her easy target so no need to re-introduce. Blacksmith is probably the toughest boss for her team so I recommend using another team or main dps.

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