D Lore and Bond Stories

Backstory: D is the leader of a squad called Perilous Siege, A Elysion Black-ops group that specialize in taking down any human threat to the Ark. This group also has the ability to open fire to human beings which would be otherwise impossible, as normal Nikke’s are programmed to not be able to. Due to having their limiters removed, these restrictions do not apply to them.

Episode 1

The story started when D looks at the Authorization Letter in her hands. The letter contains the following:
-Assassination Authorization No. 1930-09
-TARGET: the Commander
-Main accusations about the Commander are:
Holds passive attitude towards reclaiming the surface
Uses illegal sites for illegal drug and chip trafficking
Incites Nikkes with inflammatory rhetoric
Goes to the Outer Rim. Could be planning a terrorist attack
For these reasons, the Judges deemed the Commander as a threat for the Ark and humankind and the Judges want the Commander executed. As D finishes reading the content of the letter, “X” messaged D if she knows the assignment. “X” also further elaborates the situation of the assignment and leaves the assignment in D’s hands. D somehow had his hopes up towards the Commander but thinks that it’s better to check it for herself. Before leaving, D sharpens her axe and thinks that if the Commander deserves to die, then the Commander will die in her hands. D leaves the room as she finishes sharpening her axe.

As the Commander leaves his room, D suddenly appears in his sight. D immediately confronts the Commander about the situation he’s in. In order for D to not execute the Commander, the Commander must prove that he’s not the bad person as what the Authorization Letter says.

Episode 2

D wastes no time and immediately rifles through every Commander’s belongings in the Commander’s room. The Commander suddenly feels scared and doesn’t know what words to use in order to address D. D reassures the Commander that she will not kill the Commander yet. D doesn’t let her emotions interfere with her work and only act based on the information she received as well the events she witnesses. When D asks the Commander what is he going to do, the Commander replies that he will be going for a walk and head to the surface to carry out a few assignments. D presumes that he will be going to the surface with the Counters so she told the Commander that there is no need to call them as they will go to the surface with only the two of them. The Commander contacted the Counters to call them off and tells them the situation with D. After the short contact with the Counters, the Commander and D finally goes to the surface.
D asks about the contents of the Commander’s mission on the surface but the Commander does not disclose about his assignment. D assumed that it must be an illegal assignment as per the accusations mentioned in the letter. When the Commander sees D’s gripping the axe tightly, the Commander finally says his assignment on the surface. The assignment is for the Commander to go to the given coordinates to investigate an abnormal signal. Upon hearing this, D’s grip on the axe loosens. D asks if the Commander goes to the surface on a daily basis and comments how tiring that could be. The Commander replies that it is his job and he cannot complain about it. The Commander asks the same question to D. D responds that it is never a tiring job because she believes that what she does helps to make the world a better place no matter how small it is. The Commander shares the same sentiments which makes D wishes that everyone could think the way the Commander thinks.
As the Commander and D arrives at the given coordinates, an old radio can be seen lying on the ground. D presumes that it must be the source of the signal and turns it off. D realizes how many items were discarded on the surface and the Commander tells her that he sometimes retrieve small items back to the Ark. D questions the act as it is prohibited by the law. The Commander, however, clears the misunderstanding that the retrieval of certain items were lawfully executed as it is permitted by the Central Government. D warns the Commander that he should be clearer to what he is saying in order to avoid any misunderstandings and tells the Commander to head back to the Outpost.

Episode 3

The next day, D asks the Commander about his next mission. The Commander tells D that the two of them will go to the Shopping Mall in the Ark and that they will have a date/hang around there (depends on your choice; D’s response remains the same). D sees this “mission” as horsing around and that she does not want to be part of it and suggests the Commander to find something else to do. D also suggests the Commander to just go the mall by himself as D will just follow from the rear and observe. The Commander, seeing that D can’t take his jokes, finally admits that he will go to the mall to buy foods and supplies. D finally agrees to come with the Commander.
As they arrived in the mall, D tells the Commander about how she usually goes to the mall to execute her mission instead of shopping. When the Commander asks why, D answers that her most of her targets are fond of shopping, probably to flaunt their wealth and show off. The Commander replies that he isn’t like that but D counters the statement by saying she pertains to her previous targets and not the Commander himself. D asks the Commander about where they will first go to.
D tells the Commander that the shopping will be quicker if they split up and asks what’s on the shopping list. When the Commander tells D the items, D exclaims that it is a lot of items and asks if the Commander is really not trying to show off. The Commander tells D that all of the items are for everybody, not just for himself. D quickly apologizes and recalls that all of her previous targets only bought things for themselves. Her mood suddenly went downhill when a certain stranger approaches the Commander and talks about the new “drug chip” that the stranger produces and tells the Commander to stop by his shop when the Commander has spare time. Upon hearing this, D suddenly bombards the Commander with questions as hearing the words “drug” and “chip” in one sentence doesn’t have a positive connotations. As the Commander is about to explain, the stranger goes back and gives the Commander his new item- Banana Chips. The stranger also asks the Commander to advertise the item and leaves. The Commander explains that the stranger sells potato chips and calls them “drugs” in a sense that they’re delicious and addictive (it takes some time to explain to D about the use of the word “drugs” refer to the potato chips). In the end, D suggests using other word aside from “chips” and replace the word “drug”. The Commander takes the feedback and leaves the mall with D.

Episode 4

Another day has passed and D reminisces how time flies fast when having fun. When the Commander humors D in a flirtatious manner, D finally realizes how the Commander is able to be surrounded by many Nikkes. As the Commander packs his bag, D asks if the Commander is about to depart for another assignment. The Commander tells D that they will go to the Outer Rim this time. D questions this assignment as it is mentioned in the accusations stated in the letter. The Commander does not give any replies to D and thinks that she will see it for herself. The Commander, once again, sees the death grip of D to her axe. D states that humans show their true colors when they start to feel at ease and let their guard down. D only hopes that the Commander will not do anything unethical when going to the Outer Rim.
As the Outer Rim welcomes D and the Commander with dreary atmosphere and rancid odors, The Commander opens his bag and dumps the content of the bag in the corner of the alley. D notices that the contents were foods, electronics, and scrap materials. D proclaims that these items were highly valuable and yet the Commander is just throwing them away. D wants the Commander to confess why is the Commander is being generous when there’s nothing for the Commander to benefit in doing so. The Commander answers that he just do what he feels like doing and that it doesn’t need to have any sense. D argues that the Commander should know that such acts isn’t needed. Even the Central Government gave up on the Outer Rim and the items the Commander dumped on the alley will be used for illegal purposes. The Commander, however, believes that it can help someone. When the Commander says to head back, D asks if that’s all that the Commander has to do. The Commander replies that there’s no reason for him to stay any longer. As they were about to head back, a stranger approaches the two and asks for alms, preferably, alcohol. D asks if they have nothing to give, the stranger replies to give something else instead, indicating that the stranger asks to pay using D’s body. D doesn’t like this remark and attempts to kill the stranger but the Commander asks D to stop as the stranger runs away from terror. The Commander asks if D is okay but D is more concerned about the Commander.
When the Commander asks if he’s no longer D’s target, D slowly approaches the Commander and tells him that she won’t kill the Commander for now and that their little excursions will be on pause for the time being.

Episode 5

D reports her findings to X about how her investigations finds that the accusations stated in the Authorization Letter were factually incorrect. A few hours later, X replies to D’s message and replies that the Judges are conducting their own investigation in regards to the matter. D suggests that they should reappraise the target and concludes that the surplus of discrepancies leads to D postponing the execution. X replies that the Judges also doesn’t want the target to be falsely executed either and agrees with D’s decision. However, this means that Either D or IV (the one that accused the target) is attempting to deceive them and that a revote must be conducted. X reminds D that spreading falsehood is punishable by death before cutting connections with D. D realizes that IV proposes the assassination of the Commander and thinks that D should go to IV’s room.
As D reaches IV’s room, she place her ear against the door and manages to hear IV talking to X. IV states that the Commander is deceiving D and if the Commander is able to deceive D, then it is only a matter of time before the Commander manages to deceive the entire Ark. As IV is about to give a “hard evidence” to X, the vote was already done. D removes her ear from the door and realizes that it was all a fabrication. As D is about to think the reasons why someone wants the Commander dead, X reports to D about the results of the votes and how they find inconsistencies with IV’s report. X, once again, leaves the decision to D if the Assassination Authorization will be revoked.
D enters IV’s room and confronts IV about how he framed the Commander and almost got an innocent killed. D asks if he’s sure about his answer and reminds that the consequence of lying is death. D gives IV her “early retirement” by swinging her axe at IV.
A few days later, D visits the Commander to chat and have some tea. D reminds the Commander to not be tempted by the dark side and must remain on the righteous path that he’s on right now. D also reminds that they might have different ways to make the world a better place but, for D, the Commander seems to know a better way to make the world a better place. After their long chat, the Commander finally feels relaxed.

First Appearance

D is first introduced in chapter 14 of the campaign when the Perilous Siege tries to ambush the Counters and holds the Commander in hostage unless Marian surrenders herself to them. However, nothing is achieved when Marian attempts to contain the bomb as well as subdue D and K.
In her event story, the Judges are introduced as the authorities that give assassination orders to Perilous Siege.

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