2B Early Analysis

The Bakery that produces too much bread

Newbie Section

She’s good in all areas of content, pull her. She’ll serve you pretty well. Great boss killer and has decent story campaign clearing abilities in early game. Also very large booty, double thumbs up.

Now let us get into the DEETS

Basic Info

  • Skill 1: Survival
  • Skill 2: Cluster Bomb
  • Burst: Series of Attacks
    Cooldown: 40s
  • Rarity: SSR
  • Burst: III
  • Weapon: AR
  • Class: Defender
  • Element: Fire
  • Manufacturer: Abnormal
  • Squad: YoRHa
  • AR name: Virtuous Rifle


Note: Assume all skills are level 10

Skill 1: Survival

Activates when using Burst Skill Affects self.
Effect changes according to the number of activation time(s)
Previous effects trigger repeatedly:
Once: Max HP ▲ 10.03% continuously
Twice: Max HP ▲ 20.06% continuously.
Three times: Max HP ▲ 57.76% continuously

A skill that massively increases her HP permanently. It’s a really powerful skill that makes her both extremely tanky and gives her a massive attack boost via skill 2. You’d need a total of 5 total full bursts to get her to max stacks assuming you burst with her first and have a cool down reduction in the team. This would take around ~1:00 for get her to ramp up HOWEVER her burst doesn’t account for current HP stack, it actually takes 4 bursts to completely benefit from her kit, this means it’s actually ~1:20 for her to ramp up, More on that later on Burst section.

One interesting bit, is that since her buff is Max HP, she regenerates health when bursting as well, up to 3 times. However subsequent bursts after max HP stacks than won’t have her regenerating more HP. Why is this important? If they keep the current targeting system as last solo raid (Targets with the highest attack was always/mostly targeted), this means that she is capable to take tank and take massive punishment while being able to self heal (at least before reaching max stacks) as she’ll always have the highest attack and HP. Nero in shambles

2B Max HP buff also healing her the same amount
2B after third stack no longer heals

Skill 2: Cluster Bomb

Activates after firing 300 time(s). Affects all enemies.
Deals 167.45% of final ATK as damage.
Activates when entering battle. Affects self.
ATK ▲ 6.16% of the caster’s final Max HP continuously
Affects all enemies.

Here’s where the magic ✨ happens. This skill gives 2B an enormous amount of attack, this passive is activated at the start of battle and is permanent throughout the battle. a key term is it gets the FINAL max HP, this means that any buffs that have been applied during battle will be accounted for in real time.

Mini-Math Section

Note: Can skim this section if you’ve already read this from early thoughts. Slightly more info at the end.

How does 6.16% of HP converted into attack look like? Let’s do some maths ✨✨

Let’s assume we have a level 200 Synchro 2B (Nikkepedia stats)

so we have a Nikke with 711171 HP. We Multiply that with her burst at max stacks, it’ll become:

711171 x 1.8 = 1,280,107 HP. If we convert this value to ATK using her skill 2 values (6.16%), it’ll become:

1,280,107 x 0.0616 = 78,854 (S2 conversion) + 17,059 (Base ATK) = 95,913 Attack!

If we compare that to Scarlet it’ll look like

25554 x (1 + (0.2315 x 5)) = 55,132 ATK Scarlet at Max stacks. This Means that 2B will have around 1.74x~ more attack than Scarlet!

HOWEVER, don’t let the raw values fool you. there is another modifier that is extremely important when determining the final damage of normal attacks, and that is the normal attack % modifier. Scarlet has an extremely high normal attack value compared to other units and especially against 2B as she has less than 1/2 of normal attack % of a Normal AR unit (13.65%)

5.99% vs 27.08%. This means that 2B needs around ~4.5x more attack than scarlet to deal the exact same normal attack damage she can.

Oh, right. there’s another part for this skill.

The skill activates every 300 Normal attacks (hit or not). Since Assault rifles fire at a rate of 12/s, this means that this skill will proc at a rate of once every 25s.

So, if we compare the damage proc compared to her auto attacks, it would look like

5.99% (Normal atk) x 12 (Rate of fire) x 25 (Duration) = 1797% of ATK damage over the course of 25s.

1797% / 167.45% (Skill 2 proc) = skill 2 proc is equal to ~9.3% of her total normal Attack damage.


Since her normal attack modifiers are low, and her attack values are already buffed/bloated from her skill 2. ATK buff/supporters are very ineffective when paired with her.

Luckily she benefits from Crit damage, Crit Rate and Max HP buffer units. The problem with crit before was that Crit damage modifiers was low, or Crit rate was low. However, a unit that has been released recently fixed that a little bit, Mast! As she can be used with tandem with Volume, combining both Crit rate and Crit Damage. Damage taken debuffers also work, as well as Max HP.

Jackal’s being placed as a possible buffer will be explained in burst section.


Burst: Series of Attacks

Affects all enemies.
Deals 2439.36% of final ATK as Distributed Damage.
Affects 1 enemy unit(s)with the highest Max HP.
Deals 792% of final ATK as additional damage.

The meat of her damage. This is because 2B’s Attack is absurdly high, and the multipliers on her burst is also rather very high. using more math, her burst is on average around 50%~ of her total damage averagely. This number varies a lot as Criting vs non-criting with her burst is a huge difference in DPS.

As mentioned in skill 1, her burst does NOT account for current Max HP stack from her skill 1, rather the previous. For example, if 2B bursts on her second Max HP stack, and gains the third Stack, Her burst would account for the second stack. This means that it takes longer to ramp up her damage , causing in overall less DPS than expected. to explain how this works, here’s a little visual reference

To clarify the terms I’ll list them down:

•Snapshots mean all buffs at that point will be retained, and any added buffs (or loss of buffs) will be ignored when damage occurs.
•FB buff means full burst buff, all damage on full burst is multiplied by 1.5x (Technically, damage formula here)
•Post-FB buff in this case is her Max HP buff from skill 1.

Her first hit is not affected by full burst, but her second hit is. Meanwhile her skill 1 HP buffs are applied after all the damage has occurred.

Burst Delay

When using Volume and Novel, you’ll want to DELAY using 2B’s burst, as Volume’s buff proc is not instant and takes a second until buff is applied. Luckily Auto burst is slow enough where Volume buff is able to be applied before 2B bursts. the same can’t be said when using Novel. For Novel’s damage taken debuff applies when the damage tick occurs on her burst.

Volume buffs taking effect after burst
Novel’s damage tick

Note: When 2B’s Distributed ATK portion critical hits, all targets affected will get critically hit and vice versa.

Note 2: Because of distribute damage property, Novel’s dmg taken debuff “spreads” to all enemies affected by 2B’s burst.

Last Note: Jackal’s burst damage buff for some reason affects both instances of damage from her burst. Most likely bugged.


2B feels like a great substitute for non-scarlet havers for early-mid game as mobs are still rather squishy and don’t fill the entire screen. In late game, mobs simply get overwhelming and increase in numbers, more notably on campaign hard mode. Doesn’t help that her stacks is pretty much impossible to fully ramp up due to a 1:30 timer in campaign. Even at high investments, she’d have much difficulties clearing against big mob waves.

Assume section below is late game with high combat power deficit (15%+)

Putting her in teams is rather odd as her damage dramatically decreases if not making a team built around her, which pretty much makes her screen wipe useless if she can’t actually wipe them. But if you build a team around her, other DPS units would deal a good amount of less damage than they usually would.

Will update team comps when possible. Most likely when A2 comes out.


2B should similarly to Scarlet’s role. Nuker. She can replace Scarlet in Jackal teams or she might be able to work in stall teams with biscuit as she is considered a defender. The big difference is Scarlet does not need a support, and if so, needs one to have the potential to one shot teams while 2B might need multiple supports. Although there is an additional hit at the end of her burst which would pretty much kill anyone, she targets highest Max HP units. which is great but tanks are usually not wanted targets to kill if DPS’s are alive, and Biscuit is a very possible counter to this quirk as well. you also need her and her supports at high investments for her to work properly. If the team is not properly invested on, Harran can out-nuke/ be the better choice for nuke teams.


Any clip shotgun as 5th slot is recommended as it would make the team burst in the standard 3s to burst. As usual, don’t fight fast burst teams with this comp, or Noah comps.



this is a 3s burst team despite jackal in the team. This is NOT supposed to replace Scarlet team as you will more often than not deal less damage. Use the usual Scarlet team comp if you have her in your box. 5th Slot is flex slot, Rapunzel can work well here.

Note: Jackal burst damage increase on 2B also works in arena too.

Note 2: Rosanna Can easily counter Her skill 2, easily negating her damage.

Special Interception | Union Raid | Solo Raid

2B functions as a core DPS unit and would need a team/supports built around her. However she doesn’t use the usual “meta” buffers, as she’d benefit from Crit rate and damage much more than ATK%. She’d do pretty well in every raid

For Union raid, she definitely has a place in fire weak raids. If the user has a incomplete box (Some core units are missing), 2B can be slotted in any team as she is capable of buffing her own attack by an extreme. However she would want to be paired with Volume and/or Mast if possible. A substitute for Volume would be Frima then a CDR B2. If Mast isn’t available, a good substitute would be Novel if she isn’t being used by a Snow White team.

For Solo raid, she’s in a weird spot. on one hand, she theoretically can out-damage Scarlet in a volume-mast composition (Scarlet’s meta team right now in SR) HOWEVER there is sweaty elements like Crit farming her burst to get a higher damage than Scarlet. Other factors also include

  • -If Boss has a core and how frequent core hits are (Favors Scarlet as 2B’s burst can’t core hit)
  • -Weapon Efficiency Range (Favors Scarlet as she has higher auto attack values)
  • -Critical hit frequency (2B Massively favors/disfavors Crits, as non-crit bursts is a big DPS loss)
  • -Boss targetting / Attack patterns (Favors 2B as she doesn’t die in one sneeze)
  • -Scarlet is “Plug and Play”, While 2B needs big investment to get her going (around 4+/7+/7+ skill levels~) + Supporter skill levels and equipment

She feels somewhat similar to Snow white teams, as 2B’s damage can vary and may need repeated attempts to achieve optimal damage. to put it more simply, 2B has a higher damage ceiling when put into Scarlets’ Solo raid Staple team but damage may vary against your favor as well.

For special interception, she’d do very well as her damage output is high, however she’ll have trouble breaking QTE circles (red timed circles) compared to let’s say, Modernia, Scarlet or shotgun users (Grave digger) due to her low normal attack values. She’s also really tanky, which can make blacksmith/ Modernia runs a bit comfier.


  • -Highest ATK in the game
  • -Hard hitting Burst
  • -Able to utilize Max HP buffers effectively
  • -Tanky
  • -Bread Factory


  • -Low Normal attack Modifier
  • -Limited to certain comps to averagely perform well | Inflexible
  • -Needs high investments for her skills AND her supports (raising new team support archetype just for her)
  • -Fights need to last long for her to fully ramp up her skill 1 stacks (1:20s)
  • -Damage varies (Burst crit vs non-crit)
  • -Don’t fist the robot.

Should You Pull?

Yeah, she’s good. She’s definitely a unit that can be much more flexible in the future once more Crit rate/dmg and Max HP buffers come by. Also, she’s a limited unit, which means she’ll never appear in standard banner and will most likely be your only chance to get her.

Yes, spenders can get dupes for her for UR/SR purposes. Free to plays can get a copy, don’t expect her to be pushing you in campaign clearing though.

She will not come great out of the gates, she will need tender care and investment for her to start shining.

Temporary Rating

Story8.4 (Late game)
Bosses9.05 (Invested team)
Update 9/6 – PvP score lowered, Rosanna can counter her pretty hard in arena

Recommended Harmony Cube

Bastion Cube = Ammo Refund

Skill Priority

2B4-79.510Skill 1 Is good, but the user can hold off upgrading it as you’ll be using her with Max HP buffers for the most part anyways.

Skill 2 is where you’ll be getting your enormous ATK Pool from

Burst is where you’ll be hitting HARD

Overload Gear Priority

Attribute (Sub-Stat)PriorityRecommendedNotes
Increase Element Damage Dealt★★★★☆2-4xSituationally useful
Increase Hit Rate★★☆☆☆1-2xAble to hit cores easier, less priority as her auto attack values are pretty bad.
Increase Max Ammunition Capacity★★☆☆☆0-1xAlready has enough ammo and reload speed, However having one roll would still be nice
Increase ATK★★☆☆☆0-2xDoesn’t scale well with ATK rolls, but it is still something
Increase Charge Damage☆☆☆☆0x
Increase Charge Speed☆☆☆☆☆0x
Increase Critical Rate★★★★★4xFor more Burst DMG consistency
Increase Critical Damage★★★★★4xFor NUKING
Increase DEF☆☆☆☆☆0x

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  1. Sad, saved up my gems to pull multiple copies, but doesn’t seem worth. At least she looks good and I’ll still have my gems.

  2. Pryden.gg put her as the highest damage dealer for solo bosses, even higher than Alice and modernia. What do y’all think about that? Sound valid?

  3. Glad to see she’s a pretty useful unit. Been playing since release so I had a lot of resources saved up for her. Glad to finally put them to use. High investment unit means she’ll take a bit of time to get off the ground and she’s already come in quite useful for me in a lot of places.

    • If you don’t mind me askin, have you invested fully yet? and how many copies did you get? Do you think 1 is enough

      • 1 is totally fine, the big issue is mostly getting a whole team for her raised and ready.
        More dupes totally help with that, but she can function with 0 dupes pretty well

    • If you pulled 2B, she’ll be in your account forever, she won’t magically disappear.
      so don’t fret!

      Her banner will expire and won’t be able to be pulled after though, so no extra dupes when she’s gone!

  4. Mast and Volume are her main supports, right? How high do you think I should level their skills to make 2B shine? I’m planning to invest heavily into 2B herself.

  5. I think here are some good team composition for 2B but no one mentioned. Volume, Mast, 2B, Isabel, Dolla.
    Isabel can reduce full burst by 5 second, which indirectly indicate 2B can cast more burst. 2B does not really care that 5 sec full burst time as most of the damage of 2B are contributed by burst skill. On second burst of isabel, it applies a debuff of 40% dmg taken on all enemies. And isabel can utilize volume and mast crit as her skill revolving crit.

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