2023 Road-Map

Below is a Road-Map of upcoming new Nikke Events and content that you can look forward to in the coming year. Some information is from official sources, while others are from anonymous sources. Everything prior to official release may be subject to change.

Producer’s New Year’s Message Greeting

  • The full version of the OST “TuNGSTeN” by Hiroyuki SAWANO (feat. miyuki) will become available in the in-game jukebox.
  • The first Collaboration event will be announced in the first half of 2023.
  • Official Nikke figurines and other merch is in production.
  • More cut-scene animations will be released.
  • Skill cut-scenes will be available as lobby backgrounds.
  • Landscape mode will be made available.


“Liberation” will be a new game mode where you can complete missions to gain points towards unlocking new Nikke unique to the game mode. After you unlock a Liberation Nikke, you will be able to obtain additional copies towards limit breaks and cores from the Union Shop. This is great news for F2P players, since these units will be 100% free to obtain.

The first Liberation Nikke will be: Sin, Quency, Guilty. Stay tuned for their kit reveal!

From Left to Right: Sin, Quency, Guilty

As these characters require currency obtained from Union Raid to gain limit breaks and core ups, we can assume that the delayed Union Raid will finally be released before or at the same time as Liberation mode.

New Bosses

Three new bosses: Nihilister, Gatekeeper and Mother Whale, have been announced. Nihilister is a fiery dragon, Gatekeeper is inspired by worm holes, and Mother Whale is aquatic-themed. These bosses will be available in Co-Op and other game modes.


Upcoming Events


The next event has been leaked to be “D-Outsiders”, which will be accompanied by Jackal and Viper’s pick up recruitment banners. Stay tuned for their kit reveal!


Later Events

We do not have much information on later events, and these may be changed before official release.

Maid in Valentine
  • Maid in Valentine (Cocoa, Aid, Soda)
  • Bowwow Paradise (Biscuit, Leona, Nero)
  • Summer Picnic
  • Pilgrim – Lost Child
  • Welcome to Wonderland
  • Knights of the Round Table
  • Pilgrim – A Travelling Party

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