Viper Analysis

Skills and Information

Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity9
Reload Time0.56s
Base Burst Energy45
Control ModeNormal

Deals 220.4% of ATK as damage.

Skill 1 – Snake Sense

■ Activates when the target appears. Affects all allies.
ATK ▲ 25.98% for 10 sec.
Hit Rate ▲ 11.13% for 10 sec.

Low-mid priority upgrade skill

Skill 2 – Snake Scale

■ Affects self.
Hit Rate ▲ 3.43%.
■ Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects self.
Vamp: Excludes 1 ally unit from enemies’ targets for 10 sec. Loses effect when the caster takes damage.
Invincible for 1 sec.

Very low Priority Upgrade skill.

Burst Skill – Snake Bite



■ Affects designated 1 enemy unit(s).
Deals 462.85% of ATK as damage.
■ Activates when the designated enemy unit(s) include the stage target. Affects the same enemy unit(s).
DEF ▼ 19.83% for 10 sec.

Mid-High priority upgrade skill


Viper may look weak on paper, however; she is surprisingly a very solid unit. What she lacks in kit, she makes up for simply being a attacker shotgun unit. dealing very respectable damage for a b2 slot and high burst generation as she is a unit with a tri-clip mag; see here to learn more about burst gauge information. Both factors makes her a great pick in all special interception teams.


Viper does not have anything noteworthy to write about in story mode. She does not excel nor do badly in story. Viper is a sidegrade to Rupee in some cases if you do not have her. She is a solid pick if you do not need Dolla for CDR; Centi/Anis for burst generation against mobs; or sustain. Basically bring her in if you need more damage for boss stages.


As a clip reload shotgun, her burst gen is good for arena teams. Outside of that though, she does not provide much else besides that besides a decent ST nuke. She may be able to ignore one AoE wipe burst via invincibility from her skill 2 passive assuming your team is able to burst first and the enemy bursts right after.

Special interception

Viper can fit the B2 slot role for special interception just because she can deal damage and gives great burst energy generation. She excels in GD and does pretty well in other interceptions as well.


Her kit is rather lacking and not very desired. Her skill 1 procs when target (Boss wave or Boss) appears. The buff lasts 10 seconds, and gives a modest attack and hit rate buffs. her skill 2 is slightly interesting. She excludes herself from being targeted for 10 seconds and grants Invincibility for 1 second. I find this interesting because since the user has one controlled I-Frame that lasts for a second, although impractical, she maybe used to avoid a single target nuke from a rapture (she does not prevent status effects such as stun being inflicted on her despite invincibility). Despite her burst single target, is slightly better than the average burst 2 skill due to the fact that you can actually control which rapture to hit. A feature which many Single target burst units lack; a decent def down debuff is also applied on boss targets.

Her burst able to target specific raptures.
Beam hits viper, Receives no damage, but stun is applied on full burst.


  • Can shine even with very low skill investments.
  • Does well against big targets and major PvE game modes.
  • Good energy generation, Decent arena pick.


  • Will fall off if a similar Offensive shotgun B2 unit appears with a much better kit, potentially Guilty
  • Her skills minimally affect teamplay and her personal DPS. she has a lower peak of usefulness when investing skills towards her.
  • Range.


Looking at her kit, despite being weak on paper, Viper is surprisingly a strong contender for the b2 slot for most PvE content. Her simply being a tri-clip shotgun unit with a 20s cooldown for a decent; practically permanent def shred burst makes her a rather versatile unit to use. However, if anyone who can fill the same role as a 20s cooldown attacker shotgun unit that has a better kit in the future, she will be immediately benched.

Temporary Rating

Wave boss8.0
Updated 2/2/2023; Guilty pretty cracked, lowered rating

Disclaimer: Original tier lister has retired for now. Changes/ Re-adjustments to current tier list may be made. I have an idea on how he placed units as I helped him with some units. Ratings may be slightly off/ numbered differently than usual starting from now to the future.

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