Soda Early Analysis

Our second maid Nikke, packing two emergency watermelons at all times. How will Soda compare while carrying such things during battles? find out here



Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity300
Reload Time2.50s
Charge Time0.00s
Charge Damage100%

Deals 5.57% of ATK as damage.

Skill 1 – Spotless Chair


■ Activates after 180 normal attack(s). Affects self.
Maid Spirit: Max HP ▲ 13%, stacks up to 5 time(s) and lasts for 10 sec.

Skill 2 – Squeaky Clean Floor


■ Affects all allies.
Recovers HP by 3.23% of caster’s Max HP.

■ Activates when Maid Spirit is fully stacked. Affects all allies.
Recovers HP by 12.71% of caster’s Max HP.

Burst Skill – Spring Cleaning


■ Affects 2 enemy unit(s) randomly.
Deals 321.28% of ATK as damage.
Stun for 1 sec.

■ Affects all allies with Fire Element.
Stack count of buffs ▲ 1.


Despite looking like an absolute UNIT. This unit has also committed a fatal mistake, being a B1 burst slot which is a very tough spot to be in. Being a MG unit, she has low burst energy generation, however she can surprisingly dish out decent damage for a b1 supporter slot. Soda is a tank-healer hybrid that scales on max HP despite having no taunt. Even as a tank hybrid, she can very much heal her team well.


She can be a sub for Rapunzel in boss stages if you don’t have her. she does not fall too far behind Rapunzel, the downsides however is that Soda is a MG unit which does hurt burst generation a bit, but can easily be remedied by having a units such as Centi or Viper as b2 slots against bosses. Another downside is her team heal is tied to her skill 2 that procs every 12 seconds which may be inconvenient at times if the user does need consistent sustain healing, but this only happens in few select scenarios. Outside bosses she may not see much use as sustain is usually not needed.


Soda needs stacks to do tank well, and her healing is not consistent in arena which can be detrimental. she may be able to be ran on stall teams with very specific team comps however this needs more testing. Her burst can disrupt enemy burst rotations but it is simply too RNG to be a reliable win condition. However as of right now, I wouldn’t consider putting her on your pvp team unless you can get creative.

Special Interception

In special interceptions where Rapunzel or a healer may be used, (I-frameless modernia runs, Blacksmith) Soda is able to be used. However Rapunzel, Helm, Pepper are most likely the better options due to burst gen and offensive capabilities.

Skills Analysis

Lots to cover here, let’s go by them one by one:

Skill 1 – Spotless Chair

■ Activates after 180 normal attack(s). Affects self.
Maid Spirit: Max HP ▲ 13%, stacks up to 5 time(s) and lasts for 10 sec.

I’ll try explaining this in great detail. Each stack of this passive increases your max HP
while also healing that amount.

HP getting healed while also getting MAX HP

However this stops happening after you’ve reached max stacks and you need to RESET your stacks if you still want Soda to self heal, although this is useless as she doesn’t have taunt skills anyways

if you check the buff icon durations, Soda refreshed her duration of skill 1 but does not heal max HP anymore.

Stacks are also gained by just shooting. Soda can shoot absolutely nothing and still gain stacks. The speed of acquisition of stacks is linked to having higher FPS gameplay. As MGs fire rate is tied to FPS. If you play at 30 FPS, you have a tighter window to gain stacks which may be inconvenient at times.

Gaining stacks while shooting nothing
Left = 60fps | Right = 30fps

Skill 2 – Squeaky Clean Floor

■ Affects all allies.
Recovers HP by 3.23% of caster’s Max HP.

■ Activates when Maid Spirit is fully stacked. Affects all allies.
Recovers HP by 12.71% of caster’s Max HP.

Simple enough. When Skill 1 reaches max stacks, the higher the amount of healing from Skill 2.

Burst – Spring Cleaning

■ Affects 2 enemy unit(s) randomly.
Deals 321.28% of ATK as damage.
Stun for 1 sec.

■ Affects all allies with Fire Element.
Stack count of buffs ▲ 1.

Interesting interaction with Privaty. Soda’s burst skill is delayed in hitting targets while also giving visual indicators on which raptures are going to be targeted. This gives opportunity to utilize Privaty’s skill 2 which can deal very nice damage to certain targets. ammo is recommended to be at around 10 when you activate Soda’s skill as the skill does stun around 1s~ late. Fire element stack buff can help Modernia retain her skill 1 stacks as Modernia DOES require hitting targets to retain her stacks.

Union Raids

Despite not being able to reach the first Union raid, she may have been able to find some team comps to fit in, as she does heal quite a lot. Which are needed in raids such as Halo and Storm Bringer. Section will be expanded when she participates in future Union Raids.


  • Decent healing
  • Pairs well with some units
  • Does not need to use burst to be impactful in teams
  • Boobs. Like.. Really big ones.


  • 12s Healing with no other team heals during downtime
  • Tank-like unit with no taunt
  • Limited uses in campaign and special interception/ better unit replacements in said game modes
  • Boobs too big.

Should you pull?

Besides the mandatory “Pull for big booba” and “Lobby wall paper unit”, as a f2p, i’d take my chances in the wishlist after her banner ends and hope you get her from there. But if you are a light spender and don’t have solid healers for union raid, and PvE content. I’d consider getting her.

Temporary Rating

Bosses category does include PvE content that involves Campaign bosses, Union Raid, Tribe, and the Sorts.
Updated: 2/8/2023: Ran some math’s on healing compared to other units. Falls below Rapunzel and Pepper. Did number testings between skill level 1 and 10.

Skill Priority

Soda6.06.52Skill 1 and 2 Synergize with each other; both need to be raised to get optimal healing from her. Soda’s skills scale rather well but high investments are not recommended unless she is your only healer.
Soda’s burst is not even worth considering upgrading.
Little chart. Skill Upgrades is total amount of upgrades between skill 1 and 2. Ignoring full sending a skill to level 10. Results show that Prioritizing/Upgrading Skill 2 heals more effectively than Skill 1 when investing to both skills equally. (This chart assumes Soda is 500k HP), Corrections are welcome. x>y is one skill level difference between the two. x>>y is two skill level differences between the two.


Soda is a flexible B1 healer that falls behind Pepper and Rapunzel regarding healing numbers but not by big margins; however she needs 2 skills invested to heal properly instead of 1, raising her to respectable levels of healing may prove to be quite costly for skill books, which are limited as is. She is able to be used as a main healer in future union raid content as well without the need to sacrifice further slots that can be used for Burst 3 units as she can fill the b1 slot alone. She can substitute Rapunzel 2-1-2 teams (Liter, Rapunzel, xxx,xxx,xxx) if you don’t have her and will do an okay job at it.


  1. tl;dr

    Her overall rating should be lower probably be a between 3 – 4.9 or probably 5.7 at best.
    If you already have Pepper or Rapunzel, they do a much better job at healing imo.
    Especially with Rapunzel, she’s also a B1 unit. And can do AOE dmg.
    Plus since Soda and Rapunzel are equally SSR units, it’s most probably better to get the latter.
    Even though harder to pull, as a Free To Play myself whose still struggling with banner funds (because of their obnoxious gacha rate).
    It’s better to use Rapunzel as she’s just better overall.

    • Yup
      your comment did make me do a bit more maths, however she did not fall extremely below said units.
      She is definitely still usable as a healer with a 20s CD with the flexibility of her healing not being tied to her burst
      so you can either run her as liter or solo b1.

      and yes, Rapunzel and pepper are rated quite a good amount higher than her ofc. Rapunzel is a Pilgrim, not everyone has Rapunzel nor will get he opportunity to.
      And i did say that you’re better off getting her from wishlist as a F2P. But I do not think she deserves a very low rating of 3-4.9 or 5.7 imo. however her score did get nerfed a bit
      I appreciate your feed back and opinion though~!

  2. I think it all comes down to how easily can she maintain her b1 stacks. Considering Modernia has a tough time maintaining her stacks outside of burst3. Also the reload time is also longer for Soda (2.5s). Without full stacks, 3% heal is not going to make a difference.

  3. in optimal conditions she can provide more heal than pepper without having to use her burst skill so she is perfect as a sub healer

    I do think Litter (burst 1) + Soda (sub) can do more damage and provide nearly the same healing as Pepper (burst 1) + any other sub

    I made a quick test in union range to confirm and it’s clear
    Litter(B1) + Admi + Scarlet + Privaty + Soda (sub) [total cp 122 354] ==> total damage 69 951 972
    Pepper(B1) + Admi + Scarlet + Privaty + Drake (sub) [total cp 125 349] ==> total damage 58 467 223

    • >test in shooting range where machine guns can consistently core hit
      (for reference a full auto aria can approach scarlet dps in non burst situation)
      >test against pepper but instead of running same comp in both situations swapped out liter and put in drake
      her healing might be higher (its not) but its wasted on characters that don’t need healing
      what sort of rng do you run to have every character equally damaged in a fight

      • The 11m damage increase does not come from soda machine gun(would be cool) but from litter burst 1 and skills
        this is the whole point of Soda, being able to heal the team without having to do without the overpowered litter burst 1.

        Soda is weaker than pepper as a solo burst 1, pepper provide more efficient healing(focus heal) and more damage in this position for sure. there is no point to compare them if they are not in their best respective slot.

        Soda can theorically provide more healing than Pepper(really)
        (skill lv 10 + max stacks)
        2.19%hp/sec to each Nikke
        for a total of 10.95%hp/sec to the team

        (skill lv 10 + max stacks)
        1.80%hp/sec to each Nikke (burst 1)
        0.75%hp/sec to the Nikke with lowest hp (this can be doubled if you reload manually, even tripled with privaty)
        for a total of 9.75~11.25%hp/sec to the team

        yes, you have focus healing with pepper but you really get more heals on the lowest hp nikke if you have time to do manual reloads which is not always possible.

        Both are really good and have their use but currently when i need to include a healer in my team, i usually don’t have problem to survive but i struggle to finish before the time limit, so i will certainly favor Soda from now on as she seems more suitable for my use.

  4. you can

    do you choose to use liter burst and miss ~70% of pepper heals
    do you choose to use pepper burst and miss liter massive damage boost

    either way the results will be far inferior to liter/soda that can use litter burst every time and keep 100% of Soda’s healing abilities

  5. I feel like people are underselling her a bit. My first R9 Modernia and Blacksmith clears were with her in my team, and she was the only B1 in my Modernia team.

    I initially pulled because I didn’t have a good B1 unit yet, incidentally I got Liter later in the same day, but Soda still seems great as a sole healer and slight damage/red circle assist.

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