Scarlet Complete Guide

Our complete guide on Scarlet, one of the best Nikke in the game!

Scarlet is one of the best Nikke in the game that all players should aim to collect for their team comps. Check out our fully revamped guide!

Tier List Rating

Great ST DPS, AoE burst, and AR range & RoF makes her strong in almost any situation. Scales very well with reload speed buffs.



Scarlet starts out very strong and ends very strong. She is an extremely powerful unit in all sorts of content and the User can never go wrong in picking her for your team. She has very good single target damage and AoE capability. It is recommended to raise her first as she will be the core DPS to most if not all your teams.

Skill Priority

Numbers listed below recommends what skill levels you are able to comfortably level on this unit, factoring how good her skills are to raise and if it is worth the skill books as skill books are very limited.

958Skill 1 has high level 1 base buffs but skill scaling is rather on the low side. However, it is still very worthwhile to invest into as she simply deals great ST damage and more attack makes her better.
Skill 2 has a very minimal crit damage buff but her counter does well in Arena with the right team, invest if focused in Arena.
Burst does a massively damaging AoE wipe, amplified by her Skill 1 stacks as well; also gives a nice critical rate buff when under 50% HP during cast.

Cube Priority

Priority is listed as most important from left to right (Starting from Resilience). This is assuming user has no overloaded equipment yet. Refer to this page to see when User can unlock said cubes.

Resilience Cube – Reload Speed Increase
Wingman Cube- Max ammo Increase
Bastion Cube- Refunds bullet/s per 10 shots fired

Overload Gear Priority (Late Game)

Tier 9 Manufacture equipment are dropped from Special Interception, which can then be upgraded to Overloaded equipment, the table below shows what stats are recommended. Non Shown stats mean they are not beneficial at all and re-rolling is recommended.

Attribute (Sub-Stat)PriorityRecommendedNotes
Increase Element Damage Dealt★★★☆☆2xComes useful situationally. (UR raids such as Black smith, Thermite)
Increase Hit Rate★★★☆☆2-4xAble to hit Cores easier on bosses with small cores.
Increase Max Ammunition Capacity★★★★★4xWants all ammo possible. get ASAP
Increase ATK★★★☆☆2xMore attack is never bad, however this stat gets bloated from her passive, giving so much attack already.
Increase Critical Rate★☆☆☆☆0xBeneficial to have, but by a minimal amount, Re-roll to better stats if possible.
Increase Critical Damage★☆☆☆☆0xBeneficial to have, but by a minimal amount, Re-roll to better stats if possible.

Early to Mid Game

Scarlet performs exceptionally well in early and mid game. She’s able to help the User clear stages with much more ease than other units can due to her massive ST damage and AoE screen wipe. Scarlet is also extremely easy to use, as the User can leave her at auto with no supervision at all and Scarlet will do well.

A little tip is that Scarlet’s skill 1 skill also directly increases the damage of her burst, if the User has trouble one-shotting rapture waves with scarlet burst, the User has to make sure to stack her skill 1 passive to ensure maximum damage from her burst.

Late Game

Scarlet slightly “Falls off” as some late game scaling units start to out damage her (Snow white, Alice, Maxwell) in certain scenarios. However she is still an amazing and versatile unit to have in all your teams. And can be used in every Interception still and will do extremely well. not to mention she also has some good late game scaling as well via Overloaded equipment with max ammo rolls.


Scarlet is a powerful unit when put in the right teams. She is able to nuke enemies instantly with her burst, and output big damage consistently outside her burst as well. Scarlet is paired with units that enable her to burst fast such as Jackal and Rocket Launcher units, coupled with a attack buffers to make her burst hurt much harder.

She is good against all teams with the exception of teams that are able to get Noah burst up before she is able to burst. If scarlet is unable to deal damage with her burst, the team falls apart fast as Meta teams with Scarlet are usually squishy.

Team Comps



  • Centi: Burst generation, Shield
    • Substitutes: Anis, Admi, Dolla (if using N102 and do not have Liter or Volume)
  • Scarlet: DPS, AoE Screen wiper

Boss Stages


  • Novel: Damage Boost
    • Substitutes: Admi, Viper, Guilty, Rupee
  • Scarlet: DPS, AoE Screen wiper
  • Helm: Buffer, Sustain
    • Substitutes: Privaty, Rapunzel, Another Sub-DPS if survivability is not an issue

Arena (Nuke Team)


  • Scarlet: DPS, AoE Screen wiper
  • Pepper: Burst generation, Damage
    • Substitutes: Emma (Needs to be second highest attack to proc skill 1 passive)
  • Drake: DPS, Buffer
    • Substitutes: Flex Burst 3 slot
  • Jackal: Amazing Burst generation


  • Amazing unit early to late game
  • Great in all content
  • Good late game scaling
  • High ST Damage
  • Amazing AoE screen wiper due to high burst multiplier and skill 1 Attack buff
  • Somehow makes a Sword a ranged weapon


  • Destroys herself from hp Drain of skill 1, which may force teams to run a healer in certain content
  • Who tf reloads a Sword

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