Red Hood + Website and Tier List Planned Update! Future Plans!

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out during the 1st Year Anniversary celebrations and the Red Ash event. This article breaks down recent updates and what’s to come soon!

Red Hood Updates

As you guys may know.. Red Hood got absolutely buffed! She is currently our first SSS combined character in all of Nikke in our Tier List!

Gonna update her guide soon as I got some hands on experience already with her on campaign and fighting bosses.

Note: Expect high praise.

Website Updates

Our character pages will now show previous early analysis’s of characters! Alongside a slightly different format. Some stuff look a bit scuffed as of right now, but expect those to be fixed somewhere down the line. Would love comments on what to update next or any corrections so I can get to them faster on this page!

Planned Content

Tier List

I’m planning to revamp the Tier List hopefully around the end of the month or within the next two months. I’m debating if we should still keep the numbering system or completely transition into Letters, after all this is for the community, whatever they prefer most, they will get it!

However, I plan to reduce the amount of “S’s” with S+ Hopefully being the highest tier! Red hood will probably still get her own tier though. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

PvP Updates

We have found a writer that will focus specifically on Arena (PvP). Updating all the old guides we have. It may take a bit of time, so patience would be appreciated!

Lost Sector Puzzle Walkthroughs Page Revamp

Our lost sector page has been gathering cobwebs for a bit. I plan to update it down the line, Screenshots still confused a bit of people, so we’ll be transitioning to edited videos for your convenience~.

Note: Guides will not be a stage walkthrough, but more akin to a puzzle walkthrough. However I will try to note what notable enemies are there so you can prepare what Nikkes to use before hand!

Character Page / Guide Updates

Will be filling in missing Nikke character guides (slowly), and updating old character guides! Said this before but, ya know, anniversary events, and kinda mostly being one person writing all the stuff in this website.

Thank you for your Support! – Valkkin


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  1. Really appreciate the dedication! However I think you maybe exaggerating her own tier. She is powerful and has insane damage on par with current meta nikkes. SSS should be reserved for game breaking kits and I believe RH kit isn’t game breaking for her to deserve her own tier.

    • I think she deserves the SSS.

      Check some of the clear records from the last day or two on higher CP content. Squads with multi-cored Red Hoods are blowing through stuff at 10% lower CP than teams without. That’s a huge impact for one Nikke.

      The new meta (outside raiding, which we haven’t fully seen yet) is clearly Liter/Red Hood/Modernia/[777 or Dazzling Pearl] and there’s no flex other than the support pair.

      I wanted her buffed, but this is a little over the top.

    • RH is not game breaking, but rather revolutionary with her being the first Nikke that can burst on any stage. She is really good for newer players who since she can fill your missing B1s or B2s (though she suck a bit in that area). Her B3 is really broken with infinite pierce and fast fire rate, specially against bosses with multiple parts. I agree that her own tier is a bit exaggerated, but she definitely belongs to the top NIikkes with her multiple pros and almost no major cons

  2. thanks for the dedication
    i have a small suggestion if you plan to revamp the tier list
    using numbers for tier list is better for more accuracy, for example i wouldn’t put Noir / Blanc in the same tier as Modernia in the current SS tier, because those 2 need to be in the same squad to be SS tier ( unless you rate them SS as single unit, which i doubt ) so you’re limited to 3 instead of 4 wildcards in your squad

    also probably a small indicator on their icon to show they’re a “pair” unit so newer player know they need to be paired to make most of their kit

  3. RHood go brrrrrrrrrr

    Well, The new look More better than Old one, also about RHood, She will be Change Everything About Nikke Guide for new players, the Highest Recommend for a new Pilgrim.
    Recommendation will be like:
    Harran (Recommend)> Dorothy (Recommend) > Modernia (Higher Recommend) > Scarlet (Highest Recommend)> RHood (The REAL Highest Recommend)

    RHood Changed Everything After “Final Atk” Buff, She no longer Mid, She Broke As Old time Auto Macro System Alice.

  4. Pls integrate the character guides into their character pages. Add an expandable drop-down between the detailed information of each skill, or just a link to the guide at the bottom of their page.
    Maybe the same thing with new characters and a link to their early analysis from their character page.

  5. Hi!
    For the tier list I really like the numbers as rating for the different aspects for a character. I agree with removing the SS and SSS category, S+ as the highest makes it easy to interpret and should be something special. Pushing some Nikkes into lower categories isn’t a bad thing, but makes it easier to recognize the really great Nikkes.

  6. For the character profile pages, would love if all build information could be there for each character. Skill priority, overload recommendations, cube recommendations, etc. A one-stop shop for building out each character optimally instead of needing to go to multiple sections of the site. This would be more difficult, but having example team comps/usage would be the cherry on top.

  7. If you can keep the tier list system that would be fine, I like the ones with numbers because the letters are a bit vague.

  8. I didn’t know whether to pull for RH but after the changes I did it and somehow I managed to get 3 copies in 100 pulls so it’s my first MLB SSR Nikke, I’m so happy

  9. Much love and thanks to you for your dedication to making this website the best ressource for Nikke. When it comes to the tier liest all I would want is a filter with multiple selection. So you could filter all units that have RL or SR, for when you build a team for the simulation room.

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