Red Hood Early Thoughts

Smug red haired lady

Note: This was made before Red Hood was released, a more proper analysis will be released after.

Update: Yup, her damage is not amazing.

Rapi but like, cooler

Basic Info

  • Skill 1: Glaring Eyes
  • Skill 2: Wild Tooth
  • Burst: Red Wolf
  • Cooldown: 40s
  • Rarity: SSR
  • Burst: III
  • Weapon: AR
  • Class: Attacker
  • Element: Iron
  • Manufacturer: Pilgrim
  • Squad: Goddess
  • SR name: Wolfsbane


Note: Assume all skills are level 10

Skill 1: Glaring Eyes

Activates when casting a normal attack. Affects self
Charge Speed ▲ 3.81%, stacks up to I0 time(s) and lasts for 5 sec.
Activates when entering battle. Affects self.
Convert excess value over 100% of Charge Speed to Charge Damage
Charge Damage ▲ 240% of the excess value continuously.

Red hood starts with a basically permanent 38.1% Charge speed, and can be spammed to proc max stacks faster. This enables Red hood to deal decent damage off burst.

If there is an excess of charge speed beyond 100% (from burst), each % will be converted into charge damage at a 1:2.4 Ratio.

Ex. 6% extra charge speed = 14.4% Charge Damage
14.4% Charge damage + 250% (Base) = 264.4% total charge damage.

Skill 2: Wild Tooth

Activates when entering battle. Affects self.
Gain Pierce continuously.
Activates during Beast Cage. Affects all allies.
DEF ▲ 50.68% of caster’s DEF for I0 sec.
Activates during The Last Howl. Affects self.
Recovers 23.04% of attack damage as HP for 10 sec.
Activates when casting Red Wolf. Affects self.
ATK ▲ 71.42% of caster’s ATK for I0 sec

Pretty hefty skill that produces a variety of buffs. Red hood permanently gains pierce which greatly increases her burst generation and damage output potential.

The buffs given from this passive corresponds to what burst she is used in.
Beast Cage = Burst I
Last Howl = Burst II
Red Wolf = Burst III

The Def ▲ values seem big, however has minimal impact towards survivability due to how the damage formula works in the game. Her life steal values are slightly similar with helm’s values when considering her HP potency buff in the burst section.

Burst: Red Wolf

When used in Step 1: Beast Cage
Affects all allies.
ATK ▲ 77.55% of caster’s ATK for I0 sec.
Affects self.
Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 40 sec. Activates once per battle.

When used in Step 2: The Last Howl
Affects self.
Attract: Taunt all enemies for I0 sec.
HP Potency ▲ 74.88% for 10 sec.
Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 40 sec. Activates once per battle

When used in Step 3: Red Wolf
Affects self.
Change the Weapon in use:
Damage: 27.8% of final ATK
Full Charge Damage: 250% of damage
Last for: I0 sec
Additional Effect:
Expand Pierce range by 100% for 10 sec.
Charge Speed ▲ 100.8% for 10 sec.

Steps here refer to the Burst number proc’d. She has a unique mechanic that allows her to burst in any slot, each providing a different set of buffs depending on what burst is used.

It is assumed that her burst cooldowns don’t have separate cooldown timers, which means Red hood won’t be able to burst consecutively. However Red hood is able to burst more than twice or more in one full burst rotation once per match due to her Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 40 sec passive. Her more interesting bursts are Burst I and Burst III.

Burst I has the highest possible ATK buff from burst in the game as of right now with a 10s duration too. Red Hood’s Burst III is interesting but not in a very good way. Her 69% base damage gets converted into 27.8% in exchange for 100% charge speed, pierce range and unlimited ammo. Which on a glance, may still look good however her damage isn’t much higher than her off burst damage.

Update: 27.8% “Final ATK” statement means nothing, the base damage from her sniper rifle (69%) IS “FINAL ATK” just not stated as such, which means her shot damage is getting nerfed in ALL scenarios.

Her Burst II simply gives a taunt and pretty good lifesteal via skill 2. She should be able to tank hits from most bosses due to her lifesteal values being high, which is further amplified by her HP potency buff.

Extra Info

Due to her greatly reduced attack damage from her burst III, and the innate charge speed she has from her skill 1. Red hood actually deals similar damage whether or not she is bursting. This means that she’d work better as a burst I buffer as the ATK buff is team wide instead of a self ATK buff.

The only time you’d want to use her burst is when the user needs the expanded pierce range to hit multiple parts or mob waves in campaign.

Due to Red hoods Low damage multiplier on her burst, Alice under manual and to a lesser extent auto play, should severely out DPS Red Hood when comparing their bursts. Varying around 2x~ more damage depending on Alice’s max ammo rolls.


Interestingly enough, I do believe she potentially has pretty solid teams in this game mode. Since most stages don’t require more than 3 full bursts in this game mode, Red hood can be the “solo” BI instead of using Liter. This is achievable by using her burst I twice when clearing the mob waves, then wait for her to go off cooldown before entering the boss wave.

This allows a interesting “0-1-4” formation. Since Red hood is a pierce Sniper rifle, she can also work as a burst generator if needed.

Note: Do not burst III with Red hood in the first full burst rotation. or she’ll be on cooldown in the next.

Example Team Comp

Red hood,Dolla,Alice,Maxwell,Scarlet

The obvious meta comp for Red hood, this comps allows her charge speed to go up even further, dealing very decent damage off burst while also providing the team a massive ATK buff for 10s. All the Attackers here can be replaced with your preferred DPS’s. Dolla however, has no replacement that is currently not a limited Nikke.


Stage 2’s life steal wont be enough to keep Red Hood alive through out the taunt as she’s a sniper unit. As there aren’t units capable of giving indomitability (invincibility) to attackers, aside from Blanc but she is also Burst 2. Therefore, we’ll only be considering her Stage 1 and Burst for PVP


This comp uses Red Hood as a ATK buffer in “Fast Nuke” team as a better Liter. Other than that, this is your usual Fast Scarlet Nuke team.


This comp uses Red Hood as an upgraded A2 (potentially Alice) to punch through Taunt walls, her increased pierce range might be able to reach adjacent units. In order to make this comp work, Red Hood will need high skill and gear investment to do any meaningful damage. More testing is needed to confirm the viability of this team.

Special Interception | Union Raid | Solo Raid

Red hood would do rather well in special interception as she’d most likely be able to hit most, if not all parts of the bosses present in the rotation due to her expanded AoE pierce Radius. Depending on her skill scaling, she might not need as much investment as Alice for her to be usable in this game mode.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Union raid. As parts are usually very squishy there, she’ll have little scenarios in where she can take advantage of her pierce, and will most likely be used as a Burst I buffer instead.

Solo raid has much tankier parts, therefore she’s able to output much more damage here if any parts are present. Red hood can also play as a pseudo tank if sustainability is desperately needed, as her life steal should be enough to keep her rather healthy.

Ending Thoughts

Slightly disappointing character due to previous hype, however, Red hood is no means a bad Nikke. But it sure seems like she works better as a ATK buffer rather than a DPS Nikke. She is held back by her burst III damage values. still worth pulling one copy for her.


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  1. Not sure if you noticed, but her burst III change is of FINAL attack which will factor in buffs, OL attack effects etc. it’s way too early to say that her burst III is a nerf to her damage, not to mention the 100% charge speed gives her more auto attack spam and makes her directly go to overcharge damage buff with skill 1 + any OL and adjutant cube

    • @Helios All normal attack modifiers (weapon damage) is based on final ATK, so RH’s alternate weapon functions the same way as any other weapon in the game. In other words, ATK OL benefits RH as much as it benefits any other character

      RH does 163% (240%x38.1%x250%x171.42%x27.8%) of her ATK per shot on-burst versus 173% (250%x69.04%) during off-burst. This is because of the abysmal 27.8% damage multiplier on her alternate weapon. You can see her doing less damage during burst in the demo from Anniversary livestream

      • I think people are massively underestimating RH because they are trying to have her replace Alice in existing teams where her mechanics have anti-synergies.

        RH’s damage per hit might drop during her burst III but that doesn’t mean her dps will. Going from 69.04% with a 250% .619s charge to 27.8% 341.44% instant charge might be a 46% loss in damage per hit but if Rh is making 2 shots in the same amount of time it takes to fire one shot out of burst it is roughly a 10% gain. At base RH only needs to fire 11 shots in just under 6 seconds to match her non-burst dps and she should easily be able to fire far more.

  2. “Her 69% base damage gets converted into 27.8%”
    This is incorrect. The 27.8% is referring to her final ATK value, rather than a change in base damage.

    • @TerraFrima RH changes her weapon during burst, which gives her a different ATK value (the 69% value falls into that same category). The wording isn’t consistent but still the same idea.

  3. Her Skill 2 gives her 71% atk buff during Redhood, Combined with her final atk buff and others she should severly out dps Alice.

  4. well, even if she isnt the best nikke when released, she’ll probably still be a must pull due to her versatility

  5. Ya’ll coping hard for a character’s early thoughts, wait for further testing before raging in the comments. Nikke’s skill wordings have a history of being confusing so we can only know her true potential once testing is done

  6. Burst 1/2 are a gimmick. The burst 2 is just bad, and there aren’t any other good 40 second burst 1 units so she has nobody to pair with. It isn’t even real “versatility” because at best you’re getting full use out of it once per encounter.

    Burst 3 cuts her scaling nearly in half for no reason. Combined with the fact that Alice is the only launch unit to get her own special banner, I think it’s pretty clear she was designed to suck on purpose.

    • There is a potential use case as a permanent b1 alongside Sakura, who needs another b1 despite being a cooldown reduction character. It can free up other contested b1’s like Dorothy, Liter, Volume, and Tia, which might have some potential in solo raid. Having cooldown in b1 also allows you to bring in other B2’s like novel.

      When used as a burst 3 she does less damage than alice in the burst window itself, but she’s much better outside of that window (alice is wretched outside of burst) and should provide comparable damage overall… Plus she’s also just a lot easier to use, doesn’t need the crazy OL optimizations or rhythm game gameplay that peak alice does.

  7. I saw the 0-1-4 formation suggested above and I found it inappropriate to replace RD with Liter. Her CD Burst lasts 40 seconds while Liter’s CD only lasts 20 seconds and her ATK doesn’t increase too much!

  8. Red Hoods per shot damage during burst is like 28% FINAL ATK (250% Charge Damage) compared to Alice at 69% FINAL ATK (350% Charge Damage)
    The complicated part is:
    at level 10 Skill 1 with max stacks Red Hood getting +90% Charge Damage (during burst) to almost equal Alice’s 350 JUST from Skill 1, let alone if you run Alice with her thats another 35% Charge Damage, then add in OverLoad gear and shes well equal if not above Alice on Charge Damage%
    AND while her Per shot damage % is 28 compared to 69, Red Hood: infinite Ammo, better QOL for spam shooting during burst at 100% Speed, and a slightly better ATK on Full Burst from what I’ve seen
    She seems like a slightly less good but easier to manage/play/build version of Alice that can give the occasional team buff.

  9. What’s the minimal skills lvl for Red Hood? Please help, there’s no guide at all in the internet or youtube….

  10. Now that her B3 damage is significantly buffed (written on 8 Nov), do you think she could topple Scarlet and Modernia as the undisputed T0 DPS unit? Self buffing with B1 then activating her own B3 sounds very enticing.

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