Quiry Bond Story Summary

Episode 1

The Commander plans to go get lunch but is suddenly stopped by Anis, asking if he received any calls from the A.C.P.U. Apparently, Anis reported to the police about a missing item, to which the Commander didn’t know anything about and no calls were received by him either. Anis just reminds the Commander to tell her if there’s any updates and leaves the Commander’s room. Before the Commander attempts to finish work, Liter suddenly comes inside and complains about Sugar’s motorcycle producing too much noise day and night. The Commander tells Liter that the A.C.P.U is actually the one regulating the vehicles’ speed. However, in Liter’s defense, she wouldn’t complain to the Commander if A.C.P.U is actually doing their job. Seeing that there are a lot of complaints about the A.C.P.U, the Commander head towards the police station.

Upon visiting the police station, Poli and Miranda welcomes the Commander and immediately apologizes for not being able to keep eyes on the outpost as there were also other things they have to attend to. The Commander asks about the problem. Turns out that they were having troubles looking for their new member- Quiry. Poli asks the Commander if he could help them find her and the Commander instantly agrees to help and immediately goes to the Ark.

As the Commander is looking around, everything seems to be normal until a particular conversation caught his attention. Heading towards the park, the Commander meets Quiry. The Commander asks what is she doing, to which Quiry replies that she wants to sit down on the bench but there’s a bug on it. However, in the Commander’s eyes, there were no bugs but there are breadcrumbs on the bench. The Commander reassures Quiry that there were no bugs on the bench at all. As Quiry is trying to confirm it, she suddenly asks how the Commander knows her name (which the Commander tells her about how Poli asks him to find her). Quiry is surprised that Poli is actually looking for her and thought that she forgets her. However, in the Commander’s perspective, Quiry is giving her gratitude towards to the nearby garbage can.

Episode 2

Quiry finally gets to know the Commander and is about to say something about his looks. However, the Commander reminds her that she’s currently talking in front of a tree. Quiry swiftly apologizes and tells the Commander about her poor eyesight. The Commander asks Quiry on how she got lost. Apparently, Miranda reminded Quiry to not let go of her hands. However, Miranda suddenly let go of Quiry to help a kid that seems to be lost. Trying her best to find Miranda, Quiry held a hand that resembles Miranda’s figure but wasn’t Miranda at all. She attempts to look for every individual that resembles Miranda’s figure until she realized she was lost. She also attempted to contact them but her phone just died. In the end, the Commander will help Quiry to go reunite with Miranda and Poli. Quiry thanks the Commander but reminds her that she’s talking to the streetlight this time. The Commander grabs Quiry’s hand and the two returns to the outpost to reunite with Poli and Miranda.

Upon reunion, Quiry apologizes to the towel, thinking it was Poli. Poli thanks the Commander for looking out for Quiry. However, Poli asks the Commander’s help again by giving assistance to Quiry as she can not see very well. Normally, they were supposed to assist her but they need to focus on the backlogs for now. The Commander agrees to help and grabs Quiry’s hand and leaves the police station.

Episode 3

The Commander asks Quiry if she wants to visit some places in the outpost. Quiry says she wants to visit the workshop where Liter and Centi works. Upon visiting the workshop, Liter asks the Commander if the noise with Sugar’s motorcycle has been taken care of, to which the Commander replies that the A.C.P.U are now working on it. The Commander then introduces Quiry to Liter. Quiry greets Liter but Liter got suspicious when Quiry is introducing herself while staring towards Volt. Quiry apologizes again and reminds Liter that she had a bad eyesight. Liter is shocked about it as it’s supposedly impossible for a Nikke to have a poor eyesight. Meanwhile, the Commander asks about Centi’s whereabouts. According to Liter, Centi is looking for a missing part that they need but is hard to find. Shortly after, Quiry quickly finds the missing part despite her poor eyesight. Shocked, Liter asks how she find it when it’s literally microscopic. In any case, Liter decides to give a call to Centi so she could return and resume their work, and thanks Quiry for looking on the missing part. Before leaving, the two says their goodbyes and Quiry gives Volt some petting. Or, rather, she’s petting Liter. Quiry thought she’s Volt because she’s touching something metallic when in reality it’s Liter’s helmet. Before things go south, the Commander grabs Quiry again and hurriedly leaves the shop.

After leaving the workshop, the Commander asks Quiry if she wants to visit another place in the outpost. This time, Quiry wants to go to a place in the outpost where most accidents happen. After some thinking, the Commander grabs Quiry’s hand again and continues their journey.

Episode 4

The Commander and Quiry visits the café where Sugar, Milk, and Frima works. Quiry once again introduces herself to the three workers and tells them about her poor eyesight. Shortly after, Sugar offers Quiry a nice warm cup of sugar coffee. Feeling welcomed, Quiry happily accepts Sugar’s offer. However, all of a sudden, Sugar hands out the speeding tickets that she got and is indirectly asking to remove her violations. According to her alibi, Sugar doesn’t know there were speed limits and she doesn’t have enough money to pay the fine. In the spur of the moment, Quiry sees something shiny again in the cabinet. Turns out Sugar has enough money and is keeping it in the cabinet. In the end, Sugar pays the fine and leaves the café with Black Typhoon. Meanwhile, Milk thanks Quiry for finding out Sugar’s secret cabinet. After the short exchange of words, Quiry and the Commander leaves the café and looks for another place to visit. However, as they were about to leave, Quiry slams herself directly into the vending machine.

It is nighttime, and Quiry has a sullen look on her face. The Commander grabs Quiry’s hand tries to take Quiry somewhere else.

Episode 5

The Commander and Quiry returns to the police station. When Poli asks about what they’ve done in the outpost, the Commander replies by saying all the good moments that Quiry did. Poli and Miranda praises Quiry for being able to still do her duty as a police. However, Quiry feels unworthy of such praises as she’s also done something bad because of her poor eyesight. Poli, however, argues that she’s still doing her responsibility and her shortcomings were only caused by her poor eyesight. In the end, Poli asks Quiry again about her tour in the outpost. This time, she cheerfully replies how everyone is kind to her and is looking forward to living in the outpost. Few days later, Quiry is now accustomed to the daily routines in the outpost. One day, she thinks that she sees Liter sprinting around, and turns out it was Volt all along. However, Quiry can clearly see the Commander from afar and hurriedly comes towards the Commander. Quiry gives a short greeting to the Commander and is about to leave to continue patrolling. However, before actually leaving, Quiry tells the Commander that he’s actually really handsome just as what people say and continues on their way (except she’s about to leave in the wrong way and Poli corrected her direction).



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  1. Pretty sure you spelt the name wrong in the title – It’s “Quiry”, not “Quincy”. Were you watching Bleach when writing this, valkkin?

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