Quency Analysis


New Route – skill 1

■ Activates after 60 normal attack(s). Affects self.
Duplicate 12.42% HP of ally with the highest HP, lasts for 10 sec.

Very odd skill. Quency is able to duplicate HP (which also heals the user for the same amount of duplicated HP), but the duration is 10s. Refreshing the duration does not heal her anymore, but rather just keeps the duplicated HP into HP pool. Which means the User needs to not have her skill 1 refresh for 10s, and then proc skill after to activate to enable self healing again. Which is impossible for auto play.

First stack heals, Further stacks/ duration refresh do not heal her anymore.

Hidden Accomplice – Skill 2

■ Affects 2 ally unit(s) with the highest ATK.
ATK ▲ 16.11% for 5 sec.

A modest attack with more than half uptime. There is no visual indicator/effects when the skill procs besides the icons below characters.

The Great Escape – Burst

■ Affects 2 ally unit(s) with the highest ATK.
Max HP ▲ 43.87% for 5 sec.
Critical Damage ▲ 29.9% for 10 sec.

Gives 2 units Healing the same amount of MAX HP given to them. Although, there seems to be a visual bug where HP is shown lower than it should be until hit by a rapture attack, decent healing skill that’s tied to a 20s cooldown.

Crit damage is welcome, but does not affect overall damage too weak due to how Crit damage sits in damage formula at the moment. In simpler terms, Crit damage is a rather weak buff.

Burst healing MAX HP amount
Visual bug where HP isn’t correctly shown until hit by an attack


Quency seems to be a mid b2 Offensive support with OK healing capability, can be used against bosses if survivability is a slight issue without sacrificing 2 b2 slots/ if the user does not have pepper and dolla. As there is a lack of units that can heal in the b2 slot that is also 20s cooldown.

She won’t be able to heal much, nor heal all units as she only heals the Highest ATK units. Other units such as Soda/Pepper and dolla would fare better if more healing is needed in a stage. She does not deal a lot of damage either, She does rather mediocre in the healing department and damage department.


SMG unit, low DPS, Very low energy generation, her skills do not offer much utility either besides slightly more survivability. Do not use in arena, much better alternatives.


Quency can be used against bosses where only slight healing is needed, otherwise she’d not be able to out heal bosses that can do a lot of consistent damage. Normal stages is out of the question as well since her burst generation is low, High burst generations such as Centi, Anis are very preferred in normal story stages assuming liter/volume is in the team as Centi and Anis is able to generate full bar burst almost instantly under manual play. If Liter and Volume is not present, Dolla can be used instead for the b2 slot.

Special Interception

Unfortunately, she does not seem like she has a role for Special interception as bosses deal too much damage for her healing to keep up, her personal damage/team buffs are not very impactful and can easily be replaced with other b2 units for more overall team damage (Dolla, Novel, Rupee, Viper, Gulty, etc)


  • Only current b2 20s “healer” as of right now
  • Modest ATK buff with high uptime
  • Absolute Badoonkers of melons


  • Healing a bit too weak to be used by herself
  • Personal damage is not that great when considering the team utility she provides.
  • Will probably escape the Ark if unsupervised

Should You Choose?

If you’re a fan of huge Badoonkers, then yes. Otherwise choose guilty, as she provides more versatility in all game modes. The User may choose between Sin or Guilty depending on preference after Guilty is liberated.



Skill Priority

Quency25.55Skill 1 basically just activates once per battles under auto play, useless to invest into. Skill 2 does give pretty high uptime on a modest ATK buff.
Burst Is where her healing comes from, so some investment is required there.

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