PSA: Spare Body Selector

The Spare Body Selection Box has been added to the game as per the 2/1/2023 patch in NIKKE. It allows you to select a spare body of all units, except for Pilgrims, limited units, and units after Laplace (for now). However, there are many reports where Commanders are accidentally selecting the WRONG spare bodies (or unwanted spares) when choosing a unit from the body selector. This is not a bug, but more of a bad UI design. The Selector window is extremely sensitive to touch/swipe. If the user accidentally scrolls on the (+) icon, it registers immediately. The user is also unable to scroll on the white spaces in-between the spare body icons (at least on mobile) [fixed]. Please double check if the unit you WANT is selected. Video below shows sensitivity of touches via scrolling, as well as, the inability to scroll on the white spaces in-between the spare bodies [fixed].


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