PSA: Macro Usage + Emulators + False Banns

No more macro gaming


During end of month developer notes for July, it is mentioned that Macro users will now be punished. But was not clarified on how severe the punishments would be or how it would work. They also announced that Emulators are also restricted from being used, which forces users to play on the PC client. This restrictions and punishments have been applied live as of August 7th. This article hopes to clarify on this a little bit.

Macros + False Warnings

Macros are basically programs that lets the user click at consistent speeds without needing to physically click on your mouse. More notably used for Rocket Launcher Characters and Sniper Rifle characters as spamming clicking them for extended periods of times may cause hand strain, especially in competitive modes.

However as of right now, there have been multiple more than likely false warnings that have been given to players who are simply tapping the screen fast/tapping with multiple fingers (Mobile users) when not even in battle (simply clicking through the home page). People playing Alice rather optimally has also triggered the warning system. The users will be warned and be booted into the log-in screen. There have been reports for 1 day banns | permanent banns for repeating offenders.

Reference Videos for Alice Warnings:

It is recommended to not spam tap too much on mobile to avoid false warnings for now to prevent future inconvenience until they properly address these issues.

False positives can also occur if there’s other apps such as a game booster and etc running the background as well.


July developer notes mentioned that emulator usage is also being limited. This includes programs but not limited to: LDPlayer, Bluestacks, Nox Player, Memu, etc etc. It is highly recommended to download the PC client from here. These restrictions is assumed to be put into place to fight the in-built macro functions in emulators.

How does this Affect Alice in the Tier List?

Well. Not much. She was rated with non-macro usage in mind and is still rather very strong if used right. Her rankings will remain unchanged in the tier list and I would still recommend raising an Alice for Union raid and Solo raid purposes as she’ll very much will still be used there. Hopefully they’ll improve their detection system and stop flagging (most likely) innocent players as I can see this being a problem in the future in Union and Solo raid competitive attempts.


  1. they just need it to readjust to properly detect who uses macro and those who didnt. But i do think its also a big challenge for them. I only hope it could be address quickly or at least be mentioned again on their dev notes.

  2. As someone who uses game booster to save my pc from their resource hungry client, the fact that it can trigger that is saddening. I haven’t yet played on the PC client since they made the change, but I worry that the fact my mouse comes with macros out of the box (like, enabled and functioning) might cause problems.

    • I think it only detects when they’re in use, as I have a mouse with macros and such and I have been using the mouse post update with no issues. So if you don’t trigger the macros you should be fine.

  3. The warning only triggers after a certain threshold. Some users already found the ms that doesn’t trigger the warning with the macro. So basically this update only effected people who manual quickfire Alice. lol. Kinda dumb tbh. They need a better way to implement this.

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