Noir Lore and Bond Stories

Backstory: Noir is Blanc’s twin sister. Unlike her twin sister, Noir is a shy person especially when performing but quickly dissipates whenever Blanc is nearby.

Episode 1:
Noir approaches the Commander in the outpost to ask for an advice. In her monologue, she says that people are coming to her to boost their luck in romance. However, she doesn’t have any idea about love and how it works since she neither never felt that way nor had someone express affection towards her. She also thinks that she herself is unattractive. However, the Commander says otherwise.

Episode 2:
The Commander and Noir heads to the practice room where she will showcase her pole-dancing skills. While they’re having their way on the elevator, the Commander notices that his shoelace were untied. As he is trying to fix it, a crowd of people goes to the elevator as well leading to the Commander’s “mishaps“. As they finally reaches their destination, Noir asks if the Commander wants to try pole-dancing with her which the Commander agrees. However, since the Commander’s clothing is not suitable in such activity, Noir tries to give adjustments to the Commander’s pants. That is, until she notices something “getting in the way“.

Episode 3:
While Noir is teaching pole-dancing to the Commander, the Commander is having problems on executing the moves. Noir suggests a move that will be easy to execute but it needs the two of them to work together. The Commander and Noir, at this point, are so close to one another that the Commander is trying to “control“ himself. After a few guides from Noir, the Commander and Noir finally executes the move. After their practice session, Noir gives the Commander a cold compress to ease the pain. However, when Noir is about to apply it on the Commander’s thighs, the room is suddenly silent.

Episode 4:
Noir suggests eating in the place where she and Noir frequently visits after practice. While waiting for their order, Noir asks the Commander if she finds her attractive. To which, the Commander explains on how he finds Noir attractive. Noir also feels the same towards the Commander. To her, she finds the Commander handsome and kinder than she thought. She also says that the Commander sees her for what she really is and always supportive to her. As she is about to say something more, the waitress comes to give their food. Noir, after getting interjected, asks the waitress to get her a champagne to give her some “liquid courage“. After their meal, however, Noir is unable to think straight. So, the Commander takes the lead instead and kisses Noir.

Episode 5:
It’s night time and Noir visits the Commander in the outpost. Noir confesses that she has feelings towards the Commander and that she wants she’s been waiting for this time where she can tell it. The Commander feels the same way and Noir feels relief after hearing that the Commander feels the same. In return, she became bolder to which the Commander notices. For their first date, the Commander and Noir decides to go the the practice room to practice pole-dancing. However, it is implied that they did more than that.

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