Nikke: Goddess of Victory Weapon Guide

Know about the six weapon types in Nikke: Goddess of Victory with the help of this quick weapon guide tackling its range, uses and capacity.

Nikke: Goddess of Victory is a third-person shooter RPG mobile game, so it is not a surprise for you to encounter guns and weapons of different types. Aside from the roles and burst types, the type of weapon you’re about to choose highly affects the course of the skirmishes you’re about to get into. With that being said, let us take a look at the Nikke: Goddess of Victory Weapon Guide along with the things you need to know about them.

Listed below in this weapon guide are the six weapon types that currently exist in the game, and how they work.

Assault Rifle (AR)

Well-balanced weapon suitable in all kinds of situations. Assault rifles are pretty versatile as they deal significant damage during short or medium-range skirmishes. AR also has an ammo capacity of 60, which allows you to take more shots before having the need to reload your weapon (1.50s)

Submachine Gun (SMG)

Sub-machine guns are similar to shotguns, which are proven more effective in close-quarters combat. The only difference is that, sub-machine guns have a higher fire rate and increased ammo capacity of 120 good for rapid fire. Its reload time is also shorter than that of other guns (167 seconds).

Shotgun (SG)

Fires multiple shots at once and is extremely powerful at close range. Shotgun deals a serious amount of damage, but is only effective within close range. The apparent downside is that shotguns barely do damage against enemies outside the range. This weapon also has a low-capacity magazine (9 ammo capacity) which requires to be reloaded for 1.50s.

Sniper Rifle (SR)

Sniper rifles offer high accuracy, making them the best option you can take against enemies from a long distance. This weapon however requires good and steady aim to make the most out of your shots due to the fact that it has a low magazine size (6) and takes a longer time to reload (2 seconds). SR also needs to be charged for 1 second to obtain the highest amount of damage (250%), especially when hitting core spots.

Rocket Launcher (RL)

Rocket Launchers are pretty similar to Sniper Rifles due to their low-capacity magazine and the need to charge these weapons. However, Rocket Launchers are effective against targets from any distance and perform best against multiple opponents thanks to their area-of-effect (AOE) damage. It has a charge time of 1.5 which is higher than the sniper rifles but deals greater damage (350%).

Machine Gun (MG)

It is good for mid-range fights with the highest ammo capacity (300) and rapid-firing feature. However, machine guns takes the longest time to reload (2.16s).

No weapon is superior to another as its performance will depend on the opponents you are using it for. Most of the time, you will face multiple targets with different weaknesses and ranges. That said, it is not optimal to bring all five weapons of the same type. Before entering stages and facing raptures, the game will provide a short brief about the opponents you’re about to fight against. This includes the range and their weak points.

And that concludes this quick Nikke: Goddess of Victory Weapon Guide. Learn more about your favorite waifus, game updates and how the game or the combat system works by visiting Which one is your favorite so far, let us know in the comments!

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