Eversoul Official Launch

Eversoul: New Gacha Idle Role Playing Game

We welcome you to Eversoul.net, the best website dedicated to the new gacha idle role playing game from Kakao Games, Eversoul!

Eversoul is the latest gacha idle role playing game from Kakao Games, releasing globally on January 5, 2023 at 2 AM UTC. It is released with no beta and no previous knowledge about the game other than from media press releases – so everybody is going in blind!

We’ve opened a website dedicated to Eversoul on Eversoul.net we will aim to provide you with the best guides and information for Eversoul, with the same quality you can expect from Nikke.gg as well. Below are the promotional material from the game you can check out in the meantime as well as the download links so you can try it out!

Release Date


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