Modernia Lore and Bond Story

Backstory: She was once a Nikke called Marian. She betrayed humanity for unknown reasons and became a part of the Heretics.

Note: For players who haven’t cleared 13-24 yet, you will notice that Modernia’s prompt in blabla will not appear. Simply clear 13-24 to gain access to her conversations.

Episode 1

The story starts with the Counters thinking of how they can teach Modernia to speak. Since no one knows how to teach someone how to speak, Anis thinks of starting to introduce themselves. However, Anis easily give up when Modernia can’t speak her name properly. Neon also give up when Modernia starts calling her “Firepower”. Rapi simply passes the responsibility to the Commander. When the Commander asks Modernia, Modernia immediately answers “Commander”. In the end, the Counters and Commander insists on training Modernia by themselves.

Episode 2

3 days after they have started their training, Modernia is now able to read simple words and their functions. 3 more days have passed and Neon was able to teach Modernia how to count as well as tell the days of the week. Another 3 days passed with Rapi teaching her how to apologize if she does any wrong doing, such as a hypothethical scenario where Modernia tears up the Commander’s favorite magazine. Modernia asks if magazine refers to the papers where girls only wear underwears. Rapi hesitates to answer but still says she’s right. Modernia happily answers that she should be sorry. Rapi compliments Modernia for her answer. When the Commander is trying to teach her, Modernia’s answers are different as she only expresses her affection towards the Commander. The Counters doesn’t know why is that the case. Ingrid comes to the Outpost to talk to the Commander and says that they should do a simple check-up on Modernia.

Episode 3

Modernia asks if the examination hurts but the Counters and the Commander insists that it doesn’t hurt. Modernia doubts as she keeps on asking the same question if what they’re saying is really true. Modernia trusts them after more validation and enters the examination room. 3 hours later, the examination is over. Ingrid comments on Modernia’s behavior such as getting treats like ice cream and chocolate for completing the examination. Ingrid was not able to obtain any valuable information about Modernia, as needles are unable to puncture her skin which explains why they couldn’t extract any fluids from her. Her hair and saliva also evaporates when being extracted. Her x-ray results are also completely white when rendered. Ingrid considers if they should make a hole in her body by firing a high-powered laser in one small area in order to examine her internal structure.

Episode 4

Anis doesn’t like the idea that Ingrid proposes and threatens Ingrid if they inflict harm on Modernia. Neon comments that if Ingrid wants to do that, she should’ve done it already without asking. Ingrid indirectly agrees to their remarks as doing it would be risky and a more feasible approach would be better. In the end, Ingrid only hopes that the Commander takes care of Modernia and they’ll examine her again once they come up of a better approach. Modernia joins the group and sees the Commander looking troubled. Modernia thought that the Commander is angry because she didn’t share her ice cream and chocolate and cries. The Counters assures Modernia that that is not the case but rather it is because of the results of her examination. Modernia asks the Commander if that was the case and the Commander says yes. Modernia finally agrees to get the injection but Ingrid exclaims that the needles cannot puncture her skin. Modernia replies she resists the injection because she hates needles. After they manage to properly examine her, Ingrid tells the Commander to come to the M.M.R alone. When Mana and Ether reports their findings about Modernia, Ingrid immediately tells everyone to delete every findings and forget everything that happened as it is way too dangerous for the Ark.

Episode 5

Anis frustratingly asks who splashed sauce all over her bed’s blanket. Neon just answers that it might already been stained since Anis never washes it. Anis realizing it was her who stained the sheet, dismisses the notion. Neon sees Modernia’s expression and asks if there’s something wrong. Modernia hesitatingly says nothing’s wrong but Neon doubts it so she tells Anis to check the foot of the bed. As Anis checks it, there is something written on it that says, “Someone help me, Anis weighs a ton! She’s gonna crush me!”. Anis chases Modernia but Modernia just runs away while laughing. After the commotion ends, they start cooking, Modernia helps in cooking but turns up the flames too high that makes their food turned into charcoal. While eating, Modernia steals Anis’ ham that she’s saving for last and it annoys her. Neon’s ham, however, was covered in hot sauce in order to punish Modernia for stealing somebody’s food. Modernia immediately asks the Commander for water but the glass slips out of Modernia’s hand and the water splashes on Rapi’s head. After lunch, as they were drinking tea, Modernia suddenly asks the Commander if what the commmander would do if she didn’t pull the trigger for the Commander back then.

First Appearance

Marian first appears in the tutorial level, and is presumed dead after chapter 1. Her heretic form is first revealed in chapter 6, then is revealed that she is Marian in chapter 7, Modernia later joins the Counter squad after the events of chapter 13.


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