Mary: Bay Goddess Lore and Bond Stories

Backstory: The Commander is on a mission in happens to be in the seaside. Mary, being part of the mission, provides medical assistance with her makeshift clinic.

Episode 1:
Every Nikke that is part of the mission on the seaside goes to Mary’s clinic to get a check-up, with the Commander being last in line. The Commander, feeling hot, tells Mary his problems. Mary tries to solve the problem by fanning the Commander but it only made the Commander feel warmer due to the Mary’s “movements” while she’s fanning him. Mary notices this and clearly understands why the Commander feels that way. In the middle of their conversation, the Commander asks Mary to come with her to the sea for a change of pace. During their time in the shore, the Commander gets a sting on the foot but does not tell Mary about it. The next day, however, the Commander’s temperature suddenly rises and keeps on vomitting.

Episode 2:
Mary gives a check-up to the Commander and finds that the Commander is poisoned. Mary wants to get assistance from the other Nikkes to locate the source in order for her to get the appropriate antitoxin. However, the Commander does not wish to ruin everyone’s happiness and convinces Mary to lie to the Nikkes about his condition. Mary accepts being the Commander’s accomplice and continues to give a check-up to the Commander. The Commander reports to Mary about the sting that he got yesterday. Mary immediately checks the bottom of the Commander’s foot and sees the marks that could possibly came from a sea urchin. Mary gives the Commander an emergency button and leaves the room to get the proper antitoxin.

Episode 3:
Mary sets off to find more raw materials to make the medicine in secret while Rapi and Volt accompanying her. Rapi notices something is wrong and immediately confronts Mary. Mary, however, insists to keep it a secret for now until she’s able to do what has to be done. In the meantime, Mary gives Volt a material and commands Volt to track the scent of it. Volt points the two to a nearby tree and notices that the birds in the tree matches the scent. In order to catch at least one of the birds, Mary sets a trap by putting fruits on Frima while she’s sleeping and, surely, it works.

Episode 4:
In Mary’s investigation, she concluded that the birds gained immunity from the poison that the Commander also has. With that reasoning, she hypothesizes that the birds gained the immunity from either fruits or fishes that were mainly part of their diet. Mary sets off to go fishing and notifies the Commander to use the emergency button in case something happens. However, before she can even fish, Neon sees her and asks what fish is she looking for. After a while, Neon catches a big haul and looks for the fish that matches to what Mary described. She finds one and gives it to Mary and immediately sets off. Mary returns to the Commander with an antitoxin in hand. Mary immediately gives the injection and reassures the Commander that everything will be fine.

Episode 5:
The Commander is in pain because of the antitoxin working to fight against the poison. Mary stays with the Commander to give reassurance. However, Mary suddenly reminisced about her past (back when she was still a human). The Commander reassures her back and confesses his feelings to Mary. Mary, trying to control herself, kisses the Commander as he fell asleep. The next morning, the Commander finally recovers but Mary notices “one more problem” that needs to be “examined”. The Commander resists the temptation but Mary insists further and says she cannot hold back anymore. After some time, while outside, Neon is glad about the Commander’s recovery and notices that Mary had a glow-up. However, for the Commander and Mary, it’s another secret that they should keep. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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