Makima Early Analysis

Can Makima Out-Fashion Dolla? Find out here



Skill 1 – Show Me What You Got


■ Activates when attacked 20 time(s). Affects all allies.
Reloading Speed ▲ 36.96% for 10 sec.
DEF ▲ 14.78% for 10 sec.

Nothing too special here, works well as she does have taunt options with 7 second invulnerability if fatally damaged, which should allow this skill to proc. In short, this skill is rather situational.

Skill 2 – Seems I’ve Been Noticed


■ Activates after landing 120 normal attack(s). Affects self.
Attract: Taunt all enemies for 3 sec.

■ Activates when taking lethal damage. Affects self.
Gains indomitability for 7 sec. Activates 1 time(s) per battle.
Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 11.58 sec.

Very spicy skill, extremely spicy even. This skill allows for a lot of unique interactions such as face tanking multiple waves of kamikaze/suicide raptures, PvP plays, Alteisen Train interception and any other content that might delete a character’s HP pool instantly. In short, this skill grants 7 seconds of immunity + taunt. (This skill however DOES NOT work against instant death moves like Union Raid boss Loudmouth’s instant death attack)
You need to time your taunt well though as you only have less than half up-time with it.
6.1 secs for 120 ammo fired + (reload speed). Do note that her Indomitability is only able to be Proc’d once per battle.

Burst Skill – Can You Be Quiet?



■ Affects self.
Gain Pierce for 10 sec.
Recover 34.02% of attack damage as HP over 10 sec.

■ Activates during indomitability. Affects self.
HP Potency ▲ 41.02% for 10 sec.

Her burst gives her a bit of survivability, however her pierce and lifesteal does not do much since SMG does not deal much damage in general. An important note is that her pierce does NOT speed up her acquisition of taunt (120 Normal attacks landed) even when hitting multiple enemies.


Her skill kit is nothing to be amazed about, but she does have a very interesting skill 2. Her invincibility for 7 seconds opens up a lot of unique plays. Some examples are letting her face tank kamikaze raptures / High pressure stages in campaign, Train interception, and Arena. She does not deal much damage but she is at least a 20s cooldown Burst 1 unit which allows team flexibility. However, she is also a SMG unit which really hurts burst generation.


Makima does well in arena against certain comps. These teams include stall teams, high ST teams (Alice, Maxwell, SW), and teams that are not very AoE orientated. She will NOT do well against fast burst gen Scarlet wipe teams (Jackal, Pepper/liter, Xanne, Drake, Scarlet/Harran) which is the easiest team to counter her, or teams with a similar variation. These teams have the potential to one-shot your lineup besides Makima.

Putting her on your DEF team can be countered by players that do not strictly need Scarlet wipe teams (One of the more meta PvP setups) to beat a Makima team. Due to her being in a B2 SMG slot, this allows opponents to have more flexibility due to her slow burst generation. However, Makima teams can easily defeat unoptimized teams with ease. More testing is required.


She’s definitely not the first choice in Campaign, however she may prove extremely useful against high pressure stages, such as stages where raptures immediately attack when they spawn, having her face tank enemy fire for 7s for breathing room. The caviats when using Makima for this niche is the lack of burst generation and the potential danger of her dying after her Indomination ends, as you’ll most likely be running 1/1/3 (one burst 1, one burst 2, three burst 3). This means that if she dies, you will not be able to activate full burst.

Special Interception

She works very well against train if you are patient enough to learn how to I-frame. Video source below and guide here. (No specific guide, but the inner-workings of iframing is explained. Will be updated soon to include her, probably).

Link below is another Makima train clear.


  • Very unique S2 skill, 7 second Invincibility would enable rather creative plays for campaign clears and PvP comps
  • 20s CD
  • Redhead Dolla


  • Her kit does not provide anything else at all. Her whole niche and reason for usage is tied to her skill 2.
  • Weak burst generation
  • She can be easily replaced by much better options outside her Niche case scenarios
  • Too much Coat.

Should you pull

If you want a unit that would make SII Train easier (with practice) with an additional bonus of having a rather solid character for PvP, I would pull her; but outside of that, If those aspects of the game don’t interest you too much, I would pass. I’d still consider pulling as she is a Limited time unit and you may never see them again in the gacha pool.

Temporary Rating

Arena score 7.5 > 8.0 = Very difficult for low level / F2P players to deal with her if they do not have the units to properly counter her

Skill Priority

Makima314Skill 1 may prove useful here and there, but still rather situational as it will not proc in most stages.
Skill 2 does not make her Invincibility longer through upgrades, not worth considering to upgrade.
Burst helps Sustain, however her personal DPS is still horrible being a defender SMG making Life leech rather ineffective.


  1. “She will not do well against Fast Gen scarlet Wipe teams (Jackal, Pepper/liter, Xanne, drake, scarlet) or teams with similar variation, as these teams have the potential to One shot your line up. Putting her on your DEF team may be easily countered if the opponent know what they are doing.”

    lol that’s exactly what makes her broken in SP arena. On defense, the opponent MUST play their Scarlet nuke team into your Makima comp because any other team will just get walled by her for 10-12 seconds. Then their forced to play their 2 weaker teams into your shotgun comp and your own Scarlet comp. Unless they also have their own Makima, they won’t be able to get 2 wins off of you just due to match-ups alone. She’s the next Jackal.

  2. Tanks are always good to have imo. Especially on pvp and union raids.
    I wish she at least had an AR for main weapon though(Or dual SMG). Hope they rework SMG in the future. It should recover gauge the fastest in close range when attacking a single target.

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