Lost Relics Chapter 12


  1. Champions Match – After World
  2. Pamphlet – Real Estate Trading
  3. Ground Fall – Red, Eye, Smile
  4. Doomsday Book- Mankind’s Last Moments
  5. x4200 Credits
  6. Goddess Squad Report – C
  7. Doomsday Book- An Apostle is Born
  8. Ground Zero – Red, Eye, Smile
  9. x4200 Credits
  10. Hey- Newbie – Red, Eye, Smile
  11. Doomsday Book- Prayer for Descent
  12. One- Winged Dark Lord – Red, Eye, Smile
  13. Goddess Squad Report – D



  1. I can only find 12/13 of these relics unless the map is glitched. Checked every location posted here and my mini map still says 12/13, even though all 13 spaces are empty/cleared. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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