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Laplace – Should You Pull?

Our first impressions, review, and analysis of Laplace, the latest Nikke.

Laplace is a Burst 3 Rocket Launcher DPS Attacker with a unique Basic Attack that has a very fast bullet speed. Her skill 1 increases her AoE on hit up to 5 stacks, giving her great coverage against groups of enemies. This makes her similar to Harran, with good far AoE coverage.

Her Skill 2 Hero Bomber grants additional damage against boss weak points and her burst turns her weapon into a laser (effectively an even faster machinegun) with pierce and additional true damage when cast at skill 1 max stacks.

Unfortunately, Laplace’ damage multipliers are lower than the current best units. While her explosion radius is larger, she cannot 1 or 2 tap mobs the way Harran can, and requires some time to stack up her skill 1. In Interception S, her low rate of fire as a rocket launcher makes her a bit difficult to utilize. Though her burst is good for breaking circles it only lasts 5 seconds which feels underwhelming.

However, she does very well against bosses that have weak points clustered together such as Chatterbox and Alteisen. It is likely there will be other bosses and content released in the future where Laplace can shine.

So should you pull? Overall, Laplace performs well against groups of far mobs and bosses with clustered weak points, but is not exceptional in other content. Although the top tier Harran and Scarlet are yet to be dethroned, Laplace still competes with other burst 3 DPS as a unique Rocket Launcher for a spot on your team.

For F2P, if you don’t have Harran, Laplace can be a decent Harran replacement for far AoE. For whales, if your Harran or Scarlet core up is too low to be used, Laplace at max core can be a good replacement. Dolphins that already have both Scarlet and Harran on their main team may consider skipping this banner.

This is an early analysis and other hidden mechanics and synergies can still be discovered after more testing. If you are unsure, always wait for further analysis before pulling.


Laplace provides good far AoE and gauge fill. Exceptional against bosses with clustered weak points (Chatterbox, Alteisen, etc), but can struggle against bosses like Gravedigger in Interception S. Further testing is needed for accurate assessment.

Wave Boss8
Single Boss8
Tribe Tower8
If No Bug7.8

Our Tier List is also being updated as we speak, so keep an eye out for that as we change ratings around with bug fixes and meta changes!

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