June 15 Character Changes

Bullet Points

  • Some character descriptions have been fixed
  • Guillotine Skill buffs

Greetings Commander,

We will be undergoing balance adjustments for some Nikkes in the update on June 15th, and some skills will be revised. Please refer below for detailed updates.

1. Edited description terms of some skills for easier comprehension.

2. Added description terms for some skills. Fixed an issue where some skills that should be activated when attacks are launched are only activated when hits are landed.
Applies to:
– Product 12’s Skill 1: Action: Increase ATK
– Brid’s Skill 1: Acceleration
– Poli’s Skill 1: Brave Call
– Rupee’s Skill 2: Mileage
– Anne: Miracle Fairy’s Skill 1: Fairy Dance

3. Fixed an issue where Sin’s Skill 1: Full Stop is categorized and applied as debuff instead of buff.

4. Adjusted Guillotine’s skill values as follows:
– Lowered activation condition of Skill 1: Residual Heat from landing 100 normal attacks to landing 30 normal attacks
– Increased Critical Damage of Skill 2: Malice from 14.46% to 14.69% (with Lv.10 as the benchmark)
– Raised the increase of ATK according to HP loss from 0.2% to 0.96% (with Lv.10 as the benchmark)

5. Fixed an issue where Taunt and/or Attract of Nikkes cannot take effect immediately when Raptures cast skills (manifested as red circles gathering).

6. Fixed an issue where the description of Rosanna’s Burst Skill is unclear.

Before: Attacker enemy unit(s)
After update: Prioritizes Attacker enemy unit(s)

7. Fixed an issue where the additional damage buff of Snow White’s Skill 1: Determination does not take effect when shooting decoys.
Nikkes using decoys:
– Rei
– Delta

8. Fixed an issue where some skills that are activated when attacks are launched are labeled as activated when hits are landed.
Sin’s Skill 1: Full Stop
Guilty’s Skill 1: Mind If I Borrow This?
Guilty’s Skill 2: Time to Play
Drake’s Skill 2: Thunderbolt

We’re committed to creating an excellent gaming experience, and we appreciate your valuable feedback. Thank you for your continued support for Nikke.

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