January 12 Bugs Update and Other Changes

This page will go over the fixed (and newly added) bugs that were not mentioned in the January 12 Patch Notes Rundown.

Fixed Bugs

Battle Issues

1.Added an aiming guide that allows players to see the aim spot during battle. The settings of this function can be customized in Settings – Aiming Guide.
2.Fixed the game logic so that players will not be matched with overly strong opponents in Rookie Arena.
3.Fixed an occasional issue where robots appear in the match list even when there are arena groups available for matching.
4.Fixed an issue where the battle does not stop when the app is switched to run in the background during an Arena battle.
(Most likely the Arena: Opponent Is In Battle Bug)
5.Fixed an occasional issue where the effects of a skill’s buff and/or debuff cannot be dispelled in Arena.
6.Fixed an issue where the defense reduction buff applies to allies in Simulation Room.
(Simulation Room: Alva Particle Chaff Bug)
7.Amended the technical description of Hidden Powder (full charge damage increase) in Simulation Room to be more accurate.
a) Before: Increases Full Charge Damage by n%.
b)After: When attack with Full Charge, deals n% of ATK as additional damage.
8.Fixed an issue where there are incorrect buff labels in the buff list that appears when Simulation Room is paused.
9.Fixed an issue where buffs that have more than two identical effects do not stack in Simulation Room.
(Simulation Room: Buff Stacking Bug)
10.Fixed an issue where the increase or recovery of HP under certain circumstances does not apply to certain HP UI.
11.Fixed an issue where players can clear certain stages by directly striking the Raptures to the ground.
(Instant Clear Bug)
12.Fixed an issue where the Nikkes do not attack GraveDigger on their own under certain circumstances.
13.Fixed an issue where the UI below does not show signs of resurrection when allies are resurrected.
(Part of Resurrection 0 HP Bug)
14.Fixed an issue where the shotgun sound effect is played no matter what type of gun is used to hit a shield.
15.Fixed an issue where Rapture Spook’s knees are shot instead of the core after player destroys both of its arms.
16 Fixed an issue where encounters sometimes repeat when both squads are near the Raptures in Lost Sector.
17.Fixed an issue where skills with a specific range affect allies under certain circumstances.
18.Fixed an issue where the Charge time and Full Charge Damage info of Maxwell’s Burst Skill is not displayed.
19.Added notice in Skill Tool Tip stating that Laplace cannot take cover while using Burst Skill.
20 .Fixed an issue where the skill effect of Anne: Miracle Fairy’s Burst Skill Blue Butterfly Slumber differs from its description and instead restores HP according to the skill target’s HP.
21.Fixed an issue where the reload sound effect does not sound in battle when Helm is in the Chandelier costume.
22.Fixed an issue where Noise’s HP bar does not change when she launches Skill 2.
(Part of Noise Max HP Bug fix)
23.Fixed an issue where reload happens at the beginning of battle when the increase ammo capacity setting is switched on. The issue occurs when:
a)Player uses the increase ammo capacity setting in Equipment Modification
b)Player selects the increase ammo capacity buff in Simulation Room
c) Player is equipped with Harmony Cube – Wingman Cube with increase ammo capacity setting
24.Fixed an issue where images of Raptures that have yet to appear are seen in certain levels in Tribe Tower.
25.Fixed an issue where Raptures in the 68th level of Elysion Tower are considered dead when they move out of the frame.
26.Fixed an issue where the camera continues to shake after player switches off the Screen Shaking option while the camera is shaking mid-battle.
27.Made fixes and adjustments to skill-related issues of various characters. Please check out the details in the announcement about skill adjustments.

Gameplay/System Issues

1.Some changes have been made to the game format of Simulation Room.
a) Players are no longer required to begin from Sector A and may now start playing from Sector B and Sector C.
b)After clearing high-difficulty Sector A and Sector B, player will be deemed to have cleared low-difficulty Sector C.
c)After clearing Sector A of Difficulty 3, player will obtain the rewards for Sectors A to C of Difficulty 1 and 2.

2.Changed item names:
a)Before: Credit / Battle Data Set / Core Dust
b) After: Credit Case / Battle Data Set Case / Core Dust Case

3.Fixed the issue where social points from Pass: Sunrise
Pass mission are excluded when player receives and sends social points with one click.

4.Adjusted the distribution of some Raptures in Campaign Chapter 14 and Chapter 16 field.
5.Fixed an issue where players can skip to the next stage without clearing Campaign Normal mode 7-13 and 11-13.
6.Added the function where players can see the location of unobtained Lost Relics through Outpost – Commander’s Room.
7.Fixed an issue where Arena point is displayed as O when player enters Rookie Arena for the first time.
8.Fixed an issue where player is informed that rewards claimed are O when there are actually no rewards to be claimed in Special Arena.
(May be Arena: Inconsistent Points Bug)
9.Fixed an issue where player drops in rankings after winning in Special Arena.
10.Added a pop-up notifying that player is currently in battle when player attempts to battle the opponent after being attacked in Special Arena.

11.Fixed an issue where the tutorial for Rookie Arena appears in Special Arena.
12.Fixed an issue where points claimed are not reflected in real time in Special Arena rankings.
13.Fixed an issue where the ranking at the lower part of Point Ranking Tab in Special Arena is displayed as Battle Ranking.
14.Made improvements so that the level upgrade of a character grouped in Special Arena squad is immediately reflected in her power.
15.Fixed an issue where other contents are displayed in the guide message that appears when the defense squad in Special Arena is not formed.
16.Fixed an issue where player reaches Diamond 10 level for the first time but still can get the rewards accumulated before reaching Diamond 10 level.
(SP Arena: First Claim Bug)
17.Fixed an issue where the audio in character details page does not change after player’s bond level with Nikke reaches level 10.
18.Slightly expanded the scope where Lost Relics can be found in the field.
19.Made improvements so that the correct error message appears when player attempts to upgrade character when upgrade is inapplicable to her.
20.Made improvements so that the character who leveled up due to Synchro Device cannot be placed in the main slot above.
21.Fixed an issue where player can move around the field freely when app is switched to run in the background.
22.Fixed an issue where a red dot appears when player possesses Advanced Recruit Voucher(s), even when Special Recruit and Limited-Time Recruit are unavailable.
23.Fixed an issue where an error code appears when player enters Mileage Shop for the first time from Recruit page.
24.Fixed an issue where the character level in Stage Info does not update under certain circumstances.
25.Made improvements so that the Next button is available even when there is no one in the team while player is forming a team in Manufacturer Towers.
26.Fixed an issue where the Lost Sector tutorial cannot proceed normally.
27.Fixed an issue where the number of the ongoing Sector in Lost Sector is incorrect.
28.Improved Help contents for Recycling Room.
29.Made improvements so that player can enter the Union page without having to restart the game after joining Union.
30.Fixed an issue where the mail sent after player’s position in Union changes contains the incorrect title.
31.Fixed an issue where no red dot appears when there is a new request to join the Union.
32.Fixed an issue where player can enter Union shop after leaving the Union.
33.Fixed an issue where the character limit shown for Union Mail’s subject and body differs from the actual character limit.
34.Fixed an issue where options are sometimes not displayed when player taps the page quickly during a dialogue scene.
35.Added a sync function for the speakerphone option and earphone option in sound settings.
36.Fixed an issue where the sound settings are not applied when player switches to Bluetooth earphones.
37.Fixed an issue where certain sound effects and sounds are still played when muted.
(Sound Effects Bug)
38.Fixed an issue where nickname is not displayed when an attempt to use banned word(s) in the nickname is made.
39.Added a function where audio is activated when the live wallpaper in Lobby is tapped.
40.Improved Help contents for Friends system.
41.Changed names of time-type consumable items and improved the descriptions.
42.Fixed an issue where wrong lines are displayed in there collections of Brief Encounter.

Equipment Modification Issues

1.Fixed an issue where equipment can be unequipped through Inventory after player uses modified equipment. Please contact the Customer Service Center regarding the equipment that was already unequipped.
2.Fixed an issue where a system error message pops up when there are insufficient materials for the modification
(Part of Overload Custom Module Bug)
3.Fixed an issue where the Max HP increase option of modified equipment is not applicable.
4.Removed unnecessary buttons on the Modification Completed page.
5.Added Help text for equipment modification.
6.Fixed an issue where the values can be reset after all effects of the modified equipment have been locked.
7.Fixed an issue where the quantity owned that is displayed on the equipment signs when player is changing the effects of the modified equipment is different from the actual quantity owned.
(Part of Overload Custom Module Bug)
8.Fixed an issue where the manufacturer values cannot be recognized from the attributes when player is attempting to modify equipment.
9.Fixed an issue where the ammo capacity is abnormal when the modified equipment’s ammo capacity increase buff and Privaty’s ammo capacity decrease buff stack with each other.
10.Fixed an issue where identical options of the modified equipment cannot be stacked.
(This completely changes things for Overload Equipment!
Stay tuned for an update on the Overload guide)
11.Fixed an issue where the quantity of Custom Module owned does not update when player resets the values of the modified equipment.
(Overload Custom Module Bug)
12.Fixed an issue where item level is displayed as 1 on the equipment modification results page.
13.Edited the lock icon so that player can more easily distinguish whether or not the modified equipment’s effects are locked.
14.Fixed an issue where a pop-up about equipment being unequipped appears when player tries to unequip all equipment while only equipped with modified equipment.
15.Fixed an issue where player does not get attacked in Arena when equipped with modified equipment that has”unobtained effects.”
(Arena: Matchmaking Bug)

Shop/Recruitment Issues

1.Union shop can be used during Union Raid. When normal operation of the shop begins, the following changes will apply to temporarily registered items:
a) Removed Credit, Battle Date, Core Dust, Custom Module products
b)Added Spare Bodies of Guilty, Sin, and Quency (15,000 points are required to purchase each product)

(This hints at Union Raid coming soon!)
2.Fixed an issue where the pop-up stating that Free Gems will be used first does not appear when player uses Paid Gems in New Commander Special Recruitment.
3.Improved Help contents for Content Shop.
4.Improved the display so that it is easier to find out whether player has won the premium rewards of Event Pass.
5.Fixed the issue where the time left before product update is not displayed in Mileage Shop.
6.Added notice about unclaimed rewards being distributed through mail when Event Pass and Mission Pass expire.

UI/UX/Design/Localization Issues

1.Made improvements to display the character’s costume in player’s profile picture in rankings.
2.Made comprehensive improvements to the UI/UX of buildings construction in the Outpost.
3.Improved parts of UX in the rewards preview pop-up in Simulation Room.
4.Fixed an issue where the Burst Skill icon and stun sign are incorrect in certain rounds in Special Arena.
5.Improved the display so that the countdown for the Arena season is displayed in minutes and seconds when the remaining time is less than one hour.
6.Added a function where players can long press a character’s icon to check her info when forming a squad.
7.Made improvements so that players can swipe to change characters when checking the squad info.
8.Made improvements so that when player stays on the Interception page, the Quick Battle button becomes unavailable when the date changes.
9.Improved the design of the live wallpaper slot.
10.Improved the design of the buttons on the upper portion of character info page.
11.Made improvements so that the touch area in Simulation Room’s buff selection box is more accurate.
12.Fixed an issue where all buff icons in Simulation Room’s buff selection box are displayed as lightning icons.
13.Quantity of available Lost Relics and obtained Lost Relics will be displayed on the Field’s mini-map.
14.Improved the game logic so that for certain devices, the screen settings can be adjusted according to the device.
15.Fixed an issue where the target Ul is not displayed for skills with a specific range.
16.Improved certain UI displays for Monthly Kit products
17.Made improvements to the UX so that the location of the Elevator in Outpost is highlighted when a Main Quest that requires player to approach the Elevator occurs.
18.Improved the UI/UX of certain gift items.
19.Made improvements to the UX so that players can long press the materials icon to check their info in the manufacturer/class upgrade page of Gifts, Equipment Modification, and Recycling Room.
20.Added a button in the results page of Story Event Stages so players can proceed directly to the next stage.
21.Added a function where players can long press the +or – sign to adjust the quantity when using selectables or consumables. This function is also available when player purchases items from the shop.
22.Fixed an issue where the left and right sides of the character’s image in Nikkepedia look slightly cropped.
23.Fixed an issue where the NPC’s name is incorrect in the sub quest in Chapter 14.
24.Fixed an issue where some of Maiden’s lines are said in the original language after player changes audio language.
25.Fixed the problem where lines voices of multiple characters overlap each other when in team formation.
26.Moreover, certain language localization issues have been fixed.

New Bugs

  1. Sin Skill 1 Mistranslation: Sin’s Skill 1 is mistranslated. It is NOT a stun, it is a taunt.
  2. Ammo Refresh (Infinite Ammo Bug): The previously fixed ammo bug has been re-introduced.
  3. Max Ammo Reload (Restart): When Max Ammo effects expire, any characters currently reloading will restart their reload animation.
  4. Max Ammo Reload (No Cover) When Max Ammo effects expire at the moment a character empties their ammo, they will not go into cover during their reload.
  5. Arena: Immortal: At times, certain units will not die in Arena. Trigger unknown.
  6. Arena: Scarlet/Sugar Visual Bug: At times, Scarlet’s profile icon may be replaced with Sugar’s in Arena. Trigger unknown.
  7. Live Wallpaper Stuttering: Live wallpapers can cause FPS drops in the lobby screen and stuttering in its animation

Other Changes

1. High-Quality Mold rates changed to: SSR 61%, SR 39%.
2. Mid-Quality Mold rates changed to: SSR 21%, SR 79%

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