Helm: Aquamarine Early Analysis

Canon wet love-making

Basic Info

  • Skill 1: Admire Accompaniment
  • Skill 2: Aegis Cannon Suppression Fire
  • Burst: Aegis Cannon Overload
    Cooldown: 20s
  • Rarity: SSR
  • Burst: II
  • Weapon: AR
  • Class: Attacker
  • Element: Iron
  • Manufacturer: Elysion
  • Squad: Aegis
  • AR name: Battleship


Skill 1: Admire Accompaniment

Activates after landing 30 normal attack(s). Affects the target(s).
Deals 131.34% of final ATK as additional damage.
Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects al allies.
Effect changes according to the activation time(s). Previous effects
trigger repeatedly:
Once: Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 1.82 sec.
Twice: Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 2.2 sec.
Three times: Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 2.6 sec.

A skill that starts with rather very low starting dmg values. Upgrading it only increases the amount of damage the proc does and does not affect the cooldown reduction given. It is a single target skill. Skill does not contribute much damage at all either at realistic skill investments, or even at max level.

Skill 2: Aegis Cannon Suppression Fire

Affects I enemy unit(s) randomly.
Deals 105.58% of final ATK as damage
Affects the same target(s) when they belong to Electric Code.
Damage Taken ▲ 5.64%, stacks up to 5 time(s) and lasts for 5 sec.

A strong skill when used against the right opponents, if not, skill acts like another rather weak damage source for Helm: Aquamarine

When Helm: Aquamarine is used against electric coded bosses, this skill becomes a pretty powerful permanent dmg taken debuff. However it may lose stacks if the boss is able to summon mobs/Boss stage comes with additional mobs (E.x Motherwhale).

Burst: Aegis Cannon Overload

Affects al enemies.
Deals 164.83% of final ATK as damage.
Affects the same target(s) when they belong to Electric Code.
Deals 164.83% of final ATK as additional damage.

The Blue CP clear specialty ✨, This skill does absolutely nothing for the team except for adding a little bit more damage or clearing Blue CP stages faster.


As a AR unit that hogs the burst 2 slot where most burst generators are prominent. She requires a team/Nikke’s that innately has high burst gen (Harran, Alice Spam Shot, Jackal etc.) to even benefit from her Cool down reduction that is in her kit. use ONLY if you simply don’t have any 20s Cooldown reduction unit (Liter, Volume, Dolla, Dorothy) as Cool down reduction is simply too strong not to have in any content.


AR units give low burst generation, and nothing in her kit is specialized for PvP/Gives too little to put her in a team. Not recommended to put her in PvP teams.

Special Interception | Union Raid | Solo Raid

Due to her being the 5th CDR unit that is 20s, she will see some use in Boss content that requires multiple teams.

For Union raid, she will be a staple burst 2 against any of the bosses that are electric coded (iron weak) as the permanent damage taken debuff + CDR is rather powerful. Otherwise if not element weakness is not applicable, she’s basically a weaker Dolla.

For Solo/Union, she’d be a VERY good unit for Snow white teams against electric coded bosses. She free’s up a Novel/Dolla slot (Depending on how you use your Snow white team) so they can go to other teams which can be rather game changing for your overall raid score.

For Special interception, she does hold a pretty special spot for grave digger. Although not as powerful as the bunny twins (Blanc / Noir), she is a very good substitute for them. Novel exists but her burst only lasts 5s while Helm’s is permanent and consistent in which this would benefit the player more due to the nature of how GD’s mechanics work (QTE’s). Luckily the drills sent by grave digger shouldn’t mess with Helm’s skill 2 targeting and should only hit the Grave digger, which means her stacks shouldn’t drop.


  • 20s Cooldown Reduction unit
  • Damage taken debuff
  • A rather powerful unit when using in her ideal scenarios (Electric coded bosses)
  • Canon love-making ✨


  • Much better CDR unit alternatives when used outside her Niche
  • Wears a uniform to the beach

Note: Despite what seems like me ragging on her skills. Cool down reduction is simply too strong to ignore/not have. As a unit that offers that, it’s hard to label her as bad. The only “bad” thing about her is that there are better alternatives when used in content she doesn’t specialize in.

Should You Pull

If you’re f2p and you don’t have any Cooldown reduction units, one copy is always welcome.

She’s also the 5th CDR unit for solo raids, but if that content simply does not appeal to you, feel free to skip. Collab units are simply getting closer.

light spenders have little to no reason to get more than one copy of her besides her live 2d lobby

Temporary Rating

Bosses9.1 (Against Electric weak)

Recommended Harmony Cubes

Resilience Cube = Increased reload speed
Bastion = Ammo refund

Skill Priority

Helm Aquamarine383Skill 1 Adds negligible damage, but damage nonetheless.
Skill 2 is her skill she’d be used for. Niche but strong
Burst does negligible damage.

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