Helm Aquamarine Bond Story Summary

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Helm: Aquamarine bond story summary

Episode 1:
Helm finds the Commander still working despite being on a “vacation”. She realizes, however, that she is also doing the same. While having their conversation, Anis walks in and asks the Commander to change her parts since she’s feeling uncomfortable after the competition she had with Rapi and Neon. Helm sees this as an excuse but the Commander defends Anis’ side by telling Helm that that’s just her way of saying things; that being showing no weaknesses. After going back to work, Liter walks in and updates the Commander about the repair of M.M.R’s underwater rapture detection device. taking a longer time than expected. Helm finds it unpleasant about breaking the deadline but the Commander defends the issue by saying that it’s a low priority since the detection function is not the one that’s malfunctioning anyway. That being said, Helm realizes that she herself doesn’t know anything about her fellow squadmates while the Commander knows that much towards his subordinates and asks the Commander to give her some advice.

Episode 2:
To train Helm’s leadership, the Commander appoints Frima and Yan as her temporary subordinates and orders the three to clean a room. Helm is shocked by the fact that she has to lead with the two instead of having more reliable members like Pepper or Rapi. The Commander tells Helm that they were appointed because they resemble her actual squadmates which makes Helm in disbelief. In the end, they still follow the Commander and continues to do the task they were given. However, they are in a bad start as Frima accidentally break the plates and Yan rips the bedsheet unknowingly. Helm decides to do the rest of the work by herself and orders the two to go. The Commander checks on their progress but only see Helm alone in the room. Seeing that it didn’t meet the Commander’s expectation, the Commander asks Helm to go for a walk with him.

Episode 3:
As they stopped walking, the Commander asks Helm to lie down on the hammock where Frima usually sleeps. However, she fails to lie down and ends up tripping the Commander. Helm, being apologetic, asks the Commander why he is not angry despite what happened. The Commander simply tells Helm that she can’t lie down on a hammock because she never tried to in the first place. Helm defends herself by saying that Nikke’s functions are superior to humans that pulling off such a simple task is inexcusable which makes the Commander asks why is she so hard on herself. Helm answers the question by saying that failure is not an option especially in their line of work even though it heavily affects Mast and Anchor’s mood. While breaking down, the Commander tells Helm that she can lean on him and that she puts her trust to other people as well. Helm never thought of it that way but the Commander convinced her to change her mindset. Helm finally realizes what the Commander is trying to tell her and attempts to get on the hammock again. With the Commander’s guidance, Helm successfully lies down on the hammock and had the sudden urge to get one for herself. After a while, Helm decides to sit to make space for the Commander. However, with the two in the hammock, Helm suddenly says something she shouldn’t have said and hurriedly leave the Commander with a blush on her face (which Commander doesn’t see).

Episode 4:
The next day, the Commander is working on a paperwork but observes Helm’s condition. Despite Helm saying that she did an examination earlier, the Commander doesn’t feel assured of it and decides to check Helm’s temperature by touching her forehead. The act made Helm blushed and the Commander tells her that she had a fever. Helm, knowing herself that she didn’t something to make her sick, rejects the idea and removes the Commander’s hand on her forehead. As the Commander is going back to work again, Helm asks for a favor but instantly blushed again when the Commander looks at her to answer her question. Helm just asks the Commander to not stare at her when talking and orders the Commander to not ask why as she herself doesn’t know why. Helm continues to ask the Commander if there’s a subordinate confessing their romantic feelings towards their superior officer. The Commander tells her that there is no such thing as it is being frowned upon. Helm pauses her work and decides to get some fresh air outside. As the Commander is about to finish his work, the rain begins to pour. The Commander decides to bring an umbrella with him and finds Helm outside standing in the rain. The Commander protects her from the rain which made Helm asks why the Commander cares about her not having an umbrella when she herself is a Nikke that is generally capable to withstand the rain. The Commander simply says that she means a lot to him which made Helm in a mess again.

Episode 5:
The Commander observes that Helm is acting strangely and seems like she avoids the Commander. When the Commander asks Liter, Liter says that Helm was helping her until she saw the Commander approaching. The Commander finds Helm in the woods and immediately asks why is she avoiding him. Helm replies that she just needs some space and asks the Commander to leave her alone for now. The Commander insists that if she doesn’t tell him the problem, then he cannot help her as her superior. Helm finally tells the Commander everything about her “condition” and the Commander decides to get it checked (however, since it also means taking her clothes off, she asks the Commander to look the other way for a moment). While checking, the Commander finds that her heart is beating fast and her temperature is high which is symptom of fever. However, Helm tells the Commander that it all started when she first met the Commander. In her own words, Helm says:

“To be honest, I don’t know much about this, or how to solve it. and I don’t want to know. You’re my superior and a human. I’ve been trying to keep you at a distance, but… Subordinate, talk to me. Please. What should I do? You know about these things. You’re the commander who’s poised to become the stuff of legend. You’re observant of your surroundings. You taught me how to get along with my co-workers. So tell me, how do I take these feelings and bury them? How can I undo this situation when it’s become such a tangled mess? Can’t you tell me what to do?”

However, the Commander apologetically replies that he can’t do anything about this situation because what Helm will do from now on is entirely up to her. Helm tries to correct the Commander since what the Commander said is basically something one would say if they feel the same way. To remove all the misunderstandings, the Commander kisses Helm. Surprised, Helm tells the Commander once again that she doesn’t know anything about it and should teach her at least the basics first. With the two finally on the same page while still in the woods, the Commander teaches Helm everything about love up until morning.

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