Guilty (Liberation) – Should You Choose?

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Guilty is a Burst 2, Shotgun, DPS and Offensive Support.




Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity9
Reload Time2.67s
Base Burst Energy20
Control ModeNormal

Deals 231.4% of ATK as damage.

Skill 1 – Mind If I Borrow This?

■ Activates after landing 6 normal attack(s). Affects self.
Mind If I Borrow This?: Duplicate 8.81% ATK of ally with the highest ATK, stacks up to 5 time(s) and lasts for 10 sec.

Skill 2 – Time to play

■ Activates after landing 12 normal attack(s). Affects all Wind type allies.
Increases stack count of buffs by 1.
ATK ▲ 4.13% for 10 sec.

Burst Skill – Gotcha…


■ Affects 1 enemy unit(s) with the highest DEF.
Deals 284.32% of ATK as damage.
■ Affects the same target(s) when Mind If I Borrow This? is fully stacked.
DEF ▼ 20.25% for 5 sec.
Deals 277.71% of ATK as additional damage.

First Impressions

Duplicate ATK

This is a very interesting ability. Guilty is able to “duplicate” up to 44.05% of ATK from the highest ATK ally, with max stacks. Depending on whether or not “duplicate” also takes into account any ATK buffs present on the ally, and how high your highest ATK is, this ability has potential to be a respectable self-DPS buff.

Especially being a shotgun, Guilty could be helpful for players who are struggling to have enough DPS in boss and close range fights.

However, it must be pointed out that Guilty is only effective if there is at least one other high ATK DPS. It may be better to simply bring units that can further buff that DPS instead. In the case of Rupee for example, she is a decent B2 DPS but also buffs the team’s ATK.

Wind Type Allies

For clarification, “increase stack count” buffs do not apply if the buff is not already present. This cannot increase Epinel’s stack count from 0 to 1; Epinel must have at least 1 stack for her stack count to be increased.

There are not many wind type allies in the meta that would want these buffs; only Epinel, Pepper and Diesel have stacking buffs. Epinel, Pepper, Diesel and Volume can also benefit from the ATK buff. Though the value is quite low, the up-time is fairly high.

Weak Burst

As we all know, DEF down is not very valuable currently as enemy DEF is not high enough. However, this could potentially change. At the very least it is a usable damage buff for the team.

Though Guilty’s burst multiplier is much better when she is at max stacks, it is still a mediocre ability.

Should You Choose?

These are merely my personal first impressions. There may be changes before live release.

Guilty seems like a decent choice for players who are struggling to have enough DPS in boss and close range battles.

  • Guilty is potentially a strong B2 DPS
    • She is a shotgun, making her valuable for boss and close range battles
    • Only effective if there is at least one other DPS with a high enough ATK
    • It may be better to buff your existing DPS units instead
  • Buff stack increase ability does NOT work unless at least 1 stack of the buff is already present
  • Her other abilities are not very impressive
  • You may want to choose another unit (Sin, Quency)
    • The other two options are also not particularly impressive

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