Guilty Analysis

Gave me such a firm handshake, my hands broke. But now i'm okay. Here's her Analysis!


Mind If I Borrow This? – Skill 1

■ Activates after landing 6 normal attack(s). Affects self.
Mind If I Borrow This?: Duplicate 8.81% ATK of ally with the highest ATK, stacks up to 5 time(s) and lasts for 10 sec.

Pretty amazing skill, she is able to gain x% of ATK from the highest ATK stat in the team (also includes herself if applicable). However, This skill takes the BASE highest attack, and will ignore buffs applied in battle.

SG’s have a base fire rate of 1.5/s. To fully stack, 24 shots is needed (6 x 5 = 30 | 30 – 6 from skill 2 passive = 24)
24 / 1.5 = 16s
24 shots needs two reloads, reload speed is 2.67 x 2 = 5.34s.
16s + 5.34 = 21.34 seconds to fully stack passive assuming continuously firing at a target, which is very possible in boss stages.

Her passive does not take too long to ramp up, and is easily maintainable as each stack lasts 10s, and refreshes every time condition is met.

Stacks are represented as a green heart with chains.

Time to play – Skill 2

■ Activates after landing 12 normal attack(s). Affects all Wind type allies.
Increases stack count of buffs by 1.
ATK ▲ 4.13% for 10 sec.

Rather disappointing skill compared to skill 1, but this skill helps speed up acquiring her own stacks, as she herself is counted as a wind unit. Other notable units that benefit from this is Epinel and Pepper.

Gotcha… – Burst

■ Affects 1 enemy unit(s) with the highest DEF.
Deals 284.32% of ATK as damage.
■ Affects the same target(s) when Mind If I Borrow This? is fully stacked.
DEF ▼ 20.25% for 5 sec.
Deals 277.71% of ATK as additional damage.

Decent b2 skill at 20s cooldown. Does very respectable damage against a target with good defense shred, although not controllable, Guilty is mostly used against Single target stages such as Bosses, Intercept, and Union Raids.


Guilty is Simply the best offensive Nikke in the burst 2 slot, as she has good damage and decent team utility. Guilty also has good burst gen by simply being a shotgun unit. She is however a mag reload instead of a clip reload, which does give less burst energy. More information here.

She’s a Strong pick for every boss that needs a beating and doesn’t require Guilty herself to have Great equipment because of her passive 1 skill. Although still very welcomed.


Guilty does pretty well in arena with a full shotgun team. The shotgun comp in PvP does pretty well and can easily shred units before Full burst is even attained, while having good burst generation themselves.
But they would still lose against the more meta comps such as Scarlet nuke team, or Biscuit stall teams.
Might stand a chance against Privaty teams as they have similar Burst generation, but SG team have a chance to take out a unit before FB due to the offensive nature of the team.

Possible Team Comp

Pepper Substitute = Neon
Maiden, Sugar, or Drake substitute = Viper


One of her “weak” points. SG’s don’t quite have a place in campaign usually, just because of the variety of rapture range. B2’s who can offer burst generation (such as Centi, Anis) or Cool down reduction (Dolla) are also much more preferred. However Guilty is definitely able to be used in Chapter bosses and would do well against them.

Special Interception

Guilty does well in all Intercept stages, assuming CDR is not needed (Volume, Liter on burst 1). She’s just a good damage dealer that can help Users reach phase 9 if they have damage issues. Nothing else to note.


  • Very good b2 damage dealer
  • 20s CD
  • Scales well if a very well raised unit is part of the team as Guilty gains their ATK.
  • Probably into BDSM.


  • Rather awkward to use in campaign due to being a shotgun unit
  • Skill 2 has a very low attack multiplier
  • Very rough BDSM.

Should You Choose?

Yeah, she’s pretty much the best choice to pick between the 3. Good in most content, and simply deals a great amount of damage despite being in the b2 slot.



Skill Priority

Guilty92.56Skill 1 is a very good chunk of her Overall DPS, just because it scales on your highest ATK unit. Skill 2 provides too little attack, and the stack gain is fixed, so there’s not much purpose to upgrade this skill at all.
Her burst does pretty good damage though, with the welcome bonus of def shred.

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