Dorothy Lore and Bond Stories

Backstory: Dorothy is the leader of the Inherit squad. The commander meets Dorothy when the Commander is able to reach Eden after completing the trials from Harran in chapter 20.

OverZone story: Dorothy is one of the Nikkes of the Goddess squad. The squad’s objective is to protect the Ark from raptures.

Episode 1

The story starts in Eden when the Commander decided to stay in Eden for a while after passing the Inherit’s test. While the Commander is sightseeing the beauty of Eden, he sees Dorothy standing in the middle of the courtyard. The Commander describes Dorothy as a “Nikke residing in Eden who is angelic in many ways, yet can turn on a dime and become callous if the situation calls for it”. While the Commander keeps her glance on Dorothy, Dorothy notices this and calls the Commander. Dorothy asked the surprised Commander if he has something to say to her. The Commander panics and doesn’t know what to say (A prompt will appear and you can choose to say you’re admiring the Apple trees or admiring Dorothy). When Dorothy feels the Commander doesn’t have anything to say, Dorothy leaves the scene. The Commander still gazes upon Dorothy’s figure and shifts his gaze to the courtyard where Dorothy stood. The Commander thinks that the seeing Dorothy should be a pleasant scene but instead filled the Commander with an overwhelming sadness.
The Commander asks Noah about why Dorothy seems to be always alone in the Courtyard but Noah doesn’t know the reason either. However, Noah tells the Commander about how Dorothy was a part of the Goddess squad and how numerous Nikkes were killed. Noah adds that Dorothy is the one responsible for the creation of Eden and that everyone tries to please her despite being hard to get along with. In the end, Noah just tells the Commander to talk to Dorothy directly if he really want to know more about Dorothy and leaves.
For several days, the Commander comes to the Courtyard to see everyday and tries to make a conversation with Dorothy. Dorothy, at some point, finally asks why the Commander keeps on coming. The Commander answers that Dorothy looks sad. Dorothy, however, realizes that the Commander likes to stick his nose into other people’s business and thanks the Commander for being kind. Dorothy asks if the Commander really cares about her and the Commander immediately says yes. Dorothy then asks the Commander to take a stroll with her to which the Commander agrees.

Episode 2

The Commander and Dorothy head out of Eden and is currently in an unwelcoming desert (Not what the Commander expected for a “stroll”). The Commander questions Dorothy if she wants to walk through the desert. Dorothy then sarcastically reason out that since the Commander thinks she looks cold, she and Commander should go to the hottest place that Dorothy could ever think of. Dorothy says that the Commander reminds her of a certain flower which she’s trying to find before heading back. Dorothy assures the Commander that finding the flower will certainly assuage her loneliness. As they keep their journey to finding the flower, the Commander now feels bone-tired and his breathing is not normal. The Commander reminds Dorothy but Dorothy only seems to provoke the Commander, telling him that it’s all because he’s a human that’s why the Commander is as slow as a slug. Dorothy finally agrees to make a stop in order for the Commander to rest. The Commander, after hearing that, lets himself fall to the ground to rest. Dorothy realizes that the Commander is not upset even though he suffers because of her. Dorothy asks why but the Commander replies, “because we’re both exhausted”. Dorothy argues that she’s never tired in the slightest and reminds the Commander that Nikkes are different from humans. After their short break, they resumed their journey on finding the flower.
After reaching their destination, The flower is not found in the vicinity of their destination. Dorothy also feels thirsty. The Commander offers a water bottle to Dorothy but Dorothy rejects it at first, saying that she doesn’t need it because she’s a Nikke. The Commander, however, argues that the water is enough for them to drink and offers the bottle again. This time, Dorothy takes the bottle and quenches her thirst. When the Commander asks if Dorothy hates humans, Dorothy tries to give a vague answer but the Commander sees this as a “yes” to his question. Dorothy admits this and argues if it’s wrong to hate humans. The Commander, however, thinks that it’s okay as long as Dorothy doesn’t hate the Commander. Dorothy, upon hearing such warped logic, laughs and remarks how strange the Commander can be. The Commander notices and tells this to Dorothy but Dorothy suddenly puts a poker face and suggests the Commander to head back to Eden. The Commander, however, tries to recall about his conversation with Noah about where Noah saw the flower.

Episode 3

The Commander leads Dorothy to a pile of scrap metals and suspects that the flowers are just toppled with scraps back when Noah was ambushed by raptures at the same place. As the Commander tries to reach the flowers underneath the piles of metal, his hands can’t reach enough by hair length. Dorothy suddenly asks why the Commander is doing this for her. What Dorothy really intend to do is to give the Commander a lesson since the Commander pesters her the past few days. However, the Commander argues that if they obtain the flower Dorothy wanted, she’ll feel less lonely. Dorothy stubbornly says that she will not help the Commander despite having a hard time pushing the scraps. The scraps are clanking as the Commander pushes the scraps. Dorothy nudges the Commander that the noise the metals were making could attract raptures. However, the Commander trusts Dorothy that she will protect the Commander. Dorothy insists that she won’t do such a thing.
When the Commander is finally able to pick the flower, he gives it to Dorothy and takes it. However, Dorothy says it is not the flower that she’s after. Dorothy explains that she’s looking for a Liliweiss flower, not some nondescript wildflower. Dorothy, while wickedly smiling, says that the trip is a waste of time and exclaims that all hard work the Commander does is worth nothing. The Commander, however, just shrugs it off which annoys Dorothy. Dorothy rants to the Commander as to why the Commander is not complaining a single thing about how she treats him. The Commander, however, tells Dorothy that there is nothing for him to be angry about which gets Dorothy more annoyed. Dorothy exclaims that it was all an act in order for the Commander to get close to her and that she despises the Commander because of it. The Commander argues to Dorothy, claiming that she only tries to push him away and only convincing herself that she hates humans but, in reality, she loves humans and she wants to be loved by them. Dorothy doesn’t reject what Commander says. The Commander continues to insist until Dorothy fires a warning shot. Dorothy finally says that what the Commander is saying is not true and points the gun to the Commander
Dorothy suddenly can’t keep her feelings anymore and complains how the people in the Ark are having a peaceful life while they’re putting their lives on the line. Dorothy also reminds the Commander that Nikkes from Eden is different from the ones in the Ark (since they don’t contain NIMPH) and that they can kill humans whenever they wish. Dorothy contacted Isabel to escort the Commander instead and leaves the Commander alone while also dropping the flower.

Episode 4

As the Commander enters Eden, Rapi welcomes the Commander and asks his condition. The Commander asks Rapi if she knows about what happened to the Goddess squad when the Ark was first completed. Rapi tells the Commander about ”Operation: Ark Guardian”. The operation is about having a line of defense in front of the Ark and ensure that all remaining humans were safely inside. After the operation, members of the Goddess split and went into hiding. From Rapi’s story, the Commander notices that no one seems to give gratitude towards the squad. The Commander suddenly realizes why Dorothy suddenly went upset for his behavior. However, the Commander still see the pained expression Dorothy makes whenever she denies that she doesn’t love humans. When the Commander finally understands everything, he decides to find Dorothy.
The Commander, once again, finds Dorothy in the Courtyard. When Dorothy notices the Commander and tries to provoke him, the Commander just explains that he just wants to thank Dorothy for everything they’ve done to the Ark even though it was too late. Dorothy gets upset hearing this now and asks the Commander if his gratitude represents everyone in the Ark. Dorothy exclaims that the Commander doesn’t know everything about the past and that he doesn’t understand her hatred and anger. Because of this, Dorothy suddenly thinks that the Commander is only doing this to please her. The Commander just tells Dorothy that he just said what basically needs to be said a long time ago. The two continues to argue until the Commander states, while remembering Marian and the Counters squad, that he’s only alive because of the sacrifices that the Nikkes made and thinks that he wanted to repay Dorothy. Dorothy still rejects the statements of the Commander, saying that humans are cowards and terrified of raptures and nikkes with no NIMPH. However, the Commander still insists that it is all because of her sacrifices that humans still live today. Dorothy doesn’t want to hear any more and decides to leave sourly.

Episode 5

Dorothy stands in the middle of the courtyard and basks herself from sunlight. To her, the courtyard has everything she wanted, and the horrors of the war no longer perturb her. Yet, she’s still lonely. As the chill clings on her, she suddenly recalls about her previous stroll with the Commander and how is he similar to her previous commander. Dorothy describes their similarity as follows:
A person who remind of her past whenever they are together.
A guest of Eden and a good worker.
An outsider from the Ark.
A liar that poisons the minds of others with duplicitous words.
A parasite that latches onto those in vicinity.
A human.
Suddenly, the Commander approaches Dorothy in order to say goodbye before he leaves and head back to the Ark. The Commander also thinks that this would be their last time talking in Eden. The Commander, still concerned about Dorothy’s situation, reminds her to not be alone all the time and describes “welcoming others” in her heart is to “truly step into the sunlight”. Dorothy asks if the Commander ever stop babbling but the Commander didn’t mind the statement and says his goodbye. As the Commander walks away, Dorothy does the same. However, she keeps on remembering what the Commander said to her during their stroll which led to remembering her first victory as a Nikke. During that time, a small child tried to approach her with a bunch of flowers. With nervousness, the child took a deep breath and looked at Dorothy, took her hands and said, “Thank you. You saved our lives! Goddess of Victory! Nikkes! Thank you, Dorothy!”
It is true that she once loved everything about humans and wanted to protect them. At least, that’s her in the past. And then, humans came to pester her in Eden, the very place she sworn to protect, to receive her protection. However, she suddenly turns around and stares to the fading figure of the Commander and softly admits that he’s right and that she can still find love. The Commander, upon hearing something, turns around and asks Dorothy if she said something. Dorothy just insists the Commander to keep walking and turns around. Dorothy, once again, softly says, “Goodbye, my dear.”


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