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Developer’s Note – October 2023

The Developer’s Note for October 2023 has now been published after some time off! Check it out below.

Dear Commanders,

I’m Hyungsuk Yoo, the director of GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE.

Currently, the dev team is focusing on the game’s 1st anniversary and year-end updates. We are striving to create content that surpasses that of the half-anniversary while ensuring the build stability. Therefore, we would like to apologize for the delay of the developer’s note, which was released later than scheduled.

Today, let’s start by discussing the improvements that will be launched at the beginning of November.

Union Shooting Range Revamp

Firstly, the content regarding the Union Shooting Range will undergo a complete revamp.

The Union Shooting Range is a featured content designed to assist in character combination research. However, due to the limitation of the obtainable total score, there is an issue of the content’s usefulness being relatively low. To address this problem, we will make improvements to allow the “Target” appearing in the Union Shooting Range to have nearly infinite stamina. In addition, we will provide an option to determine the Code of the appearing Rapture, allowing all players to conduct their own research more clearly.

Meanwhile, we have developed an auxiliary system that allows all players to experience new characters at the Union Shooting Range. We hope these improvements can provide a better experience for all Commanders. After trying out the new Union Shooting Range, players who have further requirements can feel free to make suggestions through our customer service or official social media accounts.

Improvements to the Challenge Stage experience in Events

Additionally, we will also be optimizing the experience of the Challenge Stage in Events.

We have reduced the overall number of stages in the Challenge Stage and enhanced the utility of “Quick Battle.” Doing so makes it more convenient for all players to participate in Events. After reducing the number of stages, we have slightly increased the rewards for repeated clearances, and added first-time clearance rewards for each stage. The first-time clearance reward will provide 1 Ordinary Recruit Voucher and 20 High-Quality Molds (30 for a 3-week Event) when all Challenge stages are cleared. We welcome everyone to actively participate.

Lowering the difficulty of the Campaign Normal mode

We will be reducing the difficulty level of the Campaign Normal mode. With this adjustment, we hope that all Commanders will find it easier to progress through Chapters 25 and 26, which will be updated in early November. Specifically, we will be lowering the recommended power from Chapter 2 to Chapter 24. The earlier the chapter, the greater the reduction will be, with the last stage of Chapter 24 seeing a decrease of approximately 20,000 in combat power.

As we decrease the difficulty of the Campaign Normal mode, the difficulty of Lost Sector’s sectors 1-10, EX01 Sector, Common Tribe Tower and Manufacturer Towers’ levels 1-50, as well as Interception level D and level S, will also be adjusted accordingly. We hope all players take these adjustments into consideration and will enjoy the game more with these adjustments done.

Adding BlaBla Messenger Content

We have received a lot of feedback from our Commanders who expressed their desire to see more BlaBla messages. Our dev team strongly agrees with this sentiment. Therefore, with this large-scale update, we will be adding 42 new BlaBla messages. Moving forward, we will continue to update the BlaBla messages. We encourage everyone to stay tuned and we greatly appreciate all the valuable suggestions that have been put forward.

Celebrating NIKKE’s 1st Anniversary

This concludes the main improvements in our build for November. After all, it is a build dedicated to GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE’S 1st anniversary, hence the feelings toward it are rather profound. Looking back over the past year, we have received much love from everyone. We sincerely thank you, Commanders.

In the future, we will strive to do our utmost and endeavor to present everyone with a more remarkable version of the game.

We are figuring out how to measure the level of content deeper in NIKKE’s second year of operation. Although the specifics of these plans are not yet ready to be disclosed to you all for now, we will progressively share more details of the research content and development progress with you all in the developer’s notes that follow.

Additionally, we are currently looking for ways to reduce the pressure of using the Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher. While maintaining the enjoyment of manual operation, we cannot compromise the character’s abilities, and we also have to alleviate the pressure of using these weapons. We are considering these issues from multiple perspectives, and we are carefully evaluating and testing various solutions. Furthermore, to collect your input, we plan to conduct a relevant survey on this issue. We hope that everyone will share your valuable opinions with us.

We are continuously enriching our content and striving to ensure that all players can find a variety of interesting gameplay methods in the updates for our 1st anniversary.

After playing through these Stories and Events myself, I can truly say that they are “deliciously good.” So, I look forward to all Commanders enjoying them as well. Represented by the Stories, we will also provide a 3D Field, Mini Game, and character images with various expressions, as well as a new boss and other fun surprises that are completely different from OVER ZONE. So, do look forward to it. We will do our best in the time that remains to usher in a great 1st anniversary.

Although this Developer’s Note’s purpose is to celebrate our 1st anniversary, the content details will only be introduced to all players during the special livestream on 27th October, along with the gifts we are currently preparing. In order to present it to you all in a more thoughtful and well-packaged manner, we can only provide a brief introduction in the current developer’s note. We hope for your understanding.

On the occasion of the updates commemorating the first anniversary, I would like to express my sincere gratitude again to all Commanders who enjoy GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE.

4th November 2022 was an imperfect beginning. Indeed, it had many shortcomings. However, Commanders, you never fail to provide us with invaluable feedback through your suggestions. All of which have been continually steering GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE toward a better direction. Moreover, amidst your warm encouragement and support, we have been able to create wonderful Events and Stories over the past year.

The dev team promises to all that we will continue to humbly listen to the opinions of Commanders in the future, and present to you all a better version of NIKKE. We hope you will enjoy the updated contents and Events prepared for the 1st anniversary. We shall meet you all again in the near future through a special video.

Sincere thanks to all Commanders who enjoy and support NIKKE.

Thank you.


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    • I’d rather have a gear system rework. Crystal farming sucks, rolling OL stats sucks, getting the gear you want sucks (ie you can go months w/o a Pilgrim attacker drop) and theres no gear preset system.

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