December 8 Patch Notes Rundown

Here we will go over the full patch notes, and briefly highlight their implications on the new meta. Stay tuned for the upcoming tier list update!

Bug-fixes (Gameplay)

  • Burst Skill levels now apply correctly.

The most anticipated bug fix is finally here. Burst levels being fixed has major implications for burst-dependant units such as Admi and Alice. Units that are already strong such as Liter and Scarlet will also benefit from stronger bursts.

  • Buffs which increase stack count no longer refresh non-stackable buff durations.
    • Rupee Skill 1
    • Pepper Burst

This will hurt Rupee and Pepper slightly, but this is not a major hit.

  • Screen shake no longer affects DPS.

No affect on gameplay assuming you already had screen shake turned off.

  • Charge damage increase no longer applies to skills and bursts.

This is a hit to Harran, Dolla, Helm, etc for manual play, but not a big deal if you do not manual them.

  • Critical hits can no longer deal less damage than non-critical hits when under recommended CP.

This is a great change for all crit units (Volume, Julia, Maxwell, Aria, etc). This is also nice for Scarlet, Helm, Guillotine, Yulha, etc. Unfortunately, the damage formula itself seems unchanged, so crit is still lower value than attack.

  • Max ammo buffs no longer refresh ammo upon expiring.

This kills Yuni. Liter, Drake, Sugar will miss this bug, but they did not rely on it to be strong.

Bug-fixes & Changes (Units)

  • Sugar’s burst skill attack speed buff now applies properly.

Sugar’s DPS seems to have increased a lot with this fix, making her feel more like a proper DPS rather than a support.

  • Ludmilla and Noah’s taunt skills now work properly.

Ludmilla finally has a working kit and Noah will also greatly benefit from this fix. Though it remains to be seen how good Ludmilla actually is.

  • Vesti’s burst no longer deals 1 damage and works properly.
  • Vesti’s burst description fixed to be accurate with intended effect.
    • Vesti equips Missile Container 2 for 18 seconds.

Vesti finally has a working burst. She was able to deal half-decent damage even without her burst before, so there is some hope she will be able to make an impact. However, she is trapped in a “long battle/boss fight” niche, where she may be outclassed by shotguns and the other RL B3, Laplace.

  • Rapunzel’s burst description fixed to be accurate with intended effect.
    • Resurrects ally with highest attack, not randomly.
  • Units revived by Rapunzel no longer retain stackable buffs from before death.

Rapunzel’s performance has not been changed.

  • Laplace no longer has abnormal behaviour when fallen.

Heroes can now die. This does not affect Laplace’s strength.

Balance Changes

  • Skills which target lowest HP allies are no longer based on remaining HP values, but changed to remaining HP percentage.
    • Mary Skill 1: Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects the ally with the lowest HP (percentage).
    • iDoll Ocean Skill 1: Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects the ally with the lowest HP (percentage).
    • iDoll Ocean Skill 2: Affects the ally with the lowest HP (percentage).
    • Pepper Skill 1: Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects the ally with the lowest HP (percentage).
    • Rapunzel Skill 1: Activates when attacking with Full Charge. Affects 3 allies with the lowest HP (percentage).
    • Poli’s Skill 2 remains unchanged (and bugged).

This improves synergy between healers and tanks.

  • CP deficit stats shadow scaling is lower at low deficit. Change from -20% at 0.0001% deficit to -5%.

Campaign, Towers, and Lost Sector are now easier. Simulation Room is not affected.

  • Soldier OW Skill 2
    • Increase reload speed changed to increase cover DEF (not HP; mistranslation on notice)

The meme is dead.

  • Vesti Skill 2
    • Duration increased from 30secs to 45secs

Vesti is now able to stack skill 2 for additional burst effects.

  • Mihara Skill 2
    • Duration increased from 30secs to 45secs

Mihara is now able to stack skill 2 for additional burst effects.

  • Cover HP is no longer abnormally high at certain levels (101, 121, 122, 123).
  • Campaign Mode Chapters 2 and 3 recommended power is lowered.
  • Base defense difficulty lowered in Campaign Mode Chapters 3 to 7.

Bug-fixes & Changes (Game Modes)

  • Simulation
    • Last bullet n% trigger buffs no longer trigger 100% of the time.
    • Reflection bullet no longer triggers repeatedly according to the number of enemies attacked.
  • Boss
    • Gravedigger no longer stops taking any actions when FPS drops too low.
  • Co-Op
    • Issue where countdown freezes in match making fixed.
    • Issue where party removal cannot be used fixed.
    • Issue where skill cooldown time appears negative fixed.
    • Issue where second manufacturer buff description is covered by UI fixed.
    • Button to view Nikkes’ skills added in team formation screen. Skills will display as level 10.
    • Emoji button added in team formation screen.
  • Event
    • Button added to replay repeatable stages in Story Event.
    • Help function added in Story Event.
    • Story Event and Campaign parties are now saved separately.
  • Ranking
    • Issue in Manufacturer Upgrade Ranking calculations fixed.

Bug-fixes & Changes (Items)

  • Harmony Cube Skill 2 can no longer be used when it is not yet unlocked.
  • Incorrect text in Equipment Modification fixed.
    • Charge speed no longer displays as Increase Critical Rate.
    • Increase Critical Rate no longer displays as Increase DEF.
    • Critical Damage no longer displays as Increase Max HP.
    • Increase DEF no longer displays as HP Recovery from Damage Taken.
  • Explanations for the options in Equipment Modification page added.
  • Pilgrim Molds and other Molds’ description ammended for clarity.

Bug-fixes & Changes (Quality of Life and Others)

  • New Commander Special Recruit (Paid Gem Banner) text and UI ammended for clarity.
    • Compensation added as a permanent Challenge (100% SSR mold).
  • Helm and Laplace added to the permanent pool (regular recruitment, molds).
  • Unpurchased flash sales will display on the cash shop button.
  • Premium Rewards can be viewed without purchasing the Mission Pass.
  • “Free” and “Paid” labels added to gems in cash shop.
  • Pop-up now displays when players attempt to purchase an item in Mileage Shop after the sale has ended.
  • “System Error” when a player tries to exit Union after being removed from Union fixed.
  • “System Error” when a Sub-Leader is removed from Union while writing a union mail fixed.
  • Issue where Campaign Stage 1-4 video sometimes freezes depending on network status fixed.
  • Characters’ voiceovers now play every 60 seconds; changed from 15 seconds.
  • Challenge count no longer accumulates when force closing out of Interception repeatedly.
  • Description added to Help pop-up of Infrastructure Core.
  • Maximum daily received Friendship Points from friends lowered from 30 to 15 friends.
    • Friendship Points now send and receive 2 points per friend, increased from 1.
  • When there is login history, server is selected automatically. Server can be changed by tapping “Select Server”.
  • Issue where changing graphics settings force a download of JP dub fixed.
  • Issue where Outpost Base Defense displays longer time than actual accumulated time fixed.
  • Format of currency display after Synchro Device Enhancement shortened to match number display.
  • Issue where View Mode button does not show after failing or quitting combat fixed.
  • Dialog box will no longer show up when stamina is used up in Outpost and Brief Encounter.
  • Button that allows players to check Nikkes’ skills in Squad Page added.
  • Synchro Device
    • Issue where slot cooldown drops below 0 fixed.
    • Nikke can now be upgraded from Synchro Device screen (tap top row).
    • Nikke details can now be viewed from Synchro Device screen (tap and hold).
  • Stage Info now displays how many squad members are effective against enemy range and element with a shadow icon.
  • Text description added in Nikkepedia: “Effect According to Lv. 10 skills”.
  • Various red dot errors fixed.
  • Decorate Lobby order can now be sorted (tap and hold).
  • Squad Nikke ordering can now be changed in Squad Formation screen (hold and drag).

Bug-fixes & Changes (Sound and Visual)

  • Crow’s standing motion improved to look more natural.
  • Drake’s belt on standing avatar now displays properly.
  • Drake’s smile shadow no longer disappears.
  • Laplace no longer displays uncharacteristic emotions in episode 4.
  • Screen Shake basic value caused by shooting slightly lowered.
  • Certain translation and layout errors fixed.

Please note not all skill description translation errors have been fixed.

  • Line breaks improved for better text display.
  • Other fixes and improvements made for various UI issues.

Temporarily Removed

  • Lost Sector Tutorial
  • Recycling Room shortcut

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