D-Outsiders Event Guide

“We have…decided to extinguish the light in the Ark.” Terrorists blew up the Dome of Eternity, the Ark fell into darkness and citizens are panicking. With the help of D-Outsiders, Commanders head to the Outer Rim to investigate the mastermind.


January 12 ~ January 25



Event Guide

D-Outsiders is a Story Event. You will receive 5 free Bullets daily; this is the event stamina. You can spend event stamina to clear the story stages, at 1 stamina per entry. If you enter battle but fail or exit the stage, it will not consume event stamina and you may try again.

There are two types of Story Event stages: one-time story stages, and repeatable farming stages.
One-time stages are accompanied by a story dialogue, and give a one-time reward when cleared. These stages cannot be replayed after the initial clear. The story dialogue can be replayed in the Record Repository.
Repeatable stages give a reward for each clear, and can be farmed repeatedly. Each repeatable stage will reward: credits (1H), battle data (1H), or core dust (1H), at 1~4 count per clear depending on difficulty. Since higher difficulty stages grant more rewards and event stamina does not refresh when overcapped, it is always optimal to only buy event stamina after Hard Mode unlocks to farm the higher difficulty stages.

Farm the material that you need. At synchro level 1~120, core dust; level 121~140, battle data and core dust; level 141~199, battle data and credits; level 200+, core dust and credits is recommended to farm. Credits are of higher priority if you are levelling Tactics Academy or levelling T9/T10 equipment.

Clearing event stages also grant Splendamin Bars; this is the event currency. Event currency can be spent in the event shop to purchase additional rewards. See the Shop section below for more information.

Reward Boost Nikke

When clearing an event stage, you may receive a bonus reward of 50 event currency. The chance for this bonus reward drop is at base 0% chance. In order to increase your chances for a bonus drop, you must bring Reward Boost Nikke in your story event squad. Since Mica, Belorta, and Mihara add up to a 60% chance, you will need at least one SSR Reward Boost Nikke for the 100% guaranteed bonus drop.

NikkeBonus Reward Boost

Event Shop

Typically, if you play the Story Event every day, you will be able to buy out the whole shop without needing to buy any additional event stamina with gems, minus the raw 300 cost Core Dust. If you wish to buy all 50 of the 300 cost 30x Core Dust, you will need to buy additional event stamina with gems, and you may not be able to buy out the rest of the event shop. I only recommend buying the raw core dust if you are near or over level 200.

If you are able to buy out the whole event shop, simply buy the items that will help you immediately first.
If you are unable to buy the whole shop, I recommend prioritizing: Advanced Recruit Vouchers (prioritize if less than 5 MLB) = Recruit Vouchers (prioritize if less than 5 MLB) >= Consoles >= Skill Manuals = Burst Manuals >= Battle Data (prioritize if level 121~199) >= Core Dust (prioritize if level 1~120 or level 200+) > Credit (prioritize if Tactic Academy is not maxed, or leveling T9/T10 equipment) >= RE-Energy > Core Dust (raw 300 cost).

Bullets (event stamina) are worth buying if you have 100% drop rate (after hard mode unlocks). Do NOT buy Bullets before hard mode unlocks, as you will not receive daily free event stamina when over-capped.

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