D Early Analysis

Spooky Scary Silent axe mommy that will probably step on you


Vigorous Waves – Skill 1

■ Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects self.
Damage as strong element ▲ 46.93% for 15 sec.
Recovers 3.52% of ATK damage as HP, lasts for 15 sec.
■ Affects self when first activated.
Recovers 16.5% of ATK damage as HP, lasts for 15 sec.

Pretty good passive when against wind weak enemies as she simply does more damage against them. However her Life drain becomes miniscule after the first proc as 3% is simply too small, especially on a SMG units.

Surprise Attack – Skill 2

■ Activates when the target appears. Affects all allies.
Charges Burst Gauge by 98.56%. Activates 1 time(s) per battle.
Become immune to Stun for 36.95 sec.
■ Activates when the target appears. Affects self.
Damage as strong element ▲ 91.09%, lasts for 15 sec.

A bit to cover here. I’ll start with explaining the first part of the skill, the burst gauge increase. What the game considers “Targets” is stage bosses, story bosses, and any fight that involves a single big rapture (Union raid, Interception, Co-op bosses, etc etc). so no, she does NOT provide a instant gauge fill in arena or stun immunity.

Gauge starts at 0% in pvp

There are a few stun capable raptures in Nikke in general. The most hated one is sentry as not even unit invulnerability or cleanse can protect you from them (Noah and Cocoa) , great news, she makes the team immune to them. Bad news, her stun passive ONLY procs when “target” appears, therefore if the sentry isn’t the stage boss, that part of this passive is basically useless. Sentries can spawn along with the stage boss in some stages, so it isn’t that niche.

The last part of the passive simply increases elemental damage a lot, but don’t let the big number deceive you. Even when against wind weak elements, she will only be able to dish out decent damage.

Chastisement – Burst

■ Affects all enemies.
Deals 426.24% of ATK as damage.
■ Affects all Attacker allies.
When attacking a certain part of an enemy, damage dealt to the part ▲ 42.38% for 15 sec.
■ Affects all allies when gaining immunity to Stun.
Full Burst Time ▲ 5.04 sec.

D has a pretty spicy burst if I say so myself. First of all, AoE, always welcome to have. But the second part of the skill is the real gem. She increases total damage dealt to parts, which is essentially a whole multiplier of damage for 15s. However she needs to burst to proc it as it is not a Full Burst passive, and it comes with the caveat of extended full burst time when skill 2 passive is proc’d, so around 2-3 full burst rotations (depending on skill level) of extended burst time after first contact with “target”.

Burst level 7 (1.3382x multiplier). 19000 x 1.3382 = 25426

That sounds good already, HOWEVER, her burst is considered a different FINAL multiplier than damage taken debuff (Novel and Isabella) which amplifies damage even more, which makes it even better.

Burst level 7 (1.3382x multiplier). 23638 (Novel debuff applied) x 1.3382 = 31632

This burst can be rather beneficial when breaking parts in UR, as in most cases, breaking a part towards a UR boss will do substantial amount of damage towards it. Good addition towards possible UR units that can be used.

Can be a great damage booster when using teams with Maxwell when fighting bosses with tough parts if the user is able to get a Maxwell burst off before buff expires (Impractical in some team comps, needs high burst gen to pull this off). Not quite applicable to SW as her burst takes too long to charge, nor Alice as she would have <5s~ of buffed damage during her burst which is not quite worth slotting a b3 slot for.


D just like all the recent others, is a niche unit, however her universal burst buff (Damage increase towards parts) can actually have her see some usage outside her elemental weakness exploit kit. She will be able to dish out rather decent damage against wind weak enemies despite being an SMG user as well.

Her skills do need investment as the starting values do start rather low, and upgrading them scales well.
She’s mostly used as a substitute/slot in for Privaty in UR and intercept with 2 Higher DPS units (Maxwell, scarlet, Modernia, etc etc) to take optimal advantage of her part damage multiplier.

do take note when using Maxwell with her, the user has a rather strict time window to get full burst up going again (Impractical in some bosses/team comps, needs high burst gen), and being able to use Maxwell’s burst during the buff duration as the user has 5s to fill up burst gauge completely, then fully charging Maxwell and aiming. This is also assuming the proc from her passive is not present (+ Burst duration proc on her burst when stun immunity is active)

SW is not recommended for this reason as her burst simply takes too long to charge to be able to take advantage of her part damage buff.


As a SMG unit, she has very low burst gen in arena. Her passive also does not proc in arena which makes her pretty useless, the only thing she has going for her is an AoE burst, but even that is pretty weak. Do not use, much better alternatives


Unfortunately since Stage bosses do not have parts except for select stage bosses, D will only be used as a clutch to counter pesky sentries , and her AoE wipe (which does not deal much in general outside non-weak wind stages). However being the first possible counter to sentries is good for her usage as many players do get stuck in stages that simply have too many tanky sentries to kill in the boss waves.

Special Interception

Since most bosses in interception have parts, she can be used rather often there. Even outside Modernia (Who is weak to wind). She’ll mostly be used just for her burst buff, and if the user simply does not have another strong ST DPS to put in.

Drake, D, and Sugar with level 7/7/7 skills. All of them have the same amount of dupes, friendship bond, and level 5 t9 equipment. This is against Special intercept Modernia. She is able to do good damage when against wind weak enemies, nothing too amazing, but decent enough. All units were also on Auto mode, with the exception of manual drake and sugar burst.

NOTE: Being IMMUNE to stun does not mean you are IMMUNE to its damage, you will most certainly be beamed if the user tries to face tank Modernia’s laser beams. Don’t even try.


  • First real hard counter against Sentries despite the condition
  • Good damage buffer for the team against bosses with parts
  • Good damage against wind-weak enemies
  • 15s Buff instead of the usual 10s
  • Will probably step on you


  • Her personal damage is weak when D does not have the elemental advantage
  • Weak against bosses without parts
  • Needs rather high skill investments
  • Needs High DPS teammates in the same team
  • Makima Coat v2

Should You Pull

Yes, at least a copy. She seems to have enough usage utility around to justify occasional usage outside her specialties (elemental weakness exploit) and does pretty good in those scenarios too. Such as in UR and intercept. If those aspects don’t interest you, you can skip.

Temporary Rating


Skill Priority

D5~1- 48.0Skill 1 and 2 mostly affects her personal damage, although skill 1 does it more consistently as it procs on FB and not once per battle unlike skill 2. Skill 2 also increases the stun immunity duration which is not really needed for more than 30s. Leveling skill 2 higher will increase the odds of having 2 burst cycles with extended burst timer, as the burst timer increase proc is linked with skill 2, in which i consider extended Full burst time to be a damage loss.
Burst is a final damage multiplier and the strongest part of her kit.

DONT over invest in skill 2 nor go over 4 because of stated reason above, it will simply gimp overall damage
User may even keep skill 2 at level 1 if desired.


      • This is just incorrect, it’s not her burst that extends the burst timer. It’s her skill two as specified in her skill three “Affects all allies when gaining immunity to stun. Full Burst time ^ 5.04 sec” which the characters are immune to stun when her skill two pops which is when the target appears. This allows for her to trigger the stun immunity which gives the extension on the burst time and allows for you to burst with your modernia.

      • You’re incorrect Frostez. Her burst does extend the timer. It’s just that you need to have stun immunity active AND you need to use her burst to activate D’s burst extension. Since you can’t burst with Modernia (which she also requires her to burst to activate full burst extension) and D at the same full burst, they can’t stack. Although there are some burst passives that activate during Full burst, they are usually specified with “Activates when entering Full Burst”. D’s burst does not have that.

        Please do some testing before commenting what’s wrong or not, thank you.

  1. does the stun stack with Privaty’s stun?
    assuming the skill 2 activates as soon as privaty’s burst also activates, doess it stack?
    I’m a little bit short on the knowledge on this game whether stun and other status effects can be stacked or not.

    Another question is if extended burst timer is a damage loss, wouldn’t Modernia be lower in the tier?

    • I’m slightly confused by your comment.
      Skill 2 does not stun, it grants immunity to stuns.

      Modernia does not require burst to do a lot of damage, it is very optional to use as she deals more damage to Single targets off burst, and when used, is a good consistent AoE wave clear. In simpler terms, the user is able to choose between dealing ST damage, or to clear waves.

      Meanwhile D needs to use her burst to even benefit from her utility, as she does not do a lot of damage by herself at all, so bringing her in
      and not using her burst is very counter productive. Very different things.

      Since most buffs last 5-10s, it is recommended to keep refreshing those buffs as often as possible. Having extended full burst duration prevents you from doing that, therefore damage loss.

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