Chatterbox Co-op Guide

Chatterbox Co-op guide and teams recommendations.


Chatterbox has returned for another season of Coop battle, this even will be available from 12:00:00 November 17, 2023 (UTC+9) to 23:59:59, November 19, 2023 (UTC+9) .

Simply navigate to “Coordinated Operation” in the events tab and start searching for a party or create one with your friends.


Once battle starts, Chatterbox (CB) will always do a slam attack against the middle position, inflicting a small amount of damage and apply debuffs if the player does not take cover. CB will then fire missiles from it’s shoulder targeting the same player hit by slam attack. If the parts are destroyed quickly, CB will hover back and regrow parts then launch a barrage of projectiles against each player from left to right, this attack can be interrupted by breaking parts. If ever boss parts aren’t destroyed quickly enough, CB will launch a devastating slam attack against all players. After finishing its missile barrage, 5 interruption circles (QTE) will appear, players must break them to prevent an undodge-able laser beam attack dealing massive damage. This completes an attack cycle, CB will jump to the far back, regrow it’s part and repeat the attacks from the beginning.


There are exactly 5 QTE circles in a set pattern. There aren’t any gimmicks, you just to break them in time.

Debuff stack

Once hit with attacks from CB, players will have 2-4 debuff stacks applied which causes them to take more damage from next CB attacks. These debuff don’t expire, once the stack count reaches 6, you’ll die instantly from the next attack no matter how geared your character is.


The first few large missiles (fired when CB is up at your face) can be dodged (up to 4) by peeking out of your cover before CB fires and return to cover once they are shot. However the following missiles will adjust their target and go for your cover. Unfortunately you can’t dodge these missiles so if your cover is gone, you have no choice but to tank them.

The red missiles fired when CB is in the middle of the field can be dodged completed by peeking out before CB fires then return to cover once the missiles are out. You can aim at the air to avoid emptying your magazine which forces your character to reload behind cover.

Team Comps

Units with pierce (Red Hood, Snow White, Maxwell, Alice) can quickly break all boss parts and prevent the enraged slam attack. Red Hood/Snow White is preferred, they have 10% extra HP/ATK as the Coop event has buffs specifically for Pilgrim units.

Recommended Units

Burst 3 units : Red Hood, Snow White, Maxwell, Alice

Burst 2 units : Blanc, Novel , Naga

Burst 1 units : Liter, Dorothy , Tia

Best teams so far

Liter,Blanc,Red hood,Red hood,Noir

Super comfy team, allowing you to finish the fight without much trouble. However this team has a relatively low damage potential.

Note: Bunny twins can be replaced with tia + naga. Tia might want to hold off from taunting 24/7 though.

Liter,blanc,snow white,maxwell,Noir

Higher damage cap as you can farm overkill damage on parts. Each part hit with Snow White and Maxwell burst counts as extra hit, essentially multiplying their damage output. Snow White player will need to release their shot early to catch Liter’s buff if they have don’t have enough Charge Speed from Overloaded gear.

Note: Bunny twins can be replaced with tia + naga. Tia might want to hold off from taunting 24/7 though.

Liter,novel,snow white,maxwell,Alice

No healing team, has the highest damage potential of all recommended options. This team requires SW and MW to have a higher attack than Alice so that they can get all the Charge Speed/Charge Damage buffs. Alice is simply there to provide burst generation. Here’s a gameplay video of this team

Note: Alice can be replaced with Red hood, as she’s able to buff Snow white’s shot every time. Liter is still needed though for proper rotations.


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